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Bassong to Spurs – More Sensible Summer Spending

Bassong, eh? Well first up, if you’re looking for an in-depth Strengths-Weakness-Opportunities-Threats analysis of the chap, then look elsewhere. We at AANP Towers spent most of last season watching Spurs, rather than Newcastle, which I would suggest is a fairly pardonable offence.Word on the street is that he is quite handy. He comes highly-rated apparently (don’t they all?), and a toon-supporting friend of a friend has had some pleasant things to say about him – closer to Lennon than Corluka in terms of pace; one of the few players to keep his head up until the bitter end in Geordie-land; proved himself equally capable at full-back as at centre-back; generally a ray of sunshine in a world of black-and-white grey. While there is something vaguely ominous about buying a defender from a club that has just been relegated, the consensus is that it seems a reasonable buy.

However, to repeat, my dossier on the blighter is rather bare at the moment, so I’ll turn my attention instead to a few hypotheticals.  It’s academic now I suppose, but I do wonder whether we would have gone fishing for Bassong had all three of our centre-backs been fit – that is, was it always ‘Arry’s masterplan to have a juicy selection of four dedicated centre-backs from which to choose this season, in the hallowed name of Squad Depth? Or alternatively, have we just spent £8 mil on an ad hoc defender to see us through the next month or two, until everyone is up and running again?

The last time we splashed out on someone to see us through an injury crisis was in January, when Defoe broke his foot and Keane was bought. Back then £10 mil or so struck me as an awful lot of money for a short-term solution, but the proof of the pudding was in the eating, and in the absence of Defoe in early-2009 the pointy shouty Irishman did his job, and as such justified the outlay. (Thereafter Keane went a little weird, all midfield-running and an allergy to shooting, but by then we were safe from the drop).

Back to Bassong. If he was bought with the season-opener vs Liverpool in mind, it was a rubbish idea, as he is suspended for that and the next game. More pertinently though, might ‘Arry even be viewing him as Ledley’s long-term replacement? Possibly too early to speculate about that.

In the shorter-term, I wonder what the pecking order will be when King, Woodgate and Dawson are all fit. Admittedly, “when King, Woodgate and Dawson are all fit” is possibly an assumption too far, but assuming they are all patched up and good to go at some point, I would guess that Bassong will be first reserve, ahead of Dawson. It’s hard not to like Daws, and after a dodgy 2007-08 he was largely back on form last season, but there are still flaws in his game. For all his willingness he does tend to act first and think later, prone to rushing out of position in gung-ho manner and leaving a Dawson-shaped gap behind him. He will get his opportunities this season, but at 25 he is unlikely to take too kindly to a stop-start season mainly spent warming the bench.

Those are just some idle musings to welcome young Bassong to the White Hart Lane fold . What we have, by all accounts, is a young, pacy centre-back at a fairly reasonable price in the current market. Broadly speaking, it gets the much sought-after nod of approval from AANP Towers, as it is further indicative of a sensible summer spending policy at the Lane, something we haven’t had in years. It’s another signing that bolsters the squad, and will make us a tougher nut for opponents to crack in 09/10.


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9 replies on “Bassong to Spurs – More Sensible Summer Spending”

We still crave a leader? Is Bassong that man? I wouldn’t advocate Viera, but someone similar is what Tottenham need. A captain that is a winner, and asks 100% from his team mates. Edgar Davids had it …but was wasted. Until that point, i don’t think we can do better than 6th.

Agree with you there, an older, wiser head would benefit the squad, and shouldn’t break the bank. Wouldn’t have thought that Bassong is that leader, but still a few weeks left in this window.

I really hate viera, premiership is better off without his sort and I for one couldn’t warm to such a vile tosser wearing the famous white shirt . At least if he resigns for the scum I’ll be able to abuse him again

Keane will do well to start – so I don’t know who will do the pointing and the shouting. (Edgar Davids got us a lasagne-away from 4th.)

Dawson is weak – is pushed off the ball too often.

King needs proper competition – to make sure that every time he can’t play, he REALLY can’t play. Does anyone ever ask if he really wants to be kicked for an afternoon at Bolton away?

good point re: ledley. he needs competition! as the season goes on we’ll use all four of them plenty.

as for spurs cult heroes..

am i the one-man darren anderton appreciation society?

I still think we need another true defender added to the mix. I honestly don’t want Spurs to be a team relying on RB’s and CM’s to fill the gap. We could get eaten up by Premiership teams like that. Even though we have 4 true CB’s in place, 3 of them will be coming off of injury and that is a bit unsettling.

All in all, Bassong was a good signing in my eyes. He’s young, has pace and hopefully has the mindset to learn and grow as a player.

Eissen (did i spell that right?) – he’s the man we need. Spurs should make an audacious bid. Spoke to a Newcastle fan yesterday – didn’t rave about Bassong. What’s the truth on this guy????

As a Supporter of Many many years. The two opening games are quite scary
Can not wait for to-days result against the Hammers. (2-4)
Arseole Wenger and Flaky Ferguson will be Bricking it.
More serious. This is our time ,this is our moment.

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