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Spurs – Man Utd Preview: Why We’ll Win 5-1…

Curses upon the international break. I guess that now we will never know, but I am convinced that if the season had continued uninterrupted by this pesky World Cup business right through until May, such was our momentum we would actually have won literally every one of our 38 Premiership games. Honest.Now however, the halcyon days of August seem a lifetime ago. It reminds me of my not-at-all nerdy GCSE Maths class, which ruthlessly conquered every past paper flung our way, only to be interrupted several weeks of study leave and exams in other topics, so that by the time of the Maths paper itself we could barely remember how to identify a triangle. Like the GCSE Maths core, I trust that our lilywhite heroes will be up well into tonight desperately trying to reacquaint themselves with the fundamentals that served us so well just a few weeks back.

Should we be able to rekindle the legendary spirit of August ’09, there will certainly be reasons for optimism ahead of the visit of the champions. Defoe and Keane seem to have stumbled upon a little man-little man partnership that works, with the former razor-sharp and the latter effectively industrious. Lennon this week gave a glimpse to the nation of that with which we have become well-acquainted this season. He does not necessarily deliver the goods every time he receives possession, and there remains room for improvement, but you can bet all the tea in China that just giving him the ball scares the bejesus out of opponents.

Hudd and Sergeant Wilson 

Kranjcar – The New Modric 

More Maths 

And finally, Derren Brown eat yer heart out, for here is an exclusive top tip from AANP’s Betting Masterminds: stick a hefty wedge on a 5-1 home win. To date this season our results have read 2-1; 5-1; 2-1; 5-1; 2-1… see what I’ve done there? That’s one straight out of the GCSE Maths class.

Graham Roberts is one of the players featuring in Spurs’ Cult Heroes, a forthcoming book looking at players who achieved legendary status amongst us fans for what they did at the club. Feel free to share your favourite memories of the man – or browse those of others – right here, while

memories are warmly welcomed on players already featured in Spurs’ Cult Heroes – Jimmy Greaves here, Clive Allen here, Jurgen Klinsmann here

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5 replies on “Spurs – Man Utd Preview: Why We’ll Win 5-1…”

did you really just talk about your maths GCSE? how young are you? come back when you have a little more life experience. NEXT PLEASE!

Bigyid. You saying that anyone over the age of 35 has no life experience? Get you. I guess you’re somebody only if you can tell tales about GCE’s. Rock’n’roll.

I can talk about my maths GCE if you like. With all that life experience you may then anoint me The Wise One – gather round my children and I will tell you tales of quadratic equations in the old days…

So take my word – AANP has once more nailed this game, spot on. All the attention is on Billy Whizz but the game will be won or lost on the performance of Hud and WP. And AANP is a little more optimistic about the Big Boned One than I, but that’s cheered me up on the morning of the match!

Failed my O level maths three times but even I can see on the basis of probability that 5-1 is the least likely result.
Draw is most likely as we havn’t had one yet and that’s what my football analysis tells me too.
Good summary of the important points although England performance by Lennon might make him even buzzier than usual and Defoe will be itching to play so it might not have been a complete waste of time.
And we did qualify after all.

Rather disappointed to find that my online bookmaker of choice deems 5-1 so unlikely they’re not even offering odds on it.

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