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Spurs – Norwich Preview: Five Things I’d Ruddy Well Like to See From Spurs Today

If there is a crumb of consolation to be neatly divided out between the thousands of frustrated lilywhites worldwide, it is that we do at least have our Tottenham back. When ten points clear in third, it would have been far too straightforward simply to have wrapped things up with neat efficiency and weeks to spare. Instead, doing it in heart-stopping fashion, and quite possibly facing up to final-day disappointment of some sort – is so quintessentially Spurs it almost makes the chest swell with pride, albeit in between the howls of frustration and vituperations of unholy fury.

Norwich are being led our way this afternoon, and it would be jolly pleasing if the aforementioned frustration and fury could be unleashed upon them like a pack of ravenous alien queens, coming out the walls, impregnating them via the mouth and bursting out from their yellow shirts to run amok. Such a scene would be quite the panacea after the frustration of Sunderland away. And while on the subject, a variety of other remedial measures spring to mind. Goodness me, this is starting to feel suspiciously like a list of Things I’d Ruddy Well Like To See This Afternoon…

1. An Early Goal

We all know the drill – Norwich sit back and soak it up, as our lot send the possession levels rocketing towards triple figures, and Messrs Parker and Friedel are near-redundant throughout. All this could be avoided if we score early, forcing the visiting blighters to abandon the Defend, Defend and Defend Some More approach. Score early and I would happily wager we’ll be at least two up by the break, such are the joys of picking off a team that actually bothers to venture forward.

2. Or Late A Late Goal

Birds do it. Bees do it. L’Arse, Chelski, Utd and City do it, so can our lot please learn the slightly devious art of sneaking a late, late goal when we need it most.

3. Play Defoe

As opposed to having both Sandro and Parker picking their noses and watching from afar while we camp around the opposition area.

4. Make A Change

Ideal though it would be for ‘Arry simply to get it right from kick-off, things that are broke do indeed need fixing, and quite frankly the sooner the better. 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes – but giving Defoe eight minutes against Sunderland was most infuriating.

5. Three Points

A draw away to Sunderland could vaguely be excused on paper and whatnot – failure to beat Norwich at home would require someone’s head on a plate. Beat them, chaps.

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7 replies on “Spurs – Norwich Preview: Five Things I’d Ruddy Well Like to See From Spurs Today”

Agree Harry needs to make changes at half time if things arent right not with 10 mins too go and also play 442 not this 4231 it don’t work

We’re not scoring in the last 5/injury time (like other sides) because we’re haggard. No rotation all season is the cause of this, which itself is a symptom of a bloated squad of useless tossers on the payroll – bently gomez jenas etc. Rather than 4 or 5 useful players that can come in and do a job throughout the season. Levy won’t take a hit and get rid so here we still are. Struggling like hell from Jan on (just like last year). Harry found his absolute ceiling two years ago when we qualified for 4th by the skin of our teeth. We had a bit of luck on our side then, and that’s not apparent this time, which could be the difference in falling short this time around. Again, it’s up to levy to decide if he wants to climb beyond this level. If we don’t get CL this year, that might not be possible anyway, as we wont get the quality we need to move up to the next level. Levy only has himself to blame if that is the eventual outcome.

As with all true Tottenham supporters at the end of the season we say “there’s alway next season” and we will probably be saying it for the foreseeable future.

But we do get good football and usually great entertainment.


…just finished watching the game….didnt stick around to hear the post-mortem………utter utter farkin garbage! 1st 2 games crap start to the season, then we play catch-up and make a good job until squaky bum time of season comes….then we sh!t our pants and collapse!? Modric will get poached by Chelskum and Bale will be off to Barca for next season….Arry for England job and if we dont get a CL spot for next year then we are fkd for another 2 years for CL footie!!! Im devastated! Now we are in the sh!t as far as financing new Stadium! Maybe FA dont want Arry now, his credibility is seriously lacking now coz our lot looked fukkin clueless! I mean we all know the players who SHOULD be starting games, then we see them on the bench!! Is old Arry sabotaging us all of a sudden coz he knows hes gonna naff of to manage Engloid,(think about it), and he wants a couple of our top players to leave now? Im still amazed by many of our team selections this year….injurys excluded. How Walker stayed on after the 1st half I dont know, he was sh!t from start to finish. We are not making the best of the players we have, and we play so sloooooow now and clueless! So fd off watching this sh!te!

“All Action, No Plot” hasn’t been appropriate for a couple of years but it came roaring back to releance today. Defoe and Lennon started and we STILL didn’t have a clue. I think Ledley’s weaknesses have been protected by Parker (and/or Sandro) this season – without cover our poor hero looked horribly exposed. Livemore not ready yet and Luca going through the motions. Sick of Bale trying to be Ronaldo – STOP SHOOTING ALL THE TIME. Poor.

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