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Spurs 3-0 Werder Bremen: Have You Ever Seen Anything Like It?

How surreal. If there were a worry prior to kick-off it was that following the euphoria of Saturday our heroes might be a little too complacent, and simply stroll through this one. And in truth, they were indeed a tad complacent and most certainly did stroll through – yet it was of little consequence. Can anyone remember a match of such magnitude being so mind-bogglingly easy for Spurs?Bremen: Awful 

It made no sense, but then very little did last night. To see Spurs cruising through in such untroubled fashion was almost ineffably peculiar, and the attitude of the Germans simply added to the confusion. Only if the heavens had opened and the players been soaked to the skin could Bremen have looked more forlorn and less motivated. (Although that blonde attacking chap did a good Modric impression throughout.)

A strange old evening for sure. There have not been too many occasions on which I have lamented the fact that Jenas has been forced to depart early, yet he has been in relatively steady form in recent weeks and made an eye-catchingly positive start last night, so I rather felt for the chap when he limped off. Moreover, with Hudd off radar for a few months we can ill-afford to lose another central midfielder for any length of time.

That said, this was one of the best days Sergeant Wilson has had in months. Every tackle seemed perfectly-executed, and (almost) every pass distributed simply and accurately. Further curiosity was to be had in the serenading of William Gallas with the strains of “Yiddo! Yiddo!”, as he effortlessly outmuscled the German mob. In so many respect things are a-changing at the Lane these days.

The Cream of a Mighty Impressive Crop 

That said, it was the usual scintillating stuff from young Master Bale, who added a Cruyff-turn to his super-human repertoire. Personally I am convinced that he was actually aiming for the cross-bar with that second-half free-kick, for the very best players set themselves those sorts of challenges, and as for the penalty – well, like forearm tattoos and the pre-match huddle, missing from the spot is just a trend amongst the current crop of heroes in lilywhite. It will pass.

Crouch’s Grinning Visage 

And while I’m grumbling, perhaps this is a good opportunity to draw attention to the manner in which my heart-rate quickens whenever Benny Assou-Ekotto goes near the ball. He is not a particularly bad player, simply maddeningly lackadaisical about just about everything he does. I’m not sure there has ever been another Spurs player at whom I so constantly want to bellow “CONCENTRATE, you loon,” as he attempts shoulder-dinks and the like on the edge of his own penalty area, whilst working assiduously to pick out opposition players with every pass.

Strange Times at White Hart Lane

All things considered however this was probably as serene a Tottenham victory as I can remember. It may not prove the most thrilling of our commemorative DVDs, but it is probably worth purchasing simply for the variety of rare bonus features thrown in – a clean sheet, a sprightly Aaron Lennon, a Kranjcar cameo and, taken in its entirety, a Tottenham performance that was just about the epitome of professionalism. Admittedly Bremen were woeful, but we threw away a two-goal lead against them before, and conceding at any point until we scored our third (the 80th minute) would have made for a nervy finish. Instead we were dominant and efficient from start to finish – I frankly cannot remember the last time I ever saw that from Spurs. Whatever next?

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11 replies on “Spurs 3-0 Werder Bremen: Have You Ever Seen Anything Like It?”

This piece has made me feel a bit better: I couldn’t shake the feeling that we were simply the second-poorest side on the pitch last night, and I was fearing the thud when we came back to earth against Liverpool.

“Whatever next?” well not to tempt fate but we run over liverpool and make that look easy too…………..

Me too!
I think we could easily win the CL if we replaced smiley Crouch with focused-and-active Suarez. Suarez is a must have now for Spurs. I cannot miss Jenas. Infact,I can’t wait for the day when he shows up at WHL…wearing opposition colors.

Suarez is currently muzzled & cup-tied I believe… But still a worthy addition for next season. I don’t think we should sell 3MP as he’s an added option but we do need a plan A, for him to be plan B.

Well written blog as always. Here’s to a stroll with the bindippers.

It was a little too easy last night and while I agree withthe general adulation of Luka I was surprised at how often he gave the ball away last night, more so than any other player I think

I have a terrible feeling that we are becoming not just a good side but a reliable side that wins the matches it is expected to win, and some that it is not.

Never mind, another chance on Sunday to put all that behind us.

Very much obliged – this blog loves you chaps too. With little Gareth Bale hand-hearts, in fact.

The sustained upturn in fortunes certainly is a tad confusing. Heaven help us if we do go out and buy a Suarez-esque forward in January, thereby confirming our place amongst Europe’s elite.

Going for a lie-down.

Benny is indeed a worry – in terms of both positioning, passing and apparent lack of focus. But he does speak French, which is turning into a pre-requisite if you want to be a Spurs defender (he might not look like a linguist but Hutton must be picking some up n’est ce pas?). Dawson back in training – don’t tell me we’re going to be spoiled for choice soon!

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