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Spurs’ Cult Heroes – Your Memories of Gazza…

Paul Gascoigne is one of those to feature in AANP’s forthcoming book Spurs’ Cult Heroes, detailing the glorious history of Tottenham Hotspur FC by examining players who achieved legendary status amongst us fans. AANP warmly invites you to leave any memories you may have of the man – favourite moments from his career, or personal meetings off the pitch. Feel free to leave your comments below. 


And as ever, all are most welcome to leave memories – and browse those of others – regarding some of the players to be featured in forthcoming book Spurs’ Cult Heroes: Danny Blanchflower here, Dave Mackay here, Cliff Jones here, Martin Chivers here, Alan Gilzean here, Pat Jennings here, Cyril Knowles here, Steve Perryman here, Glenn Hoddle here, Chris Waddle here, Ossie and Ricky here, Gary Mabbutt here, Graham Roberts here, Jimmy Greaves here, Clive Allen here, Jürgen Klinsmann here, David Ginola here.

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10 replies on “Spurs’ Cult Heroes – Your Memories of Gazza…”

AANP’s personal favourite – “Is Gascoigne going to have a crack? He is you know…”

So it’s the 14th April, 1991 at Wembley – and I’m 17 and sitting on the left side of the Spurs end, down the bottom and you look out from the tunnel end.

And all the boys cam out early for a bit of the feel of the turf. And everyone around me is clapping politely – except me. I’ve caught Gazza eye-to-eye as he walks in the middle of the pitch. And I’m screaming “Come on” and shaking my fist in a gesture of comradeship.

And Gazza starts to gesture extending his left palm with the forfinger and thumb of his right hand hovering over it, in what could only be interpreted as an offer of a autograph.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get it, and just opened my hands with arms extended – in a gesture that could only be interpreted as “Err…?”

Anyway, half an hour later he scored one of the best goals of all time…

91 semi final at wembley ,what a goal, my favorite game of all time,he made me proud to be a spurs.shame we dont have a charasmatic character like him now.

I remember fondly the goal he scored against the scum at WHL without his boot. I seem to remember a free kick against Notts County at WHL, maybe his first for Spurs. Without doubt the best midfielder we ever had and, perhaps, the best English midfielder ever.

I cant remember the oposition but we were losing 0-1 and Waddle scored the equaliser. Gaza and Waddle did some sort of rehearsed jig in the centre circle at the kick off. We got possesion and the ball found its way to Gaza. And there it stayed for what seemed forever as he weaved his way round defender after defender. Finally he was tackled and the ball lost. After his efforts you would think Gaza would take a breather? But no he raced after the ball and won it back with a tackle on the half way line. The same scenario was repeated several times giving the impression it was Gaza v the rest

What a character! What a player! My heart now bleeds for him and i hope he finds happiness in the rest of his life. God bless Gaza

Who can forget that goal back in 91. Too bad he injured himself in the final. Aanyway, all the best to him and hope he can settle down.

So many free kicks, all of them sublime. 2 against Shilton in goal for Derby was brilliant + obviously the semi. The 4th round goal v Oxford “Gasciogne, the crowd are pleased about that, that attack was going nowhere” said Motty; the dribble and the headed goals to haul us back at Pompey in the 5th round, unbelievable atmosphere in the away end that day; 4 vs Hartlepool; the flick in the build up to Lineker’s 1st in the semi; running the game at Upton Park in ’88, never seen a man control a game like that; the summer we signed him ahead of Man Utd and the sports pages were just rammed with Gazzamania – so excited I couldn’t wait for the seaon to start.
Mr Gascoigne – you gave us 3 seasons I’ll never forget, my favourite ever Spurs player in the 23 years ive been going. Fast, strong, committed, confident and skill from another planet. He’d be worth 150 million quid today. Getting misty eyed thinking about him. Saw him at Wembley in late 89 vs Czechs, if he needed to convince Sir Bobby Robson to take him on the plane the following summer he did it in style, setting up all 4 goals (and waving to me in my bright yellow Holsten Spurs sweatshirt before ko). Finally, Motty interviewing him on Spursline and Gazza begging to sing his song. Motty said ok and Gazza went into “..chim chim cheru, Gazza was a geordie but now he’s a jew!”.

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