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Sunderland 0-0 Spurs: “Death to Football”, & Hitting the Byline

On an introductory note, I would first like to take the opportunity to shake my head and indeed cock a snook at M. O’Neill Esq., supposedly one of the brightest middle-aged things British football management, but who today lent his signature to the Petition for Death to Football. Defend, defend, defend and try to score from set-pieces – and all in front of their home fans? For shame, Mr O’Neill, for shame.

For their part, our lilywhite (or luridly purple pyjamaed) heroes tried the short passing game, but with barely an inch of room amongst the ten-man Sunderland defence it was all rather futile and frustrating. The situation might have been helped by more off-the-ball movement, as too often our lot rather dwelt in possession for want of options (although according to the Sky Sports commentators the grass was too long for a good wholesome passing game – not one for which I can vouch, but so be it).

In such circumstances as these, and the nights of a thousand relegation strugglers sitting deep at the Lane, an option that pops into the otherwise vacuous AANP cranium is for someone to sprint to the byline and pull back the ball. With Sunderland’s defence happy enough to face forwards and head clear, it would at least have been an interesting socio-demographic experiment to see how they fared when turned towards their own goal by someone bursting to the byline. Just a thought.

In the end Lennon appeared, we enjoyed a full 8 minutes (gasp!) of two upfront and the poor, deprived Sunderland fans worked themselves into a state of hysteria every time their lot passed the halfway line.

Other Points of Note

Not sure I’ve ever seen so many passes misplaced in a Premiership game (a product of the long grass?); Kaboul’s ongoing crusade to become the hardest man alive by sheer strength of heading continued apace; Sandro’s abundant enthusiasm just about expiated for a complete absence of finesse; and Brad Friedel will rarely have had less busy afternoons away from home.

Immensely frustrating then, but from now on the opponents become weaker – statistically at least – and while this may well herald more ten-man defences it ought also to bring about some three-point hauls. Have yourselves a good Easter, we meet clink glasses again on Monday.

6 Responses

  1. Top Tottys Says:

    Frustrated and angry. That was such a drab display today and we made it hard for ourselves. Harry didnt help! Why the fak he wont make a firm decision and stick to it!? If we dont score in the first half then drop 1 of them and bring on Defoe! Ade Rafa and Loois Haha need to start hitting the back of the fakkin net a bit more! We looked clueless and unimaginative out there at Roker Park this afternoon. Utter sh!te cosidering we have chucked a 10 point lead over 4th place away, and now we are in danger of gettin overhauled by the Geordie sh!te for the last CL spot!!!! If we blow this season completely and lose CL footie next year then someones a55 had better get well and truly kicked at the last game. Bring back flogging!!! #:/

  2. Caterham7 Says:

    I was disgusted by the lack of finesse and even ‘competence’ showed by our heroes today. All over the Bas#@$ds for 15 minutes and then we seemed to lose any interest in playing OUR game and played their crappy style the rest of the way! A point is fine, “Arry, but I was bored silly watching that shite today. I’d have rather played OUR game and risked losing than to sink to their boring and despicable level…
    “Arry needs to pull the plug on shitty performances earlier in the game too. Sandro should have been gone in the first half and Adebayor by half-time. And where the f@#k was Bale. On the right, in the middle, at left back…HE is the lad who should have been driving for the byline to cut it back ALL DAY LONG. Inevitably he would have succeeded even if it was just to bank one in off Mignolet! OHHHHH so frustrating today…

  3. a game Says:

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