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Chelsea – Spurs Preview: No Lennon, No Balance, No Hope

“He’s not available,” declared our glorious leader of One Aaron Lennon and his jazz-hands. “Other than that we’re not too bad”. Which is laudably upbeat I suppose, but a bit like Sigourney Weaver concluding that although she has looked on as the alien wiped out two entire crews, tormented her waking and sleeping thoughts, indirectly forced her to shave her head and then ruddy well gestated inside her – other than that she’s not too bad.I do of course overstate the case a tad. An orthodox four-man midfield – with Bale sticking to the left touchline and Walker manfully galloping the gallop of two man up and down the right – would probably offer the balance that we lack when Lennon sits things out, but nevertheless you get the gist. In the little man’s absence we have lacked shape, balance and a clear plan of how to outscore the opposition from minute 1 to 90.

Tough enough against Everton and Stoke, but faced with the prospect of a trip to a now officially resurgent Chelski, the denizens of AANP Towers have taken the unanimous, executive decision to shudder to our very cores. While genuinely upbeat that our final eight games really could bring us eight wins, the current trend of woe, brought about by a combination of Lennonlessness and opposition teams hitting tip-top form, looks for all the world like it will continue at Stamford Bridge.

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Adebayor is also a likely absentee, but other than that the usual suspects will take to the field, start brightly, take the lead, then sit back and ultimately cave in to two late Chelski goals, at least one of which will be highly dubious. I would advise ‘Arry stops his blasted tinkering with the midfield and desperate shunting of square pegs into round holes, but nevertheless envisage him selecting Bale right, Modders left, with Parker and Sandro/Livermore in the centre (and VDV off Saha/Adebayor up the top). Delighted though I would be to gobble down double helpings of humble-pie come the final whistle, I approach this game with the same gloomy air of foreboding that accompanied a Sven-selected England team trotting out in a major tournament quarter-final. Grab what you can chaps, and then scarper.

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13 replies on “Chelsea – Spurs Preview: No Lennon, No Balance, No Hope”

for me looking at this game and feeling no confidence whatsoever i still think we have enough to draw. a draw would be a great result. my bet would be that we will boss the first 30 mins, thats the norm and if we can score in that time then will be all smiles and the claim that ‘our season is back on’. we need to be solid, tough with old hobbler ledley at the back to be honest, might be worth playing Gallas with Kaboul as they are more mobile. I love King with all of my heart but he just cannot run anymore… he kinda limp/hobbles around, against lower teams this is ok but he will be unstuck up against drogba and sturridge.

If i was gaffa i would play a 4 3 3. go like for like with them and make a statement that we are better player for player.


walker gallas kaboul ekkotto

modric parker sandro

bale adebayor (or saha if unfit) vdv

Walker – Gallas – Kaboul – BAE

GDS – Modric – Parker – Bale



I see another game at the bridge where we start well then the powers that control the leuage see that Chelsea win by dodgy goal penalty handball red card friedal a swanlake dive or other methods plus one son of N17 gets first go with the hot water

Gio’s been on the bench for most of the last 10 games or more. Hs Harriness finally brought him on late against Stoke and he looked good to me–full of energy, a few tricks, some sensible passes and good crosses. Would he not give us some speed and width and balance in front of Walker if Lennon’s not fit?

Oh, for God’s sake, get a grip…..the negativity that comes from some Spurs fans must drag the team down to its bootlaces….how about getting behind them instead of expecting to be beaten before the match even kicks off?

Blanchflower – I’m more concerned about being awarded corners, we’re so rubbish at them might as well give a goal kick and get back defending!

I like your attitude gee , some of these so called fans make me ashamed to be a spurs fan , they need to grow some and get behind the team , this is game on now and we need everyone pulling in the same direction COYS !

Well said, Gee and Tony, mates. In 4th, 5 up on 5th with a QF to come, all to play for. Negativity breeds more of the same. The “moan, moan, moan” reminds me of a Monty Python skit! COYS!

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