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Birmingham 1-1 Spurs: How to Lose Two Points in 45 Minutes

Curses. There has been some debate across various corners of the interweb, but here at AANP Towers we had rather been enjoying the exalted status of title dark-horses, and accordingly mark this down as two points lost. No catastrophe, but if we can win at the Emirates we should be able to win just about anywhere, especially after giving the opposition a one-goal first-half thrashing, if such a thing there be.Everything looked fairly tickety-boo in the first half. While Birmingham occasionally reminded us that they were taking part, flapping around in their own area and occasionally placing half a foot on the little round thing, we generally bossed proceedings. The usual suspects were summoned and duly earned their corn. Modders dictated matters in between nervous flicks of his mop; Lennon occasionally surfaced to race past his man, before racing just as quickly out of the limelight; and Bale continued his search for new and exciting ways to escape the ever-growing army of deviants sent to contain him.

One-way traffic, which ought to have been reflected by a half-time scoreline greater than one-nil, but such are the hazards of operating with Crouch in attack. He seemed hell-bent on getting all his limbs under control before attempting to shoot. Reasonable enough I suppose, but it made for typically infuriating viewing at times, when the ball itself seemed to beg him to be thumped into the net.

In our official capacity as Kings of the Second Half Comeback we really ought to have known better than to wither away and gently die after the break, but that we did. Irony abounded in fact, for not only were we this time on the receiving end of a late fightback, but Birmingham even used against us that very Plan B to which we assumed we had exclusive rights. On came their giant striker, the aerial bombardment began, the goal arrived. The introduction of Birmingham’s very own slightly inept beanpole as we defended a one-goal lead with ten minutes remaining might have been the cue for ‘Arry to reinforce things with the introduction of Michael Dawson, but such a call is easy to make after the event, and as caution is not exactly in the Tottenham DNA the only substitution ‘Arry plumped for was Princess Pav for Defoe.

Elsewhere On The Pitch… 

Gallas continued to lead by example, and Sergeant Wilson’s ongoing malaise does not really show much sign of abating, but one of the most eye-catching aspect of proceedings was on the bench rather than the pitch. Egads – two substitute ‘keepers! This injury business really is veering wildly out of hand, and with those marvellous FA suits deciding that squads this season are limited to 25 we are only a couple more groin strains from the sight of Cudicini showing Palacios how it’s done in midfield, or even an appearance from Niko Kranjcar.

Elsewhere Off The Pitch… 

Monsieur Bassong has also hinted at a move over the weekend, on the not unreasonable basis that he wants first-team football. He certainly does a handy job as sixth-choice centre-back, but presuming Daws and Kaboul return to fitness (Ledley and Woodgate represent a different kettle of fish) young Bassong’s chances will remain limited, and “adieu” it may well be.

Back to the game. An unfortunate weekend to drop points, with l’Arse and Man City both winning, but it hardly signals the end of our season, and there will be weeks when we profit and others slip up. Six points off top-spot – and on a four-game unbeaten run – represents fairly healthy going, particularly with a decimated squad, so I urge ye to pause before creating those “’Arry Out” placards. Victory against Chelski next week – and we can jolly well fancy our chances – would put us right back in the thick of things and banish the memory of the two points lost here. Silver lining? That our progress is such that we now consider a draw at Birmingham two points lost, while looking forward with confidence to the visit of Chelski.

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9 replies on “Birmingham 1-1 Spurs: How to Lose Two Points in 45 Minutes”

I find your comments above typical of a myopic supporter of a London club who consider every club should roll over to allow you to stroll to an easy victory of 3-4 nil.
Have you even bothered to look at Birmingham’s home record?

THREE losses in 14 months and not one to a club in the top 5
No loss last season at home to a top 6 team
Last home result beat Chelsea 1-0
Last season the ONLY club to prevent Chelsea from scoring
Conceded 5 goals at home this season before playing you – bettered only by Chelsea
Conceded fewer goals at home last season than any club
outside the top 4

Actually you did well to even take a point considering your poor away form

Bet you don’t give a reasonable response to the above though

Best regards

Andrew “Blue nose” Donald

Greetings Mr Donald, welcome to the cheery AANP abode. Quite happy to doff my cap in the Birmingham direction re the stats you roll out, all of which points to rather corking form on your own patch. Bravo, and again I say bravo.

As such, two seasons ago, or maybe even last season, we would have been quite happy with a point – and a goal – at your place: but no longer, I declare.

As mentioned, if we can beat the ‘orrible lot in the red side of North London, on their own patch, as well as putting three past the European Champions on their turf, before beating them at home – we ought to be able to beat any team away from home, especially if they are below us in the League. My unabounded gloom at our failure to do so was therefore based upon our own ever-inflating expectations, rather than intended as a slight upon your merry band of battlers.


Warmest regards,

Andrew I think the point is we should have been 2 or 3 up by half time and out of sight but we let you back into it, we know your good at home but on the evidence of play it was 2 points lost.
If our strikers wer sharper we would have won this match comfortably!!

Quite right Andrew of St Andrews…

8 home games this season… 8 goals for, 6 against…

How the pulse must quicken around 2.45 every Saturday with such scintillating form. Enjoy!

Birmingham have done very well and are difficult to beat, but we could have been 3 up at half time. That’s how well we’re doing in comparison. Same old need a striker story.

Let’s be honest AANP. You didn’t put 3 behind arsenal, they did. We all know arsenal are soft and the fact you had like 3 shots on target says it all. Our own neighbours villa lost 2-4 to arsenal yet played better than ya pretenders.

Also if you were in inter’s shoes, putting 4 past a team as quickly as they did ,you wouldn’t think much of the opposition.

But ya see, we aren’t soft and we don’t underestimate ya and thats why ya couldn’t win. To assume we are lower in the table and therefore beatable is foolish.

Our boys always get up for the big teams as do blackburn’s , villa’s, everton’s, sunderland’s and liverpool’s. Hopefully you don’t go underestimating them too.

Let’s not even then go into your record outside the M25……

Every independent report I’ve read goes along the lines of “Spurs managed to snatch a draw from the jaws of victory”. But of course our blue nosed visitor knows best. Number of goals conceded last season must have been the deciding factor!

This is to all the deluded Birmingham fans can you tell me why you looked beaten and leggy till you went down the tunnel of change .Its medically proven if you are tired in the first half of a game the chances are you will be even more tired in the second half. So how did you come out with more energy and stopped a team with two of the fastest wingers in Europe with a full back aged thirty five and a defence who had played twice in three days. This also happened at West brom and at Home against Sunderland and Everton the clue is in the gaunt ill looking Face of Gardner who has bean missing injured for months but you would not have known with his energised performance. the premier shocks are caused by Lucozade drinks and Paddy Kennys cough remedy.

Those Brummie Blighters damn near stole all the bally points in the end. Good job the officials brought the game to a close or we might have ended with sod all like Chelsea, don’t you know!

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