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Spurs 1-1 Everton: Would We Have Won Had We Not Played Midweek?

Sages the breadth of Christendom have been popping up all over the media this season to opine knowingly that our heroes would struggle to cope with the rigours of Champions League and the Premiership each week. As such I was jolly well hoping that we would emphatically destroy Everton with a loud roar of triumph (or at the very least fashion another 2-1 win) to prove the blighters wrong – but in truth we looked every inch a team jaded from the madcap doings of Wednesday night.


Lofting Crosses Into Orbit: The Tottenham Way?


The first task of the day was to negotiate the first 13 minutes without going 3-0 down. While this was successfully achieved the effort evidently took its toll, as just moments later we conceded. Still, coming from behind is very much the vogue for our heroes these days, and it was the old Crouch-VDV combo yet again.


This time the goal was hardly the prettiest thing we have witnessed at the Lane all season – with Tim Howard attempting to swat a passing wasp rather than bothering with the incoming cross; Crouch doing his best to let the ball roll off his stomach; and VDV seemingly convinced that if he snapped the net from its moorings he would actually be awarded two goals. It is difficult to complain about the tactic of launching balls into orbit from the flanks for the gangly one to set up VDV, as it bears fruit every week. However, here at AANP Towers we would prefer the ball to be kept on the green stuff, at least until the alarm bells clang to inform us that desperate measures are called for.


Aside from the goal nothing really clicked, which is always rather a shame. Last season, free from midweek exertions, I suspect we would have found a way to eke out three points; this time our lot looked a tad flat, and by the final whistle, absolutely shattered.


Bale and VDV: Possibly Mere Mortals After All


Unsurprisingly, every time the ball went anywhere near Bale Everton players swarmed all over him. He still wriggled free occasionally, but his wonderfulness was generally stymied, while VDV was also well-marshalled. (Although it is nice to see that he cares so much for the cause that he is willing to give the advertising hoarding a good kicking. Good lad.)


As a result of the focus upon Bale and VDV, young Modders became our default string-puller. He seemed rather to enjoy himself, in his own shy little way, but with no inclination to burst into the Everton area and scare the bejesus out of its guardians, his impact was ultimately a tad limited.


Right-Flank Version 2.0: Lennon and Hutton


Not sure if ‘Arry, Joe Jordan and chums have ever actually sat down and explained the concept to Alan Hutton, but he jolly well retains the look of a man who simply does not believe that he is a defender.


As he seems convinced that victory will be achieved if he sprints to the opposite by-line at a rate of knots, his interplay with Lennon on the right wing is vastly different from that of Corluka and Lennon. Back in the day the lumbering Croat would hang back and play cute little diagonal balls as Lennon whizzed forward, jazz-hands merrily a-waving; now it seems the trick is for Lennon to jink inside, while Hutton overlaps on the right. A fledgling manoeuvre, but one that in time may bear fruit.


Elsewhere on the Pitch


Kaboul was a fairly reassuring presence at the back; Palacios was decent enough without rediscovering the form of his early days in lilywhite; and right across the pitch similar adjectives of gentle-but-by-no-means-rip-roaring-praise could be dished out. Decent but unspectacular, we did not really do enough to merit a win. A draw at home to an in-form Everton is not a bad result, but is nevertheless the sort of thing that will leave us short of the top-four come May. Curses.

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16 replies on “Spurs 1-1 Everton: Would We Have Won Had We Not Played Midweek?”

Crouch is pants. Our passing through midfield was pathetic as we just hoofed up the field. Sandro looks a better option as our DM. He can tackle me form behind if you know what I mean bos? x x

To be fair, yes Spurs are now a decent/good team, to be fair the 2nd half spurs had alot of the ball, but do you really think they where THAT tired, and do you really think if it had not been for midweek you’d have won? Let’s be honest….apart from Howards silly mistake spurs didn’t look like scoring, maybe it’s us blues who should be annoyed we dropped 2 points. In all Spurs are chasing Europe as are Everton, and ok you managed to get into the group stages with a pass into the group stages match against young boys, and not a Villareal side that had talent and reached the semi’s. But to write the above report suggesting your not happy with a well earned point against a decent team or suggesting your where going to hammer us and not believe it didn’t happen? Ok yes you had injuries but Arteta,Felliani,Rodwell,Osman all missing…..maybe just maybe

Or maybe your still world beaters and it didn’t just click today, although Crouchs diving is 10/10 🙂

I have said many times when Huddlestone his not playing he his a bib big loss to our attack and defence except his miss timed tackle at Inter. When i seen he was not on the bench i new we would struggle to win. Two mystery that makes me laugh with tongue i cheek is why do Everton start rubbish then the more good players they lose the better they play this needs investigating along with West Brom in 5th place without Odenwinga and after getting walloped 6-0shows we are in for another electrifying shock season. COYS

Crouch is possibly the worst striker I have ever seen wear the beloved lillywhite shirt. Absolutely hopeless. Yes, he was continually fouled by the toffee’s but when he was clean through he looked like he was wearing concrete boots. He shoots like a girl. Pathetic.

Lol @ Lennon’s jazz hands.

And yes, Crouch shoots like a girl.

In fact, Heather Mills would’ve got more power on that “shot” (straight at Howard) in the second half.

Did anyone else notice Crouch sarcastically clapping the crowd when we started singing for Pav to come on? What does he expect when he’s playing so shit?

When’s JD back?

Crouch is possibly the worst striker I have ever seen wear the beloved lillywhite shirt. Err! He is shite – like watching a giraffe on a step-ladder. But please: Pan Rasiak surely bites the biscuit?

It should be known also that Everton were jaded in terms of injuries – Arteta, Fellaini, Rodwell and Osman out, while Heitinga, Pienaar, Jags and later Saha were carrying injuries or returning from them. So I think the jaded thing evens itself out.

I don’t mind Crouch with a partner but in 4-5-1 he is lost. Either Pav please or lose a mid-fielder and put Keane on too. Which mid-fielder? That’s why we pay Harry the big bucks. Sandro for Sarge too methinks.

crouch is the centre forward equivelant to a black cat that goes under a ladder indoors while holding an open umbrella that cracks a mirror…..he gets bugger all decisions from the ref..and that is hes problem..he should be our leading goalscorer not in open play but from penalties…so without the penalties and free kicks me finks crouchies gig is up coz he aint banging in goals in open play…

Would we have won etc.
In a word no.
If you cant score more goals than the opposition you can’t win.
I’ve read the rules, it’s quite clear.
We got one fortunate goal and Crouchy as he is affectionately known, not in our house mind you, missed three good chances.
We wouldn’t have won if Everton had gone off at half time and stayed in the dressing room.

Shocked to see so many bitter posts slating our players.

Crouch has linked up well with VDV and scored goals in the Champions League too.

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