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Man Utd 2-0 Spurs: A Lone Voice Suggests Spurs Weren’t Actually So Bad Last Night

A slightly tardy ha’penny’s worth – the rigours of the real world having inconsiderately interfered in the business of interweb rantings – but one advantage of this delay has been an opportunity to let the dust settle on last night’s defeat to Man Utd, take a few deep breaths and survey the wreckage.While it was by no means an awe-inspiring display from our heroes, I am a little taken aback at the extent of the criticism being flung our way. I thought we started proceedings fairly well last night. Stop sniggering at the back. We shifted the ball around intelligently enough, attacked down the flanks and the centre, and created a few chances from close range (the sort of which were nestling merrily in the onion-bag against Wigan, I noted ruefully). To be honest, one might have been forgiven for thinking we were the home team in the early stages. I get the feeling that my former allies are now staring at their feet embarrassedly, and shuffling away from me, but I’ll dagnabbit I’ll plough on.

While we created decent chances from around six yards, at the other end we hardly carved apart – United had two pot-shots from distance, and we were two-nil down (although they did then create a presentable chance just before half-time). On balance of play, parity at half-time – or even a lead for our lot – would not have been history’s greatest injustice. Instead, I spent the half-time interval morphing into a three year-old throwing a tantrum about how unfair it all was (albeit a three year-old pausing for regular sips of whisky and coke), bemoaning the fact that we had gone two down before they had even got inside our penalty area.

However, no matter how determinedly I complained about the perceived injustice, two-nil it was. Without having done much to earn the right, United were able to indulge in a fairly fretless round of keep-ball in the second half, as we then admittedly laboured to produce anything particularly threatening. The reaction to the two-goal deficit was deflating, ‘tis true, but I thought it was jolly rotten luck to find ourselves in that position at all.

Alternatively, Maybe We Really Were That Bad, And I Watched Through Beer Goggles?

On occasion over the years I have imparted some of that unique AANP wit and badinage upon the young ladies of London, who will appear stunning of an evening, only for a later rendez-vous to reveal them to be wretchedly disfigured and, frankly, ugly as sin. The blame for such erroneous initial visual assessments can be squarely traced back to the clouding of judgement by alcohol; and perhaps such beer-goggles have interfered with my interpretation of yesterday’s game too, for I suspect I’m in a minority with my assessment.

Whatever – It’s Done. Some Closing Sentiments. 

‘Arry has made sure that the press have him down as angry about the defeat; AANP is disgusted at suggestions that this is just a ruse to make it appear, to fans who forked out last night, that he cares about the Carling Cup.

Young Master Bentley may have flicked his hair for the final time in Tottenham colours. One suspects that he did not quite do enough last night to convince management that he is a better option that Lennon on the right.

And we can all forget about the Carling Cup, just as we forgot about the Europa League last summer, and increase our focus on the battle for fourth spot in the Premiership. All competitions are equal, but some are more equal than others.


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And as ever, all are most welcome to leave memories – and browse those of others – regarding some of the players to be featured in forthcoming book Spurs’ Cult Heroes: Danny Blanchflower here, Dave Mackay here, Cliff Jones here, Martin Chivers here, Alan Gilzean here, Pat Jennings here, Cyril Knowles here, Steve Perryman here, Glenn Hoddle here, Chris Waddle here, Ossie and Ricky here, Gary Mabbutt here, Graham Roberts here, Jimmy Greaves here, Clive Allen here, Jurgen Klinsmann here

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13 replies on “Man Utd 2-0 Spurs: A Lone Voice Suggests Spurs Weren’t Actually So Bad Last Night”

The names JOHN WHITE, GARY LINEKER and TERRY VENABLES could perhaps be added to the list above. They were outstanding players for Spurs.

You are right we dident play bad till GOMES got bored and started wandering in to Robbos long shot area that cost me pounds ringing talk sport complaining at him standing on is six yard line and the ball whistling past him from long distances every player who had not scored had a long shot he held the record that year .Lets hope these two are down to the weather or god help us on Sunday saha and the cant score yack must be licking there lips and thinking Robbos back.Take notice mr Parker and work on this wandering . and Harry work on Bassong blocking not skipping over the ball.And tell Moderic Defoe Lennon they will be with us till the end of our attemted at breaking the cartel of energy abusers in the top five last year..

I agreed a lot with Harry’s initial comments really. It did feel like a friendly game – and I’m quite happy to hide behind the ‘No Modric, No Krancjar, we’re playing Bentley who is terrible’ defense. No one deserved to score in the second half, and United did not deserve to be 2-0 up.

Not great to watch, but it wasn’t how we know we can play. We need Modric in the team against anyone who can play, he can stand up to them. I’m sure you watched the game as did I, but for a reminder on Modric tearing United.

Type in – Modric vs Man United to Youtube. Should be the Carling cup highlights of Modders from 09.

cant believe some of the prattish comments did any of you go or watch the game gomas is a top 3 keeper 1st just outside through that jackarses
legs BASSONG 2 garbage challage anus again just outside had all day to line up curlled into left corner post half way up no chance havin u been watching gomas at all for 1and 1/2yrs brillant shot stopper some unbelivable saves from free kicks [just outside area]catches more than any other keeper and you go on about everton jesus u are a numpty
also harry says 1 thing on tv/radio and 1 thing to players he said he wasmore interested in league a couple of days ago remember last season fa cup away manu exactly same performance crap harry said same things
not interested in cups also remember uefa cup as well put kids out and they showed more balls than some of thoese pricks last nite harry doesnt give a dam about the cups yet again mancs we there for the takening with another weakened side
what iam worried about is inept performances against chelsea,scum.mancs
last few yrs we have matched them but this season we have been woeful
wrong players in sum cases wrong position lennon on left against chelski
and definatly wrong tatics against arse lumping the ball up to crouch[that
was sum tatic arry
how can crouch who neaver got a kick in in 1.1/2 games [against mancs]keep playing and how can keane who must have a contract to say he must play a certain amount of time on the pitch because he was nothing but garbage
We cannot be certain of a 3rd or 4th place with so many chasing it
i have watched us in cups all over europe and contest the league at the same time but harry doesnt cre a fig about cup football and espicially young kids coming through
oh and ps robbo has saved 2 penalties

The match was lost against Man U by the change in full backs, Bassong, Crutch and Huddlestone missing from the first half. A poor team selection, no point in playing Lennon & Bentley if Crutch doesn’t no where the net is.

Danny Blanchflower, Dave Mackay, Cliff Jones, Martin Chivers, Alan Gilzean , Glenn Hoddle, little Micky Hazzard, Chris Waddle, John White, Ossie and Ricky, Gary Mabbutt, Graham Roberts, Jimmy Greaves, Clive Allen, Jurgen Klinsmann, Ginola, Armstrong, Teddy Sherringham.

What I would give to watch them now.

Usual Tottering fare, some pretty football, no backbone, nothing even close to approaching someone you would call captain, giving it large to anyone who will listen about top 4, we are better than Ar5ena1 etc. The woefully ineffective PSB trying to tell the ref how to run the game, waving his arms around a bit, anything apart from focusing on trying to score a goal in fact, excluding Burnley he’s got 2 goals & 1 assist in twelve prem games.
What was it, one shot on target in the 2nd half against a reserve team?
If we had rolled our sleeves up, put in a semi professional performance we would be in the semi finals, with the top 4 eliminated.
But no, according to Redknapp, we are just a bunch of idiot’s who understand nothing about football.

Spurs 1950 my fellow spurs fan my blog was not a major criticism of Gomes just a technical point . That can creep into all sports little things can have big affects on your performances .With this lighter ball it rises and dips dramatically if you are on your line its 8ft by 8ft and you have a chance to dive and tip the ball over or awayb.But if you are of your line then you mainly clutch fresh air if you study Keepers position when long shots beat them i bet they are near there six yard line have a look at where Gomes is standing when Gibbs scored is two Goals. This was not Gomes is normal positioning and could be down to the weather or our early dominance . Take a look at the Preston saves and he is near is goal line . Gomes .Bassongs defending was shocking and lacked the urgency and commitment that all spurs players never showed only bale looked interested and he should play at Everton.

In my opinion (probably blinkered), we were the much better team for 65 minutes of the game. The only point at which it became worrying was when MU bought on two subs – Macheda and, er, someone else – and then it suddenly looked as if we were in trouble. Before that we looked to be in control. It was just really unfortunate that we were 2-0 down but we always looked like we could come back from that. Until that 65th minute. The only difference between the two teams was that one was crap everywhere except up front, and one was crap up front and great everywhere else.

Secondly, can people who don’t use punctuation, or English, stop posting replies. I’m talking to you, Spur1950 and DavSpurs. It’s bloody hard work trying to understand what you’re saying. I don’t know who let you use the internet but you shouldn’t be on here, you’ll hurt yourselves.

John adam (1st post) suggested Terry Venables was as outstanding player for us. Great Manager? – Yes; Legend? – Perhaps – Great Player? Definitely No.
Not having a go at the bloke now, but as a player, he was the Mr Marmite of his day. I was quite young and never saw anything too much wrong with his game, but many in the Park Lane and Shelf hated him – He was the first player I can remember getting booed on the ball by his own supporters.

I’ve got to believe it was the weather that did for us there. People slipping all over the place, balls hit with completely the wrong weight (I’m sure Bentley would blame it for his poor set pieces). They didn’t really look up for it though – should have played a fuller team from the larger squad, IMHO. Save Lennon, Defoe, Hudd for the weekend (and Palacios, who, lets face it, looks like he needs a break). They’d have had something to play for.

Plus who gives a crap when we’re aiming for 4th. Glad Man City & Villa got through.

We blame the players for always thinking they’re going to lose against Man U – perhaps us supporters need to take a look at ourselves on that one too.

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