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Spurs – Everton Preview: Never Mind Bale, Van’s The Man

Gareth Bale this. Gareth Bale that.


Gareth Bale.


Gareth Bale.


Gareth Bale


That seems to be the general gist of the breathless chatterings amongst Spurs fans in recent days (and with some justification I suppose). Fine by me, particularly if David Moyes has been eavesdropping ahead of tomorrow’s game. Everton are quite welcome to double-team, or indeed stick an entire squadron of players on the handsome young Welshman. The chances are that he’ll escape their evil clutches anyway, but the real beauty of the plan is that all this Bale hullabaloo neatly diverts attention from the chap who has made us tick so far this season. Van der Vaart must be seething with indignation that his thunder has been temporarily stolen, we can all expect him to wrestle back the headlines with a virtuoso performance on the morrow.


One For The Sky TV Cameras


As a wide-eyed whippersnapper in the ‘80’s learning my leg-breaks from my googlies, I remember watching the Ashes on TV, and seeing a banner in the crowd that read “If you cross the Border there’ll be Waugh” – a pretty nifty reference to two of the batting behemoths in that all-conquering Aussie cricket team. “If you successfully shackle Bale a fool you shall remain, for Van der Vaart will wreak havoc elsewhere I tell ye” may not have quite the same ring, nor the cunning play on words, but I might still scribble it on a piece of paper and brandish it intermittently as the Sky cameras pan over during tomorrow’s game.


In fact, not only do we have VDV, we also have Modders and Hudd, while out on something called the right flank, for which I care not these days, young Aaron Lennon is beginning to ease back into form too. We have waited the best part of a year for the positively dreamy combo of Bale storming one wing while Lennon is let off the leash on t’other, and for the first time it looks like they might finally both be hitting full tilt simultaneously. Marvellous.


Team Selection


Stick Hudd, Modders and VDV in between them, and our cup jolly well floweth over with all manner of attacking juices. (Which is just as well, given the defensive masterclass from Gallas and Bassong on Wednesday.) Crouch or Pav remains the conundrum in attack, with neither yet looking particularly comfortable in a 4-5-1, and given the strains of a ten-man game in midweek, the fresh legs of Pav, Kranjcar and Sandro may be called upon tomorrow.


A tricky one this, but if we want to silence those murmurs about an inability to juggle Premiership and Champions League duties, tomorrow lunchtime would be as good as any.

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4 replies on “Spurs – Everton Preview: Never Mind Bale, Van’s The Man”

Marvellous Preview, many thanks …

By the sounds of things , yes, Sandro will get a berth in midfield tomorrow along with Wilson, with Hudd as a sub.
I think Bale may be rested tomorrow so Kranjcar could go left with VdV in the hole as the classic number 10 supporting Super Pav.
I hope Kaboul can take one of the centre back spots, it seems he’s been training ok.


Come on let’s be knowing. Did you take the 12-1?
I thought that Gallas was supposed to supply the experienced back up for Ledley.
A stop gap too far in my view.

Not so confident goin into this 1, the toffees il b rested and rarin to go, wud def play sandro An hopefuli the krank can get some action surely bale is knackered Bt the van man shud b bustin for it so fingers crossed, coys

The Toffees will slowly claw their way into this match, so we have to settle in quick and take advantage of this from the start.

Kaboul can’t come back soon enough, IMO. Never thought I would say that in a million years when he left for Pompey.

Strange how things change in football, just ask Bale Bale Bale.

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