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Spurs 1-2 Norwich: Tardy Musings on the Latest Debacle

(With apologies for the now customary tardiness – who knew saving the world and getting the girl would leave so little time for the finer things in life?)The implosion continues apace, which I suppose if nothing else provides a degree of comforting familiarity for us long-term lilywhite sufferers. After the anomalous blip that was the over-powering of Swansea, we are back on the more familiar territory of stutter and mishap, at least in terms of outcome. In truth I thought that while far from our best we did enough going forward to have outscored Norwich – a tad more composure, determination or just plain luck would have brought goals for Bale and BAE notably.


Mind you, if a little slipshod in attack, we were blinking well awful in defence. Ledley, Ledley, Ledley, what are we to do with you now? For years I would vehemently protest that even if only fit for 10 games a season, they were worth near enough 10 clean sheets. These days however, something has gone awry. Maybe it’s his age catching up on him – or indeed all those boozy nights on the town, the little scamp – or maybe it’s the cumulative effect of an awful lot of 90-minute appearances this season. Frankly, speaking as someone whose progressing years leaves me just wanting to don the slippers and stay in of a night, Ledley has my sympathy.

But then again, my job doesn’t involve propelling the mighty Hotspur back into the Champions League, and our esteemed club captain is displaying worrying fallibility when it comes to the old raison d’etre. Once the quickest of the back four he is now the slowest (at least until Nelsen comes waddling along), and that fabled ability to read the game and anticipate danger before it has begun to gestate is a little redundant when he is left hauling to the floor decidedly average opposing forwards. Moreover, last weekend his penchant for calamity seemed to have infected those around him. A sorry state of affairs.

The absence of Parker did not help Ledley and chums either. Young Livermore is a midfield enforcer in the making no doubt, but the heir apparent could still do with a few lessons in the noble art of Scott Parkery. The retreat that preceded Norwich’s winner provided the most glaring indication that the indefatigable gusto of Parker was sadly absent.

So it’s woe and gloom, alas and alack. By jove, somebody somewhere jolly well needs to do something, but until then we switch our despondent gazes Cupwards, for all the joys that will bring.
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7 replies on “Spurs 1-2 Norwich: Tardy Musings on the Latest Debacle”

As a long standing and suffering Norwich supporter of nearly 60 years I take exception to some of the remarks in your article. With regard to composure and luck we had Holt in first half and Johnson in second who both should have scored and definitely should have been lucky in at least one of our penalty appeals. Think it was Spurs who had the luck certainly after King clearly pulled down Holt you scored with the next attack.
I am also outraged with the comment about decidely average forwards as Holt has worried and got the better of virtually all opposing centre halfs this season including Ferdinand and Terry and whilst I accept he can look like a lumbering cart-horse he is deceptive and has a nice touch – especially the chip across goal when Johnson should have scored.
I personally think you should look at your own clubs shortcomings in particular the fact that the ‘wonderful’ Harry seems to be tactically inept at times and really hope he doesn’t get the England job.

Rant over and best of luck for the remainder of the season#

On The Ball City!

EssexCanaryKing – don’t worry, he means Balotelli.

In general, yep, you should have had at least one penalty – but as you didn’t it is reasonable to say that had either of those chances gone in, Spurs would have won. We haven’t had much luck this season, but in this case we did – sadly (for us) it didn’t get us any points.

Hard to argue with anything said above. Still lots to play for as our esteemed Toastmaster General intimates. Could still win the cup and even finish third! Sadly, I think I have to replace my prayer beads having crushed several during the Nottwich debacle! And the rose-colored glasses have had the biscuit…

To the Norwich fan we had a poor player nearly died on our pitch so Norwich out running Spurs with a better work rate the same work rate shown by Swansea QPR now Arsenal now Newcastle now Wigan Everton does not shock me one bit. Football has turned into a media sport we have Buzacky saying he cant wait for Spurs Johnny Housan and the Polish gob at Arsenal said the same. So find out why players are bragging when they where struggling and you will learn like i did if a player braggs they are going to beat a better side then something is giving them confidants. If you no me you will no what it is.

Our defence let us down in our match against Norwich. It has been our major weakness this season. Scott Parker could have eased things for us if he had played. I consider the Premier League more important than the FA Cup, so Parker should not have been sacrificed. It was a MUST WIN match for us and sadly we blew it.

In my opinion, Redknapp has excellent human Management skills but he is not a tactician.

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