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Zokora, Gunter, Dogtanian and the Scary Crouch Rumour

Ahoy-hoy. You may have noticed an eerie silence descending over AANP Towers in the last fortnight. Apologies – ‘twas initially intended as no more than a short break for an All-Action Stag Weekend (the impressive casualty list including A&E for the stag, a broken limb, a black eye, two lost phones, one lost wallet and a lost passport). It then morphed seamlessly into a full-blown two-week period of plain bone idleness on my part, at least in the world of Tottenham ruminations. All revved up now though, and with plenty about which to report, which makes a pleasant change this summer.Do-Do-Do Didier 

Plenty has already been said about Zokora’s departure on other corners of the interweb, and the consensus – that he was a headless chicken – is one with which I agree. His time in lilywhite was epitomised, for me, by his moment at the end of the 2008 Carling Cup Final – the adventurous dash forward, crowned by wild flailing shots when he sighted goal. His energetic style ought to make him a success in La Liga, where the game is typically a mite slower. A likeable enough chap, but the good folk of AANP Towers are not particularly bothered to see him go.

That is not meant to sound harsh, for Zokora was certainly committed to the Tottenham cause – which we all appreciated. It is more that the departure of players, even those for whom I feel great affinity, no longer bothers me, for such is the nature of the game. As a crestfallen whippersnapper, I desperately tried to maintain a stiff upper lip when Dogtanian waved goodbye to his parents and set off to seek his fame and fortune. The incident taught me a valuable lesson: that people in all walks of life – be they colleagues, animated Muskehounds or favoured footballers – inevitably move on, no matter how much they are cherished. Zokora was never a player I cherished particularly, and I therefore greet his departure with little more than a blasé shrug. Zokora was Premiership standard and Palacios is Champions League, so the business done in 2009 represents progress for Spurs.

Gunter to Forest 

Still, unlike Zokora, Gunter is young enough to improve. As such it would have made some sense to loan him out for another year, or at least collect a fee which reflected his potential for improvement.

This is hardly a cause that will instil in me the urge to make a placard, yell into a megaphone and upturn parked cars, but it certainly had me raising a surprised eyebrow.

Downing to Villa – Huzzah! 

Football is Back – Huzzah! 

Cheers too for the inclusion in the starting line-up vs Exeter of Danny Rose. While I accept that one Under-21 starlet does not a Busby Babes team make, we are nevertheless verging on notoriety for our reluctance to blood home-grown youth, so Rose’s presence in the first starting XI of the pre-season rather warmed the AANP cockles. He’s an exciting prospect, and I sincerely hope that one or two from Rose, Bostock, Obika, Livermore et al at least become regulars on our bench this season. Polite applause also for the disco feet shown from Livermore in setting up Defoe’s goal from Bournemouth.

Jeers, however, for the pairing of Keane and Defoe as our front-two for the Exeter game. Really? Is that the best strike pairing ‘Arry could muster of after a whole summer’s thought?

Crouch? Ye Gads No! 

(Interestingly, I last season heard either Graham Taylor or David Pleat mention on the radio that Crouch’s general uselessness in the air is due to the fact that, as an elongated teen, he rarely had to jump to win headers, and therefore never really worked his lower back, to develop a Les Ferdinand-esque leaping ability.)

AANP’s famous Who Would Buy Him? technique for gauging a player’s quality is already being implemented, with Sunderland and Fulham trying to lasso him. Champions League he ain’t, yet he is one of the few players in whom ‘Arry has gone on record to report interest this summer. I would rather persist with Pav, and have Obika on hand as our fourth striker.

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Not sure what that first comment has to do with Tottenham, let alone Football!!

I feel we should put our faith in Harry and leave him to sort the team out. If he thinks Crouchy is good enough, then thats good enough for me. He earnt my trust after last seasons heroics.

trust harry? how can you trust anyone who is going to pay 12 million on peter crouch ,moneys tight at the minute for most teams so why waste it on him he`s worse than bent ( read last seasons statistics) worse than pav who i think can only get better, if spurs are going to improve then crouch is definetly going backwards , & i thought bringing keane back was a bad idea ,defoe yeah keane no , harrys a good manager but his choice in players lets him down too often ,don`t do it harry go for huntelaar instead ,now he`s different gravy ,the class we lack at times

Totally agree. Crouch would be an awful signing and has not got the ability to replaceany of our strikers. I also agree with the introduction of the youth team. Bostock has looked very promising and I think, should we not sign a QUALITY left winger, we should give him a few games on that left hand side with Mods and Wil in the centre.

Are you sure Huntelaar isn’t better because he’s foreign and exotic?

How much of him have you actually seen in the last 12 months?

Thought so.

Huntelaar isn’t that great to be honest. Crouch would have as good a scoring record for Madrird as what Huntelaar has. Not much difference between the two to be honest, and having said that I would want neither at WHL.
Negredo has done the business with a tiny club in La Liga for the past 2 seasons. He is fast, works hard and is very aggressive. Left footed and good in the air, knows where the goal is and much younger than both mentioned above. Negredo for me, by some distance too.

We’ll NEVER push for a champions league spot, maybe chumpions league but not champions league, with an average manager buying average players. All those who rate redknapp must have shit in their eyes or one of his cash filled brown envelopes in their back pocket. Git rid of him before he turns us into west ham! It will happen, if we keep letting him sign poor players. When at both portsmouth and west ham I can remember the ginger twitcher saying both were bigger than us in past interviews. At this rate he will make that happen! People seem to forget that for years he hated Tottenham, when he was west ham manager, plus he’s a gooner. Name me a gooner who has ever done well for Tottenham.

I take it you’re not a fan of Redknapp?

Me neither really, but I’m prepared to give the bloke a chance. He deserves that just for buying Palacios.

His transfer dealings have been a bit hit and miss in the past and present too, but whose hasn’t.

Nor am I Crouch’s biggest fan, like what’s been written before me, for someone as tall as him, his aerial threat is poor; doesn’t add enough alternative options for my likings.

Perhaps Redknapp will surprise us all and sign Crouch and Huntelaar.

When the ball hits your head
When you’re sat in row Z….
…That’s Zakora!

(to the tune of ‘Thats Amore’)


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