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Blackburn Rovers 2-1 Spurs: Gritted Teeth


1. Given over to dissipation; dissolute.

2. Recklessly wasteful; wildly extravagant.


Perhaps not precisely the word then, but as the second half wore on, comfortable though it all looked, the sense grew that we really needed to convert all that possession and all that slick build-up play into a second goal. We threatened a few times, but did not create the really clear-cut opportunity our play merited. “Recklessly wasteful” might not necessarily encapsulate the problem, but we certainly wasted 80 minutes worth of very good possession.As a result, through gritted teeth I at least try to console myself that we played well. Play like that for the final eight games and we ought to make Europe. Still three points lost though.


If short-diagonal-passes-inside-the-defender were women they’d be alluring brunettes with flawless hour-glass figures, and I’d salivate while staring at them too. Some of our football, particularly on the counter, was a delight to behold.

If Wilson Palacios were a woman he’d be a scary fat bird. I would desperately try to avoid eye-contact, and generally steer clear. For 80 minutes Palacios demonstrated why he’s exactly what Spurs have needed for so long in midfield, allowing others around him to try those little sultry-brunette-style diagonal passes.

(N.b. Painful to admit it, butI ought to mention that Jenas is looking the part at the moment. Nothing spectacular, still gets caught in possession occasionally, but he’s generally moving the ball intelligently, and supporting the front men.)

The Big Decisions

While it was our own fault for not scoring the second and wrapping up the game, there is not much doubt that the sending off of Palacios swung the game. General discombobulation followed in our defensive lines.

However, it’s long been a mantra here at AANP Towers, whether playing or watching, never to criticise the ref. The day I play the perfect game, making not a single  mistake, is the day I perhaps earn the right to have a go at him. Until then, whatever the ref says, goes.

The penalty: seemed fair enough. Having been six or seven yards away when the cross was played the defender had some time to get his arm out of the way. Seen them given, seen them not given; on this occasion it was given.

The second yellow card: on first glance it also seemed fair enough – rather clumsy. The slow-mo replay then suggested that it was actually rather unlucky, as young Wilson did make a valiant and fairly successful attempt to duck out of the challenge.

Such musings are academic though: the ref gave the penalty, and showed a second yellow card to Palacios. So, through gritted teeth again, I’ll accept the latter decision and move on.

Sam Allardyce Is Bad For Football 

In between pickling my liver and dancing badly for three years, whilst at uni I stumbled across Immanuel Kant’s categorical imperative. It states:


“Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law.”

Seems fair enough. Generally prevents such unholy deeds as rape, pillage and suchlike. If Kant’s categorical imperative were applied to Allardyce’s brand of football, no-one would watch any more and the game would die.I could have understood if he resorted to the centre-back-as-auxiliary-striker in desperation, in the final 15 mins, but to do so from half-time onwards was an astonishingly brazen admission of his philistinic approach to the so-called Beautiful Game. Did he really have nothing more subtle and aesthetically-pleasing up his sleeve? Teeth are still gritted, but as a nation let’s all at least exhale collectively in relief that he failed to land the England job.


So that’s another lost three points we can wistfully add to our end-season tally, and think of what might have been. Generally a good performance though. Maybe just a bit “profligate”, or whatever the appropriate word is.

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8 replies on “Blackburn Rovers 2-1 Spurs: Gritted Teeth”

Peter Walton (Blackburn) 10

Lulled Spurs into a false sense of security with the penalty award before wrongly sending off Palacios and failing to send off Ooijer for persistent foul play

Good write-up, no wonder 20,000 is the best Blackburn can muster at a home game… It well & truly IS grim up North.

El hadj diouff is among the biggest tossers ever to walk the planet, let alone play football. a proper snake-faced asshole

Good write up but lacking knowledge. Spurs failed to win because they insisted in trying the total football tactic of walking the ball into the net. Penalty decision made by the fans behind the goal, not by the linesman immediately opposite but by an intimidated referee many yards away from the incident. Sending off was harsh but Dunn had been learning from half the Spurs team in the first half. With Roberts & Pedersen injured, McCarthy clearly unfit and no striker on the bench Allardyce made a tactical switch that Spurs failed to cope with.

Of all the teams in the greedy league, you Spuds should recognise that winning games when you are shitter then a Chas and Dave album is inevitable. To be fair, your support was worse than any team since Wimbledon 1998.
If Diouf is any worse than Modric as far as wankers go, then I`m worse than Ramon Vega and Squinty Sheringham is not a diving cnut. Face the facts people, you aren`t, won`t be and don`t really deserve to be a top side. Burkinshaw had it right; there used to be a football club there.
We`ve adapted to being shit after a brief period of being good.. do the same. I don`t think Old Etonians go around bigging it up anymore

Oh, and being jealous that Samba was a more effective striker than Keane or Bent is churlish

Textbook cry for attention there Smithy. We don’t actually care that much about you. Well done for getting the three points. I guess digging deep and playing dirty in a relegation scrap is acceptable. Let me know how you get on when you’re playing the same way next season. You know, cause, it’s all about the result, innit?

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