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Spurs – Fulham Preview: Cue The Star Wars Theme Music

A Cup quarter-final, under the floodlights and in front of a jam-packed White Hart Lane – if that doesn’t get your juices flowing my friend you’re probably better off at the Emirates. The Star Wars theme that greets the players as they amble out each week may not be everyone’s particular brand of cognac, but pre kick-off it certainly makes the hairs on the back of the AANP neck stand to attention, and by the time it blares out this evening I suspect I’ll be bouncing off the walls and ready to kill someone with my bare hands.With any luck the eleven in lilywhite will be similarly frenzied come 8pm. The omens are fairly encouraging – in our recent League double-header against Fulham we worked hard for a goalless draw on their patch, and then comfortably beat them 2-0 at the Lane barely a month later. A slice of nice meaty déjà-vu would go down nicely tonight.

Team News 

Ye gods be praised, as it looks as if reinforcements are finally arriving. Hudd and Bentley might be back in contention, and even if they do not swan straight back into the starting line-up I’ll be exhaling in relief merely at the sight of them snuggling up on those comfy seats in the dug-out. While it is positive to see Livermore, Townsend et al mingling with the first team superstars, if we are hit by further injuries or even just tired legs, it will be reassuring to gaze around and behold chaps of the ilk of Bentley and Hudd stretching their multi-million pound limbs on their sidelines.  

Fulham: Abusive To Old Ladies

I fancy us to win this, as do the bookies, but complacency will be banned from the premises given that Fulham dealt out a right thumping to (an admittedly ten-man) Juve last week. Form is temporary and class permanent, according to the adage, but whatever the explanation Bobby Zamora is playing like a man who has been eating his greens. He has been a handful against us on a couple of occasions already this season, and let’s face it, our lot hardly relish having to face these big burly chaps, all elbows, backsides and upper-body strength. I suspect that Sebastien Bassong earns more in a week than I do in a year, but I will happily dispense with envy tonight if he merits the full pay-packet tonight and keeps Zamora under lock and key.

These things don’t always go to plan, but if our heroes blow this opportunity I might never forgive them. It ought not to come to that. Everybody will be singing, when the Spurs go marching on.


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Zamora reminds me of popeye when he has spinach both him and Kevin Davies could play rugby. if a Vampire sucked there blood they would be up all night and destroyed by the sun the next day. Lets hope we beat these overachievers they are better of in Europe I HAVE PREDICTED FOUR WIns and only missed by one goal Stokes game i said 3-1 so tonight i say 4-2 to Spurs

“and Saturday even saw BAE make a rare but highly effective foray behind enemy lines.”

It also showed that he can be a liability at times. I hope he’s got his head sorted for tonight.

Game’s in the balance, Corluka gets injured… we sub on a striker. Now _that’s_ what I’m talkin’ bout.

Ok, so he probably only did it as Pav was the only senior player left on the bench, and if it went to extra time (or god help us penalties) we’d be screwed…

Davspurs – maybe you’re just out by one on your results. 4-2 at the weekend, then..?

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