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Spurs’ Cult Heroes – Who Will Fill The Final Three Spaces?

Three spaces left, but still a number of contenders for the list of 20 Spurs Cult Heroes. Still looking for the players who achieved legendary status amongst us fans for what they did at the club – so put forward your argument for (or indeed against) the inclusion of any of these:Pat Jennings, John White, Alfie Conn, Bill Brown, Sandy Brown, Cyril Knowles, Ralph Coates, Gary Lineker, Steffen Freund, Teddy Sheringham. Nayim’s inclusion on this list is debatable, as his finest hour came after he had left Spurs.

(Three from that list will join the following 17, about whom there seems to be little argument: Bill Nick, Blanchflower, Mackay, Greaves, Bobby Smith, Cliff Jones, Perryman, Hoddle, Ardiles, Villa, Mabbutt, Roberts, Waddle, Gazza, Clive Allen, Ginola, Klinsmann).

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Jennings – longevity and quality, a wonderful Spur.
Cyril Knowles, swashbuckling and stylish, the best leftback I’ve seen for Spurs by a mile. My Dad who went back to the 20’s agreed.
Not Lineker – he wasn’t really Spurs
Not Coates – just not that good
Alfie Conn I think for the sheer joy and excitement he offered albeit for only a short while.

What about David Jenkins? Got to be the worst plyer to ever ever wear the white shirt. Deserves to be in there if only because he had the front to come out of the tunnel!! Another smack in the face from the scum!

What about Chris Hughton the best left back i ever saw down the lane and spurs through and through

Got to be, Oh Teddy, Teddy, he went to Man Utd and he won it all, i loved him so much when he was a yid I named my son after him. And seriously where is Eric the Viking?

Ruel Fox?

David Howells?

Gordan Durie?

Justin Edinburg?

jennings, knowles, jill has it spot on re lineker. was in belfast recently and totally dismissive and arrogant with a few local supporters off camera who incidently had went to trouble and expense to say hello and welcome to him. jennings can’t do enough for the fans and is a real gentleman. why is chivers not there, carried us on his own at times. great player, vastly underrated and a real ambassador still for the club

and what about gilzean!!!!! how can he be left out in favour of some of the names mentioned.

Teddy scored more goals with his left foot than Lineker scored in total for us, so he is definately in there, Lineker was never Spurs through and through, but he is a legend and he did play for us so, Teddy and Lineker and i think you all forget, that Jenning defected to the Arsenal, so if he is up for nomiantion then so should Campbell be, Campbell was awesome for us and anyone that says different is an idiot, he did do the unforgivable dirty on us, but he was great.

Steve Sedley for giving Roy Keane the coffee beans in the cup final and Pat Van Den Hauwe for introducing Anders Limpar to row F.

Isn’t the list supposed to be “Cult” heroes – not just Spurs greatest players??

Lineker not really Spurs? What a daft thing to say. He is so Spurs-biased on Match of the Day it is untrue! He is a legend, scored 80 goals in 138 appearances for the club. I loved Klinsmann, but why is he there above the likes of Teddy and Lineker? One season and then legged it as soon as Bayern came calling…before coming back for about ten games when they didn’t want him anymore. As I said, enjoyed Klinsmann’s time at the club because he was a wolrd figure, but for him to be in ahead of Jennings, Lineker, Sheringham and even Freund is a disgrace. He has been selected purely for who he is, not for what he did at the club. It’s like choosing Edgar Davids ahead of say Perryman or Roberts.

teddy all the way… not only is he a spur through and through, but he properly, properly loathes the woolwich tossers.

was my first spurs hero, what a star.


and where is ‘bagpus’ anderton? quality player, better crosser than anyone, and i include beckham in that. spurs all the way as well!

I’m shocked! why is Alan Gizean not in the list. he was ‘the King of WHL’. subtle skills, many goals and he trade marked the glancing header. both Greaves and Chivers say they owed him so much. A true cult hero

Pat Jennings – Spurs best goalkeeper ever and for a while the best goalie in the world
John White – the key to the Double
Alan Gilzean – all the class of Berbatov and loyal to boot
Cyril Knowles – great left back and great character
Can’t vote for Sheringham or Lineker – too interested in their own careers and not in Spurs

I have to agree with Ronny Rozenthal. That miss is so infamous it qualifies him as a cult hero. I can’t count how many times I have seen the clip.

Ok he wasn’t playing for Spurs at the time but I think it still carries over. As does his hat-trick against Southhampton which I will never forget

If we really go back to the 50s, what about Alf Ramsey!!.I we all agree he left a big impression on English football.

Jennings unquestionably, disappointing that neither Gilzean (who we could certainly do with now) a real class act along with Cyril K and Chivers (to watch him at speed was thing of sheer beauty!) and no Mullery or John White – big mistake. I would remove Klinsmann, Allen, Waddle and Ginola to make way.

if its pure cult basis as opposed to skill levels then knowles, gilzean and must be freund. as re jennings and the scum, can’t blame the great man. spurs dumped on the srap heap and he proved them wrong. back at his spiritual home now though and true true spurs

pat jennings is a legend ,he is eaily one of the best keeper we have ever had.I would argue that he hasnt been bettered,how can he not be on the list.

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