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Spurs – Sunderland Preview: Resumption of Normal Service Please Chaps

“The measure of greatness is not how many you win, but how you react to defeat”. Or something along those lines. In fact, AANP may have invented that just now.

Anyway, the point is that the epithet has been fairly redundant  for as far back as I can remember, as we would generally fail to win in the first place, and then react to defeat with another defeat, or a two-goal lead thrown away late on, or whatever. A changed beast these days however, to be sure. Win follows win, and all delivered with an élan unmatched by anyone else in the country.

Today however we need to react to defeat – simply by resuming normal service. In defeat at Stoke, at least in the second half, we did our usual thing and looked absolutely ruddy marvellous. Play our natural game, and even allowing for the New Manager Effect at Sunderland, we should dominate and overwhelm our opponents today.

Defoe Begins Chuntering

We are presumably without Kaboul today, following last week’s very deserved red card, so the return of Ledley would help; while the handy showings by Messrs Pienaar and Kranjcar in midweek won’t help them make the starting line-up, so they might as well give up on that dream now.

The inevitable murmurings of discontent have emanated from the frustrated mouth of Defoe, and one rather sympathises. When he has played this season he has scored – and then been dropped. Following the fairly ineffective showing of VDV last week, another omission at the expense of the Dutchman again today would not improve the mood at Casa Defoe. Over to you ‘Arry.

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6 replies on “Spurs – Sunderland Preview: Resumption of Normal Service Please Chaps”

A.A.N.P. All we need too do is match there work rate and let the rest take care of itself this is the key in this special week. We need 442 and get the game over by half time.

I cant believe Harry playing Van against a team who will be just has pumped has Stoke 4411 means we struggle to pass the ball out of defence with Van playing deep.

Watch Liverpool with TuT and Utd they made sure a Wigan does not happen . Both there Tempoes where high

This could only happen at Spurs we need too win and Harry plays two defensive midfielder’s at home and no Defoe even when Bale is missing. We must be the only team in the World who announce injury’s an hour before kick off

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