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Wigan – Spurs Preview: Nine Things I’d Like To See From Tottenham Today

Just picking an entirely arbitrary number, it’s AANP’s (by no means exhaustive) nine-point wish-list for this afternoon’s trip to Wigan…1. Same Old Same Old From Gomes

Watching l’Arse goalkeeper Lucas Fabianski pass his Three Stooges audition with flying colours this week gave a pleasant reminder that, for all our problems at the other end, between the sticks we are well-blessed. In generations to come AANP’s grandchildren will gather around and listen with disbelieving ears at tales of how calamitous Gomes was in his early days, but mercifully such an age is long passed.  The big Brazilian has been one of our best performers this season, and at the end of a week in which even such goalkeeping luminaries as Shay Given and Brad Friedel have erred rather prominently, it is good to know that our last line of defence is so secure. More of the same this afternoon please.2. Domineering Performance From Hudd

Whatever the varying opinions of his contributions, it is beyond dispute that Hudd is first-choice centre-midfielder – so let’s see him play like one. Every week. All the best players have occasional off-days, but the big lad’s are far too frequent. Wigan away might not necessarily be the jolliest of cake-walks, but a central midfielder at a top-four team ought to dominate such fare.

3. Score The Next Ruddy Penalty We Are Awarded 

4. Give Us Back Our Modric 

5. Law of the Ex 

6. Striking Alternative 

7. The Return of Lennnon 

8. Turn Up at Kick-Off 

9. Three Points

By hook, crook or penalties. Forget nine goals, just one more than the other lot will suffice. The momentum has disappeared from our season in the manner of a Jenas forward burst, pause, about-turn and backwards pass; but we are still very much in touch with the top-four chasers, and our current malady is nothing a little string of wins would not cure.



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Cant argue with any of that, although Modric’s malaise may have more to do with the fact that Dawson doesnt seem to like him and prefers to pump the ball towards Crouchie, thereby bypassing him completely. Its no coincidence that our early season form involved keeping the ball on the floor, building from the back using the midfield, attacking with pace and moving it around quickly. Actually, although he needs to learn as a defender, I think Bassong is a much better passer than Daws. I know Keane’s recent form was lamentable but he suits that style of game too.

Agreed Dawson is a donkey. Yes I love him. Can he doing anything but thump the ball up? No. Does it usually just conecstraight back as pressure on our defense? Yes. Stop it. Stop it.

While we are stopping things. Harry, jenas? Stop it for f u c k sake.

can i add 10)

a messy and bloody 0-0 between Liverpool and Manchester City this afternoon with plenty of injuries and suspensions?

I must apologize AANP, but I also posted a similar post before checking yours. No worries though, I recommended yours to be the better read and posted a link lol

Regarding the match, let’s not be humbled Tottenham! COYS!

Numbers 1,4,5,6,8 and 9 all present and correct.

Good result, but has the damage already been done? I believe it has, but I’d be more than happy to be proved wrong.

No more of Crouch in the starting 11, Redknapp.

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