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Blackburn 0-2 Spurs: Who Saw That One Coming?

Well hands up who saw that one coming? All I wanted for Christmas was a good bourbon and some peace and quiet, but a performance of grit, clenched fists and all manner of dogged resolution had me rubbing my eyes in disbelief.I had not dared dream of such riches as three points and a clean sheet. Blackburn away is not exactly our land of milk and honey at the best of times; Blackburn away in the snow had me perfecting my bleats of annoyance at our insipid lack of fight even before kick-off. We after all, are supposed to be a team of shaved eyebrows and leggings beneath the shorts, not rolled-up sleeves and bite. Rarely have I exalted quite so merrily in the error of my ways.

We’ve Turned A Corner 

Tempting, but instead of “Champs League I Tell Ye or I’ll Eat My Own Face” I’ll have the tattoo “Work-in-Progress” scrawled across my forearm. We’re in fine fettle, no doubt about it, and have ticked several new boxes already this season – Demolish The Premiership Urchins; Play The Tottenham Way; Adopt A Home Mentality At Away Grounds; and now Dig In As Necessary. All heartening stuff, but realistically, I imagine we will still suffer the occasional lapse, the odd Wolves/Stoke moment between now and May. And when it happens I won’t unsheathe the samurai sword and wave it around at neck-level, I’ll just remind myself of how things are by looking at my tattoo, like that backwards chap in Memento. While a six-match winning streak would be lovely I’m just grateful for what we’ve got at the moment. Things are looking good, we generally play well, we have now shown a capacity to dig in and scrap for a win. We’re not quite Brazil 1970 however, or even Chelski, but we’re moving in the right direction.

”Defending From The Front” And All That Jazz 

Nice to see Lady Luck blowing us a kiss this week. On just about any other day in the history of time Crouch would have been penalised when heading his goal – not because it was necessarily a foul (didn’t see much protest from the on-pitch Blackburn mob) but because it was Crouch. The McCarthy shot which hit the post also bounced kindly for us – sometimes we get them, sometimes we don’t. If anything though, fortune favoured the brave, and this was well-earned.

Have a happy Christmas then, from AANP, God bless ye merry gentlemen.


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3 replies on “Blackburn 0-2 Spurs: Who Saw That One Coming?”

I have to admit,I really thought we’d come away from Blackburn with nay points,let’s hope we get another solid performance away at Roy Hodgsons Fulham on Boxing Day.

I did ,check my blog not only the result but the score. I think it was a good team performance because Defoe, Lennon and Kranjcar were all off key at times.
Two clean sheets in four days it must be something they ate.
Crouch however crowned an excellent week by bringing home the points and he’s not even my favourite player, yet.

The good thing about Crouch is he does put in a lot of effort… running around and not just waiting around for the long balls. Not something other big men his size would care to do. Oh wait… there isn’t anyone else his size.


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