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Spurs 2009/10 Preview – Ten Aims For The New Season

So, it’s once more unto the breach, for the new season is upon us. The friendlies are done, fantasy league teams picked – all that’s left is for AANP Towers to rustle up a list of top ten aims for season 2009-10, and then we can get cracking…1. European Qualification

Top six, or a trophy. Or both. The bookies make us sixth favourites for the title, and sixth spot is an aim that straddles the divide between “ambitious” and “realistic”. In more private confines we may peer hopefully towards fourth spot, particularly given the sales made by Wenger this summer, but there will be tough competition for that, from City, Villa and Everton as well as l’Arse. However, we ought to finish above a couple of those. Given the squad we now boast, and the absence of European distraction, anything less than Europa League qualification would be a disappointment.

2. 50 Goals From The Strikers 

3. Avoid Long-Ball Overkill 

4. Clean Sheets


5. Four-Four Draws 

6. A Song For Jenas 

7. Look After Modric And Palacios Like Our Lives Depend On It 

8. Hudd and O’ Hara to Come of Age 

9. Give The Kids A Chance 

10. Keep Ledley Fit 

11. More Insane Transfer Rumours 


Spurs’ Cult Heroes
Final opinions sought on the top 20 Spurs Cult Heroes – players who achieved legendary status amongst us fans for what they did at the club. The majority pick themselves, but still some debate over the final few – Waddle? Teddy? Gilzean? White? Freund? Conn? Lineker? Burkinshaw? Have a read here, and voice your opinion.

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Whilst I appreciate your love of the 4-4 draw, I have to say that my preference is for the 4-3 win… its only one goal less and as long as we win then I am super happy.

Can I add to the goals for the season. I will be happy with any finish between 4 and 10 provided that we do the double over the hammers and take four points from Chelski and the Arse…. if we can also put one of those three out of the cup then my enjoyment factor for the season will be satistfied


1. Let’s not yet decide who we have or have not managed to keep at the Lane this summer, until Sep 1st.

2. In the spirit of Sugar, who sacked Francis for finishing seventh, and of Levy, who sacked Jol for coming fifth… I say big bouncing ones to this
“Oh isn’t it great to be 6th!” Wigan-esque mentality. This is your league:

May 2010

1. Chelsea
2. Man United
3. Man City
4. Tottenham

5. Liverpool
6. Arsenal
7. Aston Villa

8. Everton
9. West Ham
13.Blackburn Rovers
14.Bolton Wanderas
15.Stoke City
16.Wigan Athletic

20.Hull City

Stu B, you’d be happy with tenth??

I’ve got a lovely little team for you to support, it’s called West Ham.

They never do anything, come roundabout tenth every year, and their fans have a really good sing-song, even when they’re losing at Bolton.

I really think you’d love it, why do you go there where that sort of attitude belongs?

Stratty, as much as i love your optimism, spurs 4th, liverpool 5th will not happen! Ar5ena1 6th is too much too.
if we get top 6 i will be pleased.

You’ll see 🙂 You can go through SkySports and look at the first teams of the Top 8 (…City, Spurs, Villa, Everton). As things stand, I think the league I present is a fair bet. Course, the transfer window isn’t closed yet.

Arsenal will do better if Celtic manage to knock them out of the Champions League, of course; but THAT is a long shot.

Stratty – So basically your a glory hunter who has no loyalty to a team unless they finish 4th….. well whilst your at it why settle for 4th… why not just say that unless you win the title there is no point being a Spurs supporter.

The article was based on aims for the season i.e. taking joy out of particular features of the season rather than just where we finish in the table. I want Spurs to finish as high in the league as possible. I am realistic and think that 4th is the highest we can finish but recognise that if things dont go our way and we get injuries etc 10th may still be an achievement.

I am sure that if you had offered any Spurs fan 10th after 8 games of last season, he would have bitten my hand off and I think we are all happy on where we finished in the end.

We as spurs fans need to recognise that Harry is still building his team. Undue optimism is fine but as we saw last season when we started as apparent nailed on certs for 4th, things dont always work out.

I am happy with 4 to 10 as long as the club is moving forward in terms of the squad and how we play. Next season I would hope that we will have built a base for a proper assault on the top 4.

So basically, I guess I am saying…. Sod off Stratty… I love your table… very good… but lets get a few games under our belt before we start harping on about 4th again

areas of games to watch
all…last 15 away from home…

set plays crouch effect

2nd away half at top four….

gomes on corners……keep strong ! fulham factor pressure etc

most of all control periods games ..midfield dominate higher up the field

take key opponent players out from attack eg BAE !

luck of the draw in cup!

objective……….4th! ….champions league!…..

I’m preaching ‘strategic negativity’ this year to avoid the perennial disappointment of being a Spurs supporter. Last year I went overboard, like Stratty who is obviously young.
Ah youth where does it go.
Numbers 3,7,8,9,10 are crucial and giving the kids a chance is my prime wish as it gives us hope for the future.
good blog.

I’m going to agree with JimmyG2. Let’s not believe the hype and let it get to our heads. Let’s take it one game at a time and hope for a healthy squad. Once January rolls around and IF we manage to be anywhere near the top 4, then we can up the ante a bit and switch to optimism mode.

Enjoyed the blog! SPURS!!!!

Bless you, Jimmy! 🙂

I actually always assume it’s those in their 20s who are the problem – they only know Tottenham as a substandard club, and so their standards are problematically low.

Liverpool are a club, for example, who benefit from having fans with high standards – fans who will not suffer mid-table obscurity. And because of that, the Anfield board wouldn’t dare serve it up. They work harder, and the club benefits.

Every SPURS fan who REFUSES to accept banality is of benefit to the club. Which is why I get upset with the rest.

There is nothing significantly different at club level between Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool, other than management. No superior training facilities and NO EXTRA MONEY SPENT. Ground capacity? St James Park is bigger than Stamford Bridge.

I once read an article by Tom Watts that stated that the only reason Arsenal were not Spurs (this was back when Arsenal were a real force) was Wenger.

In effect, we have NO reason to accept lower standards.

So why should we?

BTW I know we have been in the last two Wembley Finals, in a competition that is arguably providing better finals that the FA Cup of late (I might mention Cardiff City in my argument).

But does anyone fancy sending the kids up to Doncaster? Just a thought.

I agree with Stratty.

We have a shit Government because we accept a shit government.

We have a mediocre Spurs team because the likes of JimmyG2 (a very good blog by the way) think this is all we should realistically expect.

With the money that has been lavished on our team over the last 3 or 4 seasons, finishing anything less than 4th is not an achievement nor is winning a cup competition where the best teams don’t play their best players.

Why repost a year old article? Just the sort of thing that makes me want to block your site to prevent wasting time once more!

No idea why this was re-posted, presumably I was hacked.

Still enjoying a summer break at AANP Towers, after a full season’s scribblings plus a book. Will resume in time for the new season, if not sooner.

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