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Spurs – Blackburn Preview: Five Things I’d Like To See From Tottenham This Weekend

Strangely nervous ahead of this one, precisely because we are such overwhelming favourites. We at AANP Towers would happily trade all of the following for three points, in any way or form, but as I idle away the final minutes of the day-job, the following notions float to mind…A Dull Home Win

The list of Games-To-Rue-Come-May is far too long already; let’s not add to it, eh chaps? Just a standard, by-the-numbers, mundane home win will do just fine thank you. You know the sort – a goal from Kranjcar in the first 15 minutes; a good hour of dominance; a slightly nervy feel that we ought to turn said dominance into goals; and finally a Defoe goal in the last ten minutes to kill the game off. The sort of regular home win that gets shunted well done the Match of the Day running order. No alarms and no surprises, as Radiohead might venture.

A nice stress-free win is all the more appealing given that our fixture-list begins to take a few turns for the worse in coming weeks. Admittedly Pompey at home should just about be negotiable, but Stoke away could be a tad tricky; Man City away could be crucial; and we also have games against the top three to come. Three points are being dangled White Hart Lane-wards, and it might be an idea to stock up now, before such resources become scarce in April.

No Caution For Palacios

One more yellow and Sergeant Wilson misses two games. Bad enough at the best of times, the current injury crisis means that one more mishap might see Kaboul or Corluka shoved into midfield, as part of a tactical re-jig best defined as Close-Your-Eyes-And-Hope. The chances of Palacios lasting the final ten Premiership (plus Cup) games without a booking are nil, but if he could just hold out until the likes of Hudd and Bentley return that would soften the blow somewhat.

Destruction of All That Sam Allardyce Stands For

Sam Allardyce might be quite the philanthropist – on a personal level I cannot comment – but as a manager I despise him and his ways. ‘Arry has gone the diplomatic route ahead of this game (“

Everyone plays how they play, they have their own style…Whatever Sam does, he has been one of the most successful managers”) but I fervently hope that we subject Allardyce’s charges to a masterclass of one-touch, olé football, and pass them to death. Although I’ll settle for a mundane home win of course.None of That Hollywood-Ball Gubbins From Daws

Daws’ defensive form has been pretty darned impressive, barring the occasional rush of blood to the head, but I do wish he would stop the Beckenbauer impressions. Just be a good boy and knock the ball short to Modders or someone, rather than trying to launch it sixty yards to one of the attacking midgets.

Robbo Circa 2008 Onwards

Once upon a time Paul Robinson was awesome. A few years back, when we were last challenging for the top four, it seemed that between him and Ledley a certain goal would be prevented every game, and I duly worshipped his balding pate. However, ever since that missed kick against Croatia it has been nigh on impossible to think of him without seeing the grinning face of Borat heralding another slapstick mishap, poor blighter. More of the same tomorrow please. Let’s see him flap at a 30-yard Kranjcar effort, or flap at a set-piece and end up chucking the ball into his own net.

Up the other end, Gomes has barely made a mistake all season, and this juxtaposition alone ought to be enough to seal the three points.

The teamsheet will presumably be fairly similar to that posted against Fulham last week – BAE at left-back; Bale left midfield; Modders in the centre – although Defoe can be expected to return to the starting line-up alongside Pav. The early kick-off gives us a chance to put a bit of pressure on the other challengers for fourth, and watch them stew in their own juices over the course of the weekend – and there are few preferable activities around these parts of a Saturday afternoon.


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10 replies on “Spurs – Blackburn Preview: Five Things I’d Like To See From Tottenham This Weekend”

good thoughts AANP,

agreed that a run of the mill home win would be quality, looking at the fixture list for mid-late april (arse, chelsea and utd in a row) and we’re going to need all the points we can… COYS

Harrt cant really comment can he, not when he stick that lanky twat up front, just to lob long balls to him. Im aware this isnt all the time but once is enough and it ruins our game and our style!

All pretty sane AANP. Maybe Wilson should buy himself a yellow to miss Pompey rather than risk missing cfc. Want to see how Luka manages second time around in the middle. and in response to Morgan, on balance we have played the beautiful game more under Harry than any manager I can recall for years and years and years…

Ted admittedly we have played some good footy, but we have also played some terrible football, especially this long ball up to crouch, that is not our traditional game, lets hope we dont see this again.

palacios is slightly better than zokora. we should not be so reliant on him. he cant pass, thats the reason arsen never wanted him.

This long ball tactic is not Crouch is fault is two goals against Egypt where crosses from wingers he and Spurs are missing Lennon and so was Hudds.Teams playing a five man midfield and a high tempo pressing game have caused us to hit long balls to Crouch the way round this is to play three at the back five in midfield and two upfront in home games or we get closed down and players get isolated and hit and hope or lose posesion the problem has been made worse by the weather and bad pitches like Fulhams and Wigans to name a few . So don,t blame Crouch we will play the same ball to Pavlyuchenko. The one person that worries me is Hudds missing we are like a bow with no string . The person i would have loved to see taking is role is a million miles away now thanks to a bad loan period some of our players are getting ruined in a relegation dog fights and Mason Bostock have started to stall in there promising carrears they come back play with stars and go back with average players is no good .Harry should bring both these players back and let them train and learn the Spurs way then if we have loads of injurys they would be ready to play. My Team because this time Samba is playing Gomes Bassong Kaboul Dawson Ekotto Kranjcar Corluka Moderic Bale Defoe Pavlyuchenko .Subs Bostock Townsend Crouch Gudjohnson Palacios Alwnick Walker

No Davspurs, your right, it isnt Crouchs fault. The fact he is shit,over rated and only scores against lower standard opposition is! This is proved by the fact that every manager that buys him sells him after a season or so. He ruins our style of play and is a disgrace to the shirt. Yes Harry has got us playing good football again but like the statment above, also some of the worst at times. Gudjohnsen is by far a better player and will make more goals. Crouch hasnt scored in the league for what, 3 months? Pav comes and shows him how its done. Lets be a nice friendly club. As Portsmouth cant buy any players, lets GIVE them Crouch back and return to Tottenham’s style of play!!!!

Morgan any man who can keep is bitch happy with her looks must be good with balls .He will convert you i don’t mean to a shirt lifter but a fan of the long shanks long game with a sparkling short passing long missile Hudds lennon streak Moderic Wizardry Defoe blast game You see Quality has many faces just like the sweets , just enjoy our Diversity it has evolved and so has our style of the good the not so good and the Brilliant .COYS

People really have to stop blaming Crouch for the tactics. The Manager sets them, not the players. Crouch, to be effective, must play in a more advanced position facing the goal. He is useless with his back to goal as there’s nothing in his tool box that permits him to turn and run with the ball. Do you think that Capello might know something that Harry doesn’t? For the record, Crouch has 3 goals in his past 13 PL games and Defoe has 5 in his last 14. Awful numbers, but they pretty accurately reflect our predictable tactics. Play with flair tomorrow and we’ll win, try not to lose and we’ll end with as inspirational a match as the Fulham game. COYS

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