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Spurs – West Ham Preview: Cheer Up Chaps

Well this is awkward. Somehow this week I find myself in the unusual, and to be honest, plain uncomfortable position of having to raise everyone else’s spirits. This is foreign territory. Generally more at ease as a pessimistic misanthrope.However, a curious role-reversal now sees me rather looking forward to the season finale. Meanwhile Spurs fans all around me have been sighing melancholy sighs and eyeing steep cliffs over which they might hurl themselves.

The reason seems to be one bad match – in fact, one bad ten-minute spell. Seems strange to me, but the ten-minute meltdown against Blackburn has got Spurs fans tripping over themselves to write off our season and slap the wrists of anyone who cheerfully drops the phrase “European qualification” into conversation.

Curious this, as it’s usually the reverse – i.e. it’s normally one good ten-minute spell, which has us all screeching away about Champions League qualification. For whatever reason though, it’s been sackcloth and ashes this week rather than deluded optimism. The defeat to Blackburn has deflated the masses.

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Galling though it was, the Blackburn defeat did not strike me as a return to the bad old (not so old, really) days of widespread sloppiness and a marshmellow-soft spine. I honestly think that if we keep playing like we did against Blackburn we’ll do fairly well in the last few games. Beginning on Saturday at home to West Ham, who currently occupy the seventh spot we should be eyeing.

Admittedly, should we lose on Saturday  we’ll be nine points off the pace with six to play – it will be game over. Win it though, and we’ll be three points off Europe with six to play. Game on, n’est-ce pas?

The Blackburn finale aside, our recent league form has been mighty impressive – four wins, two draws and good performances. Add to that 70 or so good minutes against Blackburn, and we actually remain one of the form teams in the division.

Moreover, our competitors for seventh are hardly the giants of contemporary European football – Wigan, Fulham and Man City, as well as West Ham. Achieving seventh would not mean punching particularly high above our weight, if at all, as this motley crew are all liable to stumble a couple of times en route to the finish line. This is more of a scrap to be less bad than several other harmless mid-table drifters – seventh is a fairly realistic aim, particularly if we can win on Saturday.

So I’m therefore quite perky about the prospect of this end-of-season run-in, even if every time I say as much the music stops and tumbleweed rolls by.

Reasons To Be Depressed

Mind you, it hardly takes much effort to slip back into pessimistic mode. For a start, as well as costing us three points last weekend, that wretched second yellow card for Palacios means he’s suspended for this Saturday. Replacing him would be like trying to replace Mr T as B.A. – there just isn’t anyone else cut out for the role. With no B.A around, Face Man (Modders) will find it a lot harder to pull, if you don’t mind me wandering a little off-course with the analogy.

Presumably do-do-do Dider will take the place of Palacios, but although they start the game on roughly the same patch of turf, Zokora and Palacios are vastly different beasts. We should therefore not expect too much midfield enforcing from the Ivorian, who rather prefers a long meandering gallop to a raw-leg dinner in the centre . I guess it will be a useful exercise, as Palacios’ penchant for a tasty challenge is likely to bring him his fair share of cautions, and therefore suspensions, in the future. There will be more days like this. Gives some food for thought as the summer transfer window creeps up.

Not quite sure how West Ham have found themselves in seventh. Last time I bothered to check they were in a bit of a mess down the rear-end of the division, with Zola’s beaming pearly whites firmly locked behind a worried frown. Now they’re in pole position for the last European spot. Madness, I tell you.

As mentioned, win this one and we’ll be right back in the hunt for Europe. Plenty to play for.

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West Ham have found themselves in 7th place from playing great football. Zola has the team playing silky attacking football and Steve Clarke has brought his impressive Chelsea defence knowledge to our back four. If we’re out with Parker tomorrow you might take us, but the young lads, Tomkins and Stanislas are a joy to behold. Motley crew? Count yourselves in that group, Harry’s never been a top four manager, never will be, he’s only 6/7th at best, hope his magic deserts him in this last run coz I don’t think he’s a nice fella, berating Bent with his Mrs comment? What a nice soul he is. Zola’s a gentleman.


Tomorrow really is your ‘Cup Final’ isn`t it, I mean you need to beat Westham more than we need to win, when was the last time we found ourselves in that position. . . Erm. . . Oh yeah, that year you got within touching distance of the top 4, & we all know what happened then don`t we!!!

Here`s to tomorrow & a little bit of history repeating itself, lol, let`s hope it`s history & not a dodgy lasagne eh!!!


Ihope spurs give you lot a real good tonking tomorrow, wet spam fans have such a chip on their shoulder when it comes too anything spurs, constantly citing the big club ~~llocks, get over it we are as well supported as you lot with equally loyal fans who just want too see their team strive for the top , isn,t that what all fans want !

Oh how the winter nights must fly by at Bacon Beigel’s house. Laugh? I thought my ribs would break! Presuming all Spurs fans are Jewish and that the bacon reference is funny and will offend shows your general ignorance and stupidity. I’m sure it won’t offend Jewish Spurs fans as well as the non-Jewish ones.

Considering your just a yo-yo club and your main aspirations are to beat a so called mid table small club, what does that make you.
Since you last won anything we have one 6 cups and remained in the top flight.
Oh yeah and more fans than us??? we have more money than you fact!! look at the league table for that and we are consistently the 5th richest club in england. By the way you obviously haven’y heard that this small club are building a 600000 seater stadium while you mugs can’t afford a paint brush for upton KRAP.

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