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Spurs 3-1 Shamrock Rovers: Shredding One’s Season Ticket

Presumably there were some onlookers last night so enraged by our inability to score as the game wore on last night that they tore up their season tickets at half-time, their apoplexy no doubt reaching such levels when we actually fell behind that they chopped off their own feet and howled for the entire team to be sacked. All things considered however it was fairly satisfactory stuff.For all our inability to score we plugged away in commendable fashion, boxes were ticked, pressure was applied, shots were shot. Indeed, that we fell behind was hardly due to any failing on our part (although I suppose Cudicini might have palmed away the free-kick in a manner less inviting of trouble).

Defoe and Giovani (just about) toddled off with ticks against their name, Lennon and Rose got used to the whole concept of green stuff underfoot and small white sphere once again, and, perhaps most pleasingly, Livermore and Carroll trundled through in fairly steady manner. It was not quite as smooth as a well-versed line delivered by a lounge-suit wearing silkworm at 9pm on Friday night, what with going behind to the Irish part-timers and all, but in the rich tapestry of Season 2011/12 it will be delineated as a fun, relatively low-key step in the right direction. Which, let’s face it, is tickety-boo. Roll on the big one.

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2 replies on “Spurs 3-1 Shamrock Rovers: Shredding One’s Season Ticket”

I had shaved my head in the afternoon going taking me back too my teenage years with a skin head more through age than design. The game started and my ranting followed every swear word came out and the commentators where all hoping we would get beat in this fantasy game. There fans where wining the noisy game every tackle dirty or clean was cheered by the fanatical Irish army of fans and every pass with Ole My shaven head was getting slapped by the miss block and saves we huff puffed but could not break there energised body’s down. Then what every fan from the cockerel side feared we conceded a goal suddenly we did the one thing we had failed too do cross the ball and break quickly we stopped over passing Dosantos turned into a smaller version of Huddlestone creating and scoring a slam dunk goal after a 70 yard run by Defoe. This lad thrives on confidants and love from Harry and if he feels wanted the sky’s the limit for him and Spurs. Well done winning for winning a game all the romantics wanted the opposition too win with stellar performances by Townsend and Dosantos and more steady performances by Carrol and Livermore by the game and a special mention to Defoe for playing in a game he would sooner have missed and if Harry leaves him out for Van he will regret the damage he will do to this gifted English scorer.

Totally agree the more games I see the more I feel VDV should come off the bench as an impact player. He wears down too fast to start and as an impact player other teams have no idea what he will do next (same for us sometimes). Defoe needs the time and when given it and the 4-4-2 formation with another striker to take the heat off each other so they can work wonders. VDV isolates the stiker among 4 defenders it is little wonder they do not score prolificaly under this system.

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