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Hearts 0-5 Spurs: A Disappointing Evening for the ITV Commentators

Five goals away from home, five different scorers, clean sheet, no injuries (I think) and run-outs for squad members and kids alike – long may this continue. It could be that Hearts are actually awesome, and we are in fact better than Brazil 1970, but a win that comfortable inevitably points to abysmal opposition. Still, our heroes could do no more than take their opponents to the cleaners, and ‘twas duly done.Life Without Modric? 

Hearts’ players looked like their brains might explode as they tried to comprehend how VDV could amble with such ease from attack to midfield and just about anywhere else he pleased. Kranjcar was afforded similar time and space, and purred away accordingly. He is a particular favourite at AANP Towers, but Hearts gave him so much space and time they managed to make him look like Maradona. Those two pulled the strings, and when Hearts rallied early in the second half, VDV was withdrawn and Hudd took over to similarly rampant effect.

A glorified training game it may have been, but it was still heart-warming to see the ball pinged first-time hither and thither by every man in lilywhite. Life won’t always be this easy – other teams migh try tackling our lot – but for 90 minutes at least it looked like our midfield had the technique and craft to cope without Modric.

Kids These Days 

That young Walker at right-back has pace in abundance was already well-known, but it was good to see him looking switched on for his defensive duties as well as haring to the opposite goal-line as fast as his legs could carry him. I also particularly enjoyed seeing Andros Townsend take time out from his uncanny Lewis Hamilton impressions to provide an absolutely sumptuous pass in the build-up to our fifth, weighted to perfection, and delivered inside the run of the full-back.

Elsewhere On The Pitch 

A tad irrelevant in the grand scheme of things perhaps, but most satisfactory nonetheless. More of the same on Monday night and life will be just tickety-boo.

14 Responses

  1. elwehbi Says:

    Kranjcar was fantastic in the CMF role. I wonder how Harry’s going to balance having him and Modric in the squad together this season (if the latter sticks around)?

  2. AllActionNoPlot Says:

    Kranjcar was ace, I concur, but I think that needs to be taken with the rather sizeable footnote that he was allowed the freedom of Edinburgh. Whether he could boss things from CM in the Premiership remains to be seen. Hope we keep him though, love his technique.

  3. Cusop Says:

    Nice write up, but you did miss the tricks being played with Bale and Lennon, which is made easier by Walkers pace

  4. darkspur1 Says:

    Excellent blog post with some good observations. I’d like to add mention of Benoit Assou Ekotto’s cool and control on the ball. The man used to send me to the verge of coronary whenever he picked up the ball in our half but after seeing him ghost past opponents time after time with a feint or a dummy I’ve now learned to trust him. What a player he is (bar the occaisional lapse in concentration).

  5. elwehbi Says:

    @darkspur1: You are totally right. BAE was excellent yesterday!

  6. clothing motorcycle Says:

    Whether he could boss things from CM in the Premiership remains to be seen. Hope we keep him though, love his technique.

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