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Spurs – Aston Villa Preview: Preferably Not Another Scott Parker MoM Performance

What ho, and I trust you are in as fine fettle as AANP, for today’s basic algebra lesson is that a win today will take us third, and with a game in hand no less. Crivens! Let’s ruddy well get out there, dominate, take the lead, sit back, invite pressure, concede one and hang for dear life for those three points! Our current streak of fairly relentless goodness bodes well, as does Villa’s winless away record this season, but this being THFC there will inevitably be many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip.

Scott Parker’s inexorable march towards Fans’ Player of the Season has seen him just about Man of the Match his way through all eight of his games in lilywhite to date, games that have seen us record seven wins and a draw. Just this once however, I rather hope that Parker’s contribution is minimal, and that we can cruise through to victory without recourse to his indefatigable last-gasp heroics. It would be absolutely topping if the headlines tomorrow were all about Adebayor, VDV/Defoe, Modders, Bale and Lennon, with Friedel a spectator and Parker just occasionally required to play some of his gentle one-twos on halfway, before the forward line launch their next little blitzkrieg.

Corluka is apparently restored to full health, but it is unlikely that young Master Walker will be displaced. If there is a change at all it might be in attack, where, VDV has been recuperating from his latest hamstring mischief by shopping in the supermarket aisle next to the venerable AANP Senior. Defoe no doubt strains at the leash. Meanwhile, the terms of his loan mean that The Lord of All Things Sideways and Backwards will not pop up in midfield for Villa, to invite pressure upon his temporary employers, but one former lilywhite on show will be Alan Hutton, whose defensive frailties ought to be brutally exposed by Bale at full gallop. All things considered this should be three more points for the pot.

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8 replies on “Spurs – Aston Villa Preview: Preferably Not Another Scott Parker MoM Performance”

I cannot beleive that you have undone all the good work of your first paragraph by putting a jinx on us with your final sentence! We are Spurs you just cannot say, write or even think things like that ffs!!!!

Sorry about that but I am really nervous about tonight

Slightly Nervous as this is Spurs we’re talking about and we’ve always had the ability to screw things up when they’re looking good. What we need to do is cut out the fragility between 45 and 60 mins, when we seem to always conceed.

I cant stand our games any more we defend shambollick in the second half and give the ball away constantly. Walker Kaboul Ekotto ad Friedel where all guilty of this against Fulham this team winning two nil should play smarter football and this has not happened in the last four games. The problem is half time teams have upped there tempo even Fulham who should have bean leggy in the second half and this is why football has changed and a big part of tactics is tempo and work rate. This was shown by Liverpool who squeezed Chelsea for every bit of space available in the first half and hung on and snatched a late winner. This weekend Arsenal and Liverpool both made bold statements with away wins both teams have played with a high tempo one we have failed too match so far in both half’s. I believe its the system we play is causing this second half stressful football because Van der Vaart’s work rate is poor after he has scored and Ady has suffered also by not scoring for six games. This happened to Crouch he stopped scoring and made them for Van Defoe has scored twice coming on and Van has not scored so Harry needs to drop Van and play Defoe and Van come on in the second half. Lets hope we are not a victim of desperation Tempo and we match there work rate that will be high with ex Liverpool Warnock and Downing wanting Villa too win. I live 12 miles from Liverpool and its said they have one of the country’s top medical science teams looking after there fitness ours must be the worse because we beat Liverpool because they lost two players sent off. Liverpool are the reason i cant watch my beloved Spurs live especially the second halfi wont tell you why but trust me its not science lets hope we beat it again but less hazardous Coys please 4-1 too Spurs

I wish there weren’t so many Spurs fans whining on about how crap we’ve played in our last few WINS. I know being a Spurs fan is frustrating, I’ve been one long enough, but why people don’t just enjoy it while we’re winning is beyond me! CHEER UP, even if we lose here we’ve still got a game in hand with a chance to go 3rd and we’ve played all the big teams apart from Chelsea (how look very beatable this year). 3-1 to Spurs tonight!!

Hate to agree with Dav but when we go ahead tonight let’s for Goodness’ sake throw up a wall (Sandro & Parker) and let Bale and Lennon see what they can do on the break. Don’t care who we sacrifice, VDV or Modders, but if we have to soak up pressure let it be a few more yards in front of Friedel than usual.

Fat chance! 3-2 with a finger nail supper it is then.

So much for our opposition’s High Tempo comeback, DavSpurs! They had nothing! Not even some special energy drink boost after halftime. And both Modric & Benny were hitting those longer balls you like — Benny to Azza then to Ade for that missed header. And Ade finally knocked in a couple — he contributes in so many other ways. Best Spurs start since 1966 apparently. Let’s enjoy, instead of always finding fault. We’ve got 27 games more to get it perfect! COYS!

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