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Spurs 2-0 Villa: Bafflingly Easy

Oh that life were always that simple. Villa’s scouting network appear to have concluded that any attempt to disrupt the Tottenham modus operandi would result in a riot, and consequently they spent the entire night carefully keeping a safe distance from us, allowing our heroes to do whatever they jolly well pleased. Still, objective achieved, and boxes ticked left, right and centre., but if I may be so bold I would dare to suggest that when in such utter dominance they could do worse than display an attitude of bloody-minded ruthlessness. There were moments when Lennon tried a flick in his own half, or VDV dabbled in unnecessary ornateness, when at 2-0 the fait was not necessarily accompli. When in complete control let’s go crazy and score until it’s a tad embarrassing for all concerned. Plenty of time for own half fancy flicks when the scoreboard has hit double figures.

Our lot certainly deserve credit, for alternating between sensible bouts of keep-ball and occasionally knife-through-butter thrusts

However, I digress rather wildly from the point that this is the best Tottenham side in living memory, and that without breaking sweat they stomped all over those poor little Villa lambs. Bale, Modders, Parker and Kaboul no doubt sipped their celebratory bourbon with relish last night, after performances of particular majesty, while BAE threatened to steal the show simply by unbraiding his quite sensational mop.

Oh Dear…

Word reaches me that the chatter amongst the more excitable members of the lilywhite fraternity is of title-winning frolics. To each their own I suppose, and our juggernaut is certainly trundling along most merrily at present, but I do feel rather inclined to point out that it is but November. Top Four is the aim; top three is pleasingly realistic; yet we still remain but three points above seventh. These are wondrous times at N17, with cracking stuff from our mob on a weekly basis now, so rather than pore over the possibilities of May 2012 I plan to spend the coming days donning slippers and gown, and contentedly puffing upon a pipe.

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3 replies on “Spurs 2-0 Villa: Bafflingly Easy”

AANP, nice Blog, the fait is not accompli yet, especially after only 11 games but this is the best Spurs team we’ve seen since maybe ’87. And ‘Arry’s strategy to play our first teamers only once a week (while Citeh, ManU, Arse and Chelski are all using their first teamers in the CL), may prove to be brilliant at the sharp end, March through May. As for that “high tempo/illegal energy drink” thread, here’s what Super Scotty Parker had to say, “We played with a real tempo to our game.” Let’s give our lot credit where credit is due, even if early days!

Something happened deep in the second half Villa dressing room a ginger Scotch man was screaming play like Fulham did they where suppose too be tired. The problem was the man with the Tempo had left them at Villa so we played a normal team and our skill was allowed to flourish. So you are right to be pleased but wrong to get too excited because the next game we are at West Brom and they robbed four points of us last season with energized performance and a player who had not scored in the premiership Cox. There manager is the ex Fulham manager yes the energized Fulham who played Thursday and Liverpool whose Tempo beat Chelsea Woy who will have his team playing like the second half Fulham. Danny Murphy said in the commendatory we Fulham stopped Spurs by not allowing us too passmy question too him would have bean how do you do this when logic say you should be tired so don’t expect West Brom to play like Villa because Woy was manager of high tempo Liverpool who did beat West Brom with a higher tempo than Woy team 2-0. We need to match the energy of all these next five games and we can then say we will be in with a chance of finishing higher than we have since 1962. Remember City have the only player who had stuff in him that gives you energy and they are top with 31 goals scored mmmmmmmmmmmmm?

And now the bad news: It looks like our chances of winning the EL have taken a serious knock, as it looks likely that Shitty will be joining us in the round of 32.

Don’t you just love it.

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