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Bolton 2-2 Spurs: One Point Gained Or Two Points Lost?

I miss Ledley. Some games we’re so rampant going forward that he is barely needed at the back, but on days like yesterday we cry out for someone to hold things together and be in the right place – as well as dealing with any aerial bullying meted out by opposition forwards. The lack of a commander-in-chief at the back was notable in the first half in which Spurs players competed earnestly with each other to be the most obliging to our hosts. To a collectively disbelieving shaking of heads amongst the faithful, our heroes stepped aside and ushered in the Bolton players through the gaping holes in defence, then tried all manner of cute passes and dribbles inside their own area.Credit to Bolton, whose play (slick on the floor as well as threatening in the air) probably merited more than their one first half goal, but our lot merrily shooting round after round at their own feet really didn’t help. One first half moment in particular sent an involuntary shiver down the spine, as Bolton’s Gardner skipped his way towards our goal, while Jenas, Kranjcar and even Palacios made such dainty, half-hearted challenges that Tinkerbell herself would have blushed. For an elongated spell in the first half it looked like a return to the not-so-distant days of Francis, Gross et al, as we switched from four-four-two to sixes and sevens, with a powder-puff midfield in front of an uncertain defence, and everyone working assiduously to throw in unforced errors whenever possible.

We really ought to have been spanked out of sight by half-time, but somehow went in level. It may have been wildly against the run of play, but it was a dapper goal when it came, Kranjcar showing good technique with the finish. Thereafter I expected us to win it. While it would be an exaggeration to describe the game as one of two halves, we were certainly much improved going forward after the interval, albeit still an accident waiting to happen at the back. We made the best of the chances in the second half but it was one of those days when every attack launched by either side looked like it might result in a goal.

”Not One Of His Better Days…” 

Nobody covered themselves in glory, but Assou-Ekotto was guilty of a particularly egregious mistake for the second Bolton goal, attempting to clear the danger through the dubious medium of psychokinesis, rather than the infinitely more reliable method of charging to the ball and thumping it clear. Davies duly shoved him out of the way and we were losing again.

Crouch had a couple of glorious late chances, one in particular where he brought the ball down, took a touch, took another touch, made a cup of team and pored over a crossword before eventually shooting wide. The sight of Hudd looking to dictate play from central defence is always encouraging, vastly preferable to the aimless thwack favoured by most other centre-backs, but he still does not fill me with confidence as a centre-back, while Bassong was caught daydreaming more than once.

And The Positives 


Glenn Hoddle is the latest Spurs great to be featured in the forthcoming book Spurs’ Cult Heroes, and you are invited to share your memories of him here. As ever, all are most welcome to leave memories – and browse those of others – regarding some of the featured players: Ossie and Ricky here, Gary Mabbutt here, Graham Roberts here, Jimmy Greaves here, Clive Allen here, Jurgen Klinsmann here

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Here’s a merry epilogue for those who have made it this far down the page – Corluka’s goal apparently makes it one for every outfield player this season. Impressive stuff, n’est-ce pas?

Real mixed feelings around on this one. I focussed on the old failings of giving the ball away, not closing down, giving free kicks away, so not good. that was the view of my son and others who were there, but many people feel it was a point that last season we would not have achieved and there was a lot to be pleased about.

What a sad lot my fellow fans are if hi had a magic wand and could take you back to last year these headlines about slick play and passing were happenning every week . And we were on the end of most of them. and if you were at the boltons ground they were booed for playing crap against stoke .Now they are dreaming of beating UTD . wake up and smell the sweat of the high octane energey levels that bolton played megson stated on sky on friday we play with a fast tempo like Liverpool but only when the other team are better and my job is in danger from the boo boys in the crowd is what he ment . Dont forget to watch rooney vesus davies and cohen v scholes and gardner v Giggs lee v park all energised who do you think will win the BETTER ENERGEY TEAM OF COURSE UTD Bolton will be slower and back to being a shite booed team and megson will wait for another spurs to visit but by then there wont be any and the big relegation will commence again leaving the top four to get on with swapping places 1234. unless UK sport do there job ?

Just had a laugh at Megson on sky blog on news now he said hi spoke tothe ref about Davies getting fouled and the ref said have you seen is record Megson said the ref shouldent be looking at is record .He is right he should be asking why he can run allday why he is aggresive and full of muscles that belong in drugby league and last of all why he has a red face and red neck all the sines of energey abuse take a good luck at is picture on sky the red neck and face its not sun burn but the same look that got PADDY Kenny caught and the same reason hi asked my wifes rugby playing cousin had he bean on the sun bed he said no in the shower he had player 5 hours ago later hi fond out is team take EPHEDRINE AND THATS WHAT IT DOES . PRICLESS

10wks in and we’re third. This is a point we wouldn’t have got in the past so overall I’ll take it gratefully.
Defoe made a difference when he came but once again we didn’t get Lennon who causes trouble almost every time into the game.
I think your point about having Ledley ( or Woodgate ) regularly at the back would make a big difference. Bassong is a bit like Dawson in that he seems to need someone to organise him. Understandable he’s not that experienced and new to the club.

Third in the table is a postion surely Spurs fans didn’t think we would be in. Other teams have games in hand so that could all change tomorrow. We have had a very good start but watching the usual suspects in the top four just shows the difference in quality they have. The top four we be battling it out and maybe City can join them but the rest of us will be fighting for 6th place at best. The defence is our problem, just one clean sheet so far.

Top four at this stage is indeed something for which we should be grateful, true. It wasn’t champagne football against Bolton, but then it was never likely to be, and a draw at the Reebok is no bad result. If we can keep picking up points in the tricky away games, and flattening teams at home, we’ll be top six come May. Good point though Rick, some clean sheets would be nice.

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