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Spurs – Man City Preview: Ten Point Wish-List For Season 2010/11

Cripes, it’s upon us. No longer a blurry speck in the distance, the new campaign approacheth sharpish – and as such a wish-list for season 2010/11 is, if nothing else, rather timely…1. Finish Fourth 

2. Gareth Bale to Keep Eating His Greens 

3. Some Top-Class Signings 

4. Bring In An Older Head

I was moved to stand and applaud when Eidur Gudjohnsen was signed in January, not only because of my borderline-unhealthy obsession of the Sheringham role in any given football team anywhere, but also because an older, experienced head seemed like a jolly good idea as we approached a season’s conclusion in which retaining-possession-in-the-dying-stages and general nerve-holding became increasingly important. Ours is not the most boisterous gaggle of young men, and an older head like Gudjohnsen, or indeed Davids and Naybet before him, could potentially prove a handy investment, imparting the odd morsel of wisdom on the training-pitch and in the changing-room, and adding a touch of nous on the pitch. (nb No idea what has happened on the Gudjohnsen front, but I presume, alas, that he won’t be returning to the Lane).

5. Rediscover Sergeant Wilson’s Sparkle 

6. Continued Improvement From Daws (And Hudd) 

7. Be More Clinical In The Crunch Games 

8. More 5-1s and 9-1s 

9. Nurture At Least One Of The Kids 

10. Hit The Ground Running 

First up it’s the paupers of Man City. Strictly speaking it is only three points, but hark back to 16 August 2009, and victory over Liverpool was the perfect start to the season, immediately sprinkling around liberal quantities of belief that we were capable of challenging the Top Four, as well as injecting a most pleasant sense of bonhomie around N17, upon which we toddled off and sat atop the table for a few weeks. Something similar tomorrow against another key rival would be tickety-boo.

I half expect that if City’s owners find out that I write a football blog they’ll make a bid for me too, as their spending spree is verging on the ludicrous, but to be honest if some billionaire foreign sort offered to swan into White Hart Lane and invest several hundred million on new players I’m not sure too many South Stand punters would object. However, for all City’s spending they can only stick 11 on the pitch at any given time, and mano e mano our heroes are certainly capable of three points. Here we go again then…

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Cracking stuff. But what’s the dealio with Newsnow directing some of your old posts?

Indeed WFRF – ever since I redecorated around here it seems Newsnow have taken exception and decided to fire off old posts at random. Not much I can do other than bombard them with emails signed “Disgruntled, of AANP Towers”.
Most irritating, but c’est la vie.

A lot’s going to depend on the finishing abilities of Defoe, Keane, Pav and the gangly one. Seems to me the mid-field we’ve got will be getting the ball into the area often and dangerously. Interested to see who gets the nod in that department Saturday.

Great article, thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed your style of writing and wit, and more importantly agree with your wish-list completely. I would only change one part, and that is the “Brick outhouse” center forward. I would in fact prefer an outright top goal scorer – a Drogba type of player! I realise these are quite hard to come buy, and with a limited salary structure in place at WHL, even harder, but hey, as you say, it is just a wish list.
This is first time I have visited your site. Great stuff!

What an excellent blog, and this coming from a City fan.

Can’t wait for the new season and the match against you chaps. Tomorrow is too close for call, but the one prediction I will venture is that a certain Craig Bellamy will NOT be high-fiving your gaffer after the final whistle!

Piers, Blue By The GOB – very kind of you both, charmed to have you on board.
Had forgotten about that Bellamy high-five business. I suspect the golf-club-wielding one will end up as our big-money summer signing…

I concur with Spooky- the new look is ace. It has a very soothing aesthetic to it. Calm like a Buddhist monk. Which should prove useful in the coming months.

Blimey, how can 14 players all have a decent game and we don’t win? Corluka still the slowest wing-back on the planet tho – maybe Kaboul.

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