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Spurs 2-1 Liverpool: Bassong Gets The Headline, But Back-Slaps All Round

Cracking stuff. Good performances all round, three well-deserved points in the bag, lots of wholesome goodness to report – all in all a most pleasant jamboree in the sun.Top Marks For Hunger and Intent 

As it transpired, this was more Liverpool’s approach. No such problems amongst those in lilywhite-with-urine-yellow-streaks. From the off we interchanged sparkle and bite at the appropriate moments, with sergeant Wilson inevitably harrier-in-chief, but even the Hudd diving into tackles with a bit of purpose.

Being a prophet of doom by trade, I then spent the 15 minute half-time interval convincing myself that Liverpool would come flying out of the second-half traps, and we would sit deeper and deeper to protect the lead. Again however, no such worries on this count, as we just about picked up where we had left off in the first half, with plenty of attacking intent. Even when we conceded the equaliser there was no self-pitying capitulation, as we’ve all seen from Spurs teams over the years in similar situations. The endeavour and determined mentality continued. They looked like a bunch of players who wanted the win, and were prepared to work for it. How refreshing. I rather hope that it’s not just a big-match mentality, but that we adopt the same approach for Hull away on Weds night. However, that is a worry for another day. Now is a time to toast a success.

The Back-Slap Roll-Call 

And so on. But back-slaps are lacking in scandal, so I’ll instead invent shift attention to meatier topics. It was a big day for the Hudd, getting the nod in central midfield in the absence of Jenas, and he put in a decent shift. The haters may suggest that once again he did not boss the game as we hope he one day will, and that he does not have enough energy for the role, but he did a good job today, up against tricky opposition. No laziness or shirking of the tackle, no sir-ee. Again, the haters will suggest that anyone could look adequate alongside Palacios, but be that as it may, the AANP verdict is that today Hudd deserves a nod of approval and a doughnut.

Bassong was another one under the microscope today, but seemed to say and do all the right things. No particularly scary moments, he did what was required (and then some – lovely headed goal). Not the finished article, but encouraging stuff – a turn of phrase which could probably be applied to the team as a whole. While Gomes erred in conceding the penalty, he ought not to have been put in that position by a midfield/defence that allowed Johnson to skip into the area a mite too easily. However, it is to the team’s credit that Gomes did not have too much else to do.

The Keane-Defoe Thing. Again. 

Merrily enough however, as it turned out we got away with them today. Liverpool’s errant pre-match shooting session, in which they peppered the Park Lane, continued during the game with Torres missing a couple of late half-chances to equalise. Benitez has been stomping his feet about the late penalty shouts, but a draw would have been harsh on Spurs, who were the better side, while Liverpool’s star man was arguably their ‘keeper Reina.



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7 replies on “Spurs 2-1 Liverpool: Bassong Gets The Headline, But Back-Slaps All Round”

“Interestingly, and rather encouragingly, we won this without a particularly barnstorming performance from our usual string-puller and mischief-maker”

Spot on with this. We just beat Liverpool, and we didn’t seem shocked that we’d done it. It looked controlled throughout. A performance that said, we’ve got more to offer for the “big games” ….

Clearly this is no time for us Spurs fans to get carried away. I’d hate to do that, and i won’t allow myself …i’d hate to be the one who thinks maybe, just maybe this could be the beginning of something very tasty. This could be really really good… But, again, you won’t hear me get over excited …kinda.

M y heart feels like bursting with pride you see i live 12 miles from liverpool and have taken some stick over the years 47 0f my 57 years and dished some out aswell.So today iam dishing it out via my mobile .I have had texs from my nieghbour who is abroad in turkey and he told me the scousers are hanging of the ceiling in the bar .My brother inlaw and family are sick riding round in my lily white car french like bassong and ekotoo .Looking at people with there tops on dejected its Magic my horn is red hot babbing and showing my spurs shirt .coys letsgetintop4.

Isn’t it around this time… when things are looking potentially very good that we normally do something to self-implode, like sacking a manager, going bankrupt, selling the ground, meeting Terry Venables in a service station or something similar.

Would like to know where all the people are tonight that were slagging off Harry for signing Bassoon… Panic buy I believe was muttered. Fools.

A great display of football and a well deserved win for our boys! I honestly was worried how we would kick off our season but overall, the boys looked sharp and made Liverpool look inferior. Bring on Hull City!


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