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PAOK 0-0 Spurs: First Day at School

AANP’s bosom swells with pride in announcing that the youngest nephew this week began school this week, poor blighter, and similar feelings of satisfaction and reminiscence no doubt occurred to ‘Arry as he sent forth the various assorted whelps and whippersnappers still too young to watch Goodfellas, to do us proud on the corner of some foreign field last night.Encouragingly, to a boy they all seemed happy to play the Tottenham way, possessing an instinct to pick a 10-yard pass at any given time, rather than walloping the ball skywards at the first sniff of trouble. The kids may have lacked a little thrust in the final third, but they can hardly be chastised for this, given that the same affliction has weighed so heavily upon the various feted international strikers – and Peter Crouch – employed over the last 18 months. Livermore seemed pretty determined to demonstrate that he can make it in the big bad world of central midfield without a grown-up holding his hand; the new chap Falque showed the occasional moment of eyebrow-raising, nod-inducing flair; while it is too early to tell whether Harry Kane will make it as a top-level pro at the quite disgusting age of just 17, but whatever career the young blighter embarks upon I suggest that he’ll make a darned good fist of it, for in the field of blistering self-confidence he was mightily well-stocked.

Bar the last few nervy minutes our kids held their own, and were certainly unlucky not to win a penalty, although history suggests we’d have contrived to miss it anyway. If you excuse me a moment of optimistic, misty-eyed speculation, the fact that just about our third choice XI (nine injured, plus another ten rested) can hold PAOK to a draw, in front of what sounded like the blood-thirsty mob from Gladiator,  then we ought to go on and win this whole ruddy nuisance of a competition. With one or two additions our kids could probably see us through the group stages, and thereafter, with the cream of Europe otherwise engaged, I hazard that Bale, Modders and VDV would pulverise all-comers at a canter; but whether it will be worth fielding the big guns in the latter stages, as the Top Four race narrows to its conclusion, is presumably a different kettle of fish.

(As a valedictory note, I leave you with the heart-warming sentiments of PAOK boss Laszlo Boloni: “It was a nice game”. Bless.)

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The School report should read well done a few too many passes at times ot enough end product And to stay away from the older boys they are a bad influence Pavlyuchenko Bassong can teach bad habit. Special praise Townsend should play with the first Team . Carrol all he needs is muscle and a beard Falque could be a big hit with the big clever first team boys a young Arteta. Livermore reminds me of old boy Mullery, must sometimes take the easy option and pass or shoot. Kane does a lot of tireless chasing back and wins the ball will improve alongside a striker who looks interested in playing not Pava can do better two games and two penalty’s should have bean two goals for him and has time to improve is undoubted talent. Dosantos already waiting for the plane to Seville could have bean a contender but lacks the will too prove it Parret should have started instead of Dosantos Bostock Mason Smith Caulker should be all in Greece Caulker is getting injured for other clubs and at 19 very sad. Once again well done lets hope our first team do the business for giving them a rest to take on the 6th gear energized Liverpool.Coys

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