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Kranjcar to Spurs – A Triffic Transfer

I feel like Mr Pink after the dust settles in that brief, but oh-so-memorable shoot-out. I’ll just tip-toe around the bloody mess, pick up the case full of loot and hot-foot it out of here.The bloody mess is Bentley to Man City, Petrov the other way, David James splattered all over the place, and even Anton Ferdinand, sitting lifelessly on a chair minus an ear. Transfer rumours shot to pieces, in the blink of an eye.

The case full of loot is Niko Kranjcar. Okay, maybe not a case full of loot, but it’s the first time the club has really personally apologized to me for selling Steed. I graciously accept the apology. It’s not perfect, but it’s a valid offering of peace.

I quite like Kranjcar, from the bits and bobs I’ve seen over the years. He’s not amazing, but he’ll do his best to fill the gap left by Luka, and thereafter he’ll be a cracking option in the squad. Instinct is to go forward rather than back or sideways (sounds logical, but remember ye Jermaine Jenas?); more of a

bona fide left-side man than Keane; eye for goal; cheap and cheerful. That’s a lot of boxes ticked. Triffic signing.Pardon me while I indulge in a personal whim, but I particularly like the fact that he isn’t a traditional, touchline-hugging winger. It’s just a little guilty pleasure of mine, but I much prefer “wingers” who cut inside and play a short ball on the floor. Before you know it the whole pitch seems to be alive with movement. Everyone is making cute little diagonal runs, interchanging positions, giving defenders ten things to think about all at once.

I probably ought to confess that I’m no I’m no Kranjcar expert, so feel free to storm in here, thump an irate fist down on my table and start righting wrongs I’ve just written, but the occasional MoTD highlights of him pleaseth me.

Truth be told, I’m also rather glad that we didn’t sell Bentley and didn’t buy James. (I have no opinion on Petrov). However, there remains an itch, mid-way down the back that is impossible to scratch, and it will continue to bug me for months on end. If something happens to Palacios we’re in trouble. All other eventualities we will cope with somehow, but Palacios is the cornerstone of this operation. ‘Arry has made all the right moves in the transfer market so far – not least in signing Palacios in the first place, and even in bringing in Chimbonda at a time when a real defensive crisis threatened – so I’ll just tell myself that he does have a plan for life without Wilson…


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12 replies on “Kranjcar to Spurs – A Triffic Transfer”

seeing that it took us 20 years to buy a midfielder like palacios to have a ready made replacement asks a bit too much.

Krancjar looks very classy from the highlights I have seen. He also has 48 caps for croatia at the age of 25, which is no mean feat.

Less a winger, think attacking midfielder. Anyone old enough to remember prosinecki? Krancjar was touted to be the next prosi. Still young and I feel has stagnated a while at pompey. If he lifts his levels, we have a steal. However, he is very similar to our bentley…

krancjar is a class act, a steal at 2m.

Agree with your comments about wingers. We’ve got one, who is is turning into a very good one, and one is enough. Give me a crafty player like krancjar or Luka any day.

Did you know that if you spellcheck Krancjar it comes up as prancer?

Niko Kranjcar.An ok signing to me.Not one that really gets me off my seat.What becomes of him when Luka returns?I dnt think Harry would start them both in a match.
Also loosing Palacious wldnt be as bad as you are making it out to be.I believe we have players who can do a decent job there.

Kranjcar is a Spurs player, even when he was playing for Pompey, he was a Spurs player. Plays skillfull atacking football, but lacks the strength, concistancy and final ball to make him a player that would interest the top clubs.

I’m sad to see him go as he was the only bit of quality in a terrible Pompey team – and at $2m (+ any written off monies) an astute ‘arry Purchase (see Diarra for us). But hand on my heart, I can’t see him significantly improving a solid Spurs squad (but good cover for Luca).

I did enjoy the comment that he’s won ‘English Cups’ – but I don’t think our 2008 Asia trophy is English enough to pluralise our solitary bit of silverware since he’s been there.

Oh, and as for the person comparing him to Prosinecki…..ha ha ha!! Not even close….

Ps. James would have been a better addition to your first team than Nico – although the authour of the piece clearly has fallen for the tabloid ‘Calamity’ line….your loss (although I’m not convinced it’s really our gain…)

Agree with Prosinecki,he was a Spurs player, and we all know what we mean, even before he came to Spurs. It just takes life a bit longer for life to catch up.
You can keep James though we have pour own version thankyou but he’s just that bit more reliable as well as crazier in his own effective way.

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