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Spurs 1-0 Sunderland: No Thrashing Please, We’re Tottenham

Three more points, and all comfortable enough, but this being AANP Towers, and we being Spurs fans, I react to third place in the festive season not by praising our heroes, but by flagging up areas for improvement.

Specifically, I do beseech our heroes to make life a bit easier for all concerned by walloping opponents out of sight once in a while. Where Man Utd and Chelski in their pomp, and Man City in praesenti, methodically crown their dominance of any given 90 minute to-do by banging in fourth, fifth and six goals past opponents, our lot seem more concerned with running rings around our foes on the edge of the area, rather than actually scoring with such frequency that Church elders issue warnings about the ill effects of such thrashings upon society.

The party tricks and fancy flicks are dashed good entertainment, but at one-nil I hope you do not begrudge my temerity in suggesting they might be a mite premature. Not that ‘Arry ‘imself appeared concerned today, withdrawing Messrs VDV and Sandro in the closing stages with all the breezy confidence of a man lighting a cigar as his team rattle up double-figures, while Modders’ waywardness in front of a gaping net from a distance of around half a smidgeon was worthy of an official UEFA investigation into darn shady betting patterns.

It may seem indulgent as we toast our 11th win in 13, but aside from the 4-0 win over Liverpool, our lot have not really translated dominance and superiority into healthy score-lines – and the concern is that if we fail to kill off games, opponents may sneak ill-deserved late equalisers that ultimately cost us points in May.

BAE: Some Constructive Criticism

Aside from the issue of dedicated profligacy, a wary eyebrow is raised at AANP Towers over BAE’s mastery of the art of Delivering Left Wing Crosses So Wicked They Should Be Sentenced To Community Service. Particularly notable in the absence of Bale, BAE had numerous opportunities to slap the orb into the area and dance a merry jig of satisfaction as bedlam duly ensued, but if you can tear yourself away for one moment from the most curious mental image of BAE dancing a jig of any type you may recall that most of his crosses rather missed the target of assorted lilywhite types eagerly charging forward. Not a cataclysmic failing by any means, but in a team that motors from strength to strength in all areas, the left-back position still occasionally strikes me as one that may be improved upon slightly.

Job Well Done, And In Testing Circumstances

However, free drinks are nevertheless in order for our heroes, for this was a pretty important three points. ‘Twas most vital that we reacted to defeat last week with victory today, and to do so with such general verve (aside from the last 20 mins or so of the first half) was jolly reassuring.

Moreover, this was achieved minus the twin jet-heeled threats of Masters Bale and Lennon. The re-jigging was a curious one, with Pav’s entry, and the presence of VDV and Modders meaning that just about everyone out there had the urge to charge away from the wings and into the centre, but the quality of our play remained high, as evidenced by the charmingly inclusive build-up to our goal.

A particular mention of approbation is due to Sandro, whose general propensity for tearing about hither and thither reflected well upon a chap starved of first-team opportunities. One jolly well hopes that at least one of Bale and Lennon are fit for action come Thursday night, but with regard to today’s doings, pats on the various backs ought to convey the general sentiment.

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6 replies on “Spurs 1-0 Sunderland: No Thrashing Please, We’re Tottenham”

It appears we were watching different games…at no point did I ever think we were “comfortable” today. Aside from maybe a 10 minute patch after our goal I felt we were struggling to keep in touch, and apart from the goal and Modders’ quite frankly incomprehensible miss thought we made no decent chances, whereas Sunderland did- I was grateful for the presence of the self-proclaimed “world’s greatest striker”, as someone with composure and quality could have won the game for them. From where I was sitting we just weren’t at the races today. Delighted with the 3 points, of course, but a comfortable win? Not in my book.As for your criticisms of BAE…sure, there were a few misplaced crosses, but would I swap him for any other left back in the world? Not on your nelly. Or my nelly. Or anyone else’s nelly for that matter. I can think of a few areas that could be improved upon, but left back certainly isn’t one.Well would you look at that…a whole post where I disagree with you, and we watched the same match and support the same team. This football malarkey is a bit strange isn’t it, when people’s opinions can vary so widely. Keep up the good work, thoroughly enjoy your writings…even when I disagree with them!

Totally agree about Sandro.. won many tackles and was all over the place teaming up with Scottie to control midfield allowing Modric VDV freedom to create up front.. hope Sandro plays more often from now on.. Don’t think at all we have a prob with BAE.. one of the best LBs in PL.. think our prob still lies in the Finishing Dept.. same as last year we are again failing to convert our possession and chances into goals.. After a fine start Ade seems to be fading missing some easy chances lately.. maybe its time for some rotation in his role specially with the form Defoe is showing.

No doubt we are playing better than last season, but we now need to convert all our midfield possession into more goal chances and more goals

Maybe a little bit too much worrying going on here right now — what, we’ve only got like 23 games to go, how will us fans make it through? Disagree on Benny — so many of our attacking forays start with BAE, who has also made the most passes on the team. And, you’re being a little harsh overall. Has success so far and that dizzying third spot spoiled you a little, AANP? But keep up the good work, laddie! Now where’s DavSpurs’ high tempo/illegal drugs thread — the strategy doesn’t seem to be working for all those northern teams like it should. At least not against us, recently???

Someone has to agree with you about BAE! To say he’s the best in the PL is ….erm false.
Banes or Cole or Evra maybe. As well as the weak crossing prowess he still forgets that there
is the “kick it into the 14th row” option when he gets stuck on the sideline. Love him but wish
he was a bit more solid. COYS.

Just in case, some of us may not know the stats: BAE has played the most minutes of our outfield players, has made the most passes (ahead of Modric/Parker), and is third in successful passes (behind Parker/Modric). I bet he’s one of the first names ‘Arry puts on the team list.
Seasons Greetings all!

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