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Spurs – Sunderland Preview: Are Tottenham A Club In Crisis?

Are we a club in crisis? While I hate to disappoint the doom-mongers and mischievous press-men, it is a little too hasty to go down that route just yet.Come the full-time whistle we ought to have a clearer idea of where we stand. Naturally, this being White Hart Lane, moderation is not welcome. Our fortunes tomorrow will swing wildly one way or t’other, either back on track to challenge the top four, or sliding irreversibly towards mid-table obscurity and worse. Such is life at the Lane.

We’re Doomed I Tell Ye, DOOMED 

Relax. We’re Fine. Chill, Winston. 

We’re not as good as the top three, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. We’re competing for fourth, and will continue to do so as long as we show that the Stoke defeat was an anomaly. Until Stoke we were generally picking up points against the mid-table/bottom-half teams, and this trend needs to be continued throughout the season and beginning tomorrow.

Good News From The Fixture-List 

AANP’s Prayer For Tomorrow

After the Stoke debacle, the prayer of choice being humbly offered heavenwards is that we score early tomorrow, or at least score first. Without Modric (and possibly Lennon) we lack the je ne sais quoi to unlock a deep-lying, packed defence set on gaining a point from first minute to last (see Stoke). Score an early goal however, and we’ll be laughing. Well, maybe not laughing – being Tottenham, we’ll find a way to complicate things – but at least scoring an early goal will allow us space and counter-attacking opportunities.

I therefore find myself hoping that Sunderland have a go at us, or at least resist the urge to set up two banks of four, and then just sit back and repel. Should they venture forward (and the chances of this are obviously exponentially increased if we get the first goal) there will be a bit of space behind them to exploit. They will henceforth become putty in our hands, and we shall toy with them. As flies are to wanton boys shall the trailing Sunderland be to counter-attacking Tottenham. Then the final whistle will go and we’ll all live happily ever after, for a fortnight.

Worst-Case Scenario

We Spurs fans have turned the Ludicrous-and-Disproportionate-Howl-of-Anguish-and-Baying-for-Blood into an art-form. Another insipid defeat tomorrow would be like releasing a coiled spring of vitriol, and the hills will be alive with the sound of calls for the whole team to be sold, ‘Arry’s coaching staff sacked and football destroyed forever.

Place Your Bets

Darren Bent will score, ‘tis written in the stars.


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17 replies on “Spurs – Sunderland Preview: Are Tottenham A Club In Crisis?”

totaly BS, no wonder the media an other fans mock an take the p*ss out of us, CRISES, yes if we were bottom 5 , no we are top 5 an still complain

I sometimes wonder about the type of people who reply to blog posts and whether they actually understand written word. Do I sound like I’m being patronising? I hope so.

Perhaps the two people above who were critical took time out to explain a couple of things about themselves, so that I can avoid stereotyping in future – because the two of you come across like bland humourless gits who sit in the far reaches of the West Stand or that bit in the East Sand where all the moaning twats sit.

Spooky. I sit in the Paxton, and have done for twenty years now, except the season they redeveloped it. I wrote what I wrote just because of the use of the word ‘crisis’. It has absolutely no place in our season so far. Yes, you are patronising, you’re also a prick.

Nice article, balanced perspective about the season. Think in AANP towers they don’t really believe there is or ever was a crisis…

Lots of crisis talk on messageboards, though, so entirely legit to use the word in the context of an article that is entirely about there not being a crisis…

we r blinkin well goin 2 lose to sunderland..sunderland will be champin at the bit after our recent performances and the r a half decent side with a half decent centre forward (benty) who has got a bit of pace..why should we win? is it our right?blimey we r stagnating in our recent performances and still no modders..and i guess if we just get plain lucky and jag a goal then we is on course for a spot in the top 4 innit?coz we got lucky against sunderland innit…great logic innit……..thats how ya get in the top 4 innit?its all luck innit….all the teams on the bottom of the prem league well they r just unlucky innit? they aint got crap players and crap tactics..they r just unlucky..innit?

(This blog posting was dedicated to those for whom successive defeats really is a crisis; and was presented in association with the massed ranks of the media, who have taken great glee in presenting our two-match losing streak as the stuff of which crises are made. “I may not approve of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”)

Stoney – surely then you can read between the lines? We all know what utter c*nts the press can be. Note how its ok for Arsenal to lose games, because its just a blip for them, but when they win, God damn, it’s the re-invention of sliced bread.

Crisis is no doubt something the hacks are working towards. And if you’ve been a season ticket holder for so long, you’ll know there are a fair share of knee-jerkers who sit around you and complain after 10 minutes let alone 3 games.

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