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Fulham – Spurs Preview: Straightforward? Winnable?

While two games in three days is no simple task, the double-header of a visit to Fulham and the hosting of West Ham ought to be stamped with the words “Cracking Opportunity” in great big bold font, like that used for the A-Team logo. For a team with Champions League aspirations these are both eminently winnable games. Straightforward? Non. Winnable? Bien sur. In a season in which dropping points has been the nationwide vogue, six points a–laying would be a marvellous end to this festive season, and is not beyond the realms of possibility.By thrashing Man Utd last week Fulham pointedly established that they will be no walkover, particularly on their own patch. They presumably will have a spring in their step going into this one, but the memory of away days at Villa Park and Goodison linger long in the memory here at AANP Towers, serving to remind that we have it in ourselves to dominate teams away from home.

Conventional wisdom has it that games are won and lost in central midfield, yet if anything this has been our least solid area. That less-domineering doppelganger of Sergeant Wilson continues to mis-place passes as frequently as he wins possession, while Hudd continues to drift out of games as often as he dictates them. It’s not a critical problem, given that everywhere else on the pitch we have players hitting the form of their lives, but the placard that reads “By Golly How We Bossed Things In Central Midfield Today” is currently gathering dust at AANP Towers.

As we’re not exactly blessed with a cornucopia of riches in central midfield – Jermaine Jenas being first reserve – the Hudd-Palacios pairing will presumably start again today (although to his credit JJ does play the role of impact-sub surprisingly well). There may yet be some chop-and-changery in the coming days however, not least because of the condensed fixture-list, but also because all three of these chaps are one caution away from suspension.

How, if at all,

‘Arry juggles his squad for these games will make interesting viewing, and not just in central midfield. It appears that the wise men of the Tottenham treatment room are bearing two of the loveliest gifts imaginable, in the form of fit-again Modders and Ledley. These mumblings about Daws moving to Sunderland seem spectacularly poorly-timed for an April Fool’s prank, but if he is relegated to the bench in order to make way for Ledley, worry lines will start to crease the foreheads of the faithful. This ought to be academic though, Ledley-for-Bassong a likelier scenario.We’re in good form, have top players returning and two winnable games lined up. Bouncing around with all the giddy excitement of a kid on Christmas morn over here.


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