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Reminiscing About Former Kits – Another Quiet Week At Spurs

So it’s official. The new Tottenham kits have been unveiled, the home shirt being white with urine-like streaks of yellow across the chest. The away shirts are relatively inoffensive, but if the home kit were a player it would be David Bentley – trying too hard to look flash, when keeping it simple would do the trick.As is fairly universally acknowledged, we won’t care too much what the kit looks like if the players wearing it can deliver the goods next season. Nevertheless, in the absence of anything more interesting about which to pass opinion this week, the new home shirt is something of a disappointment, the yellow bits and pieces a rather curious and certainly unnecessary addition.

I no longer buy these kits – if anything I’ll purchase a retro number, a sure sign that I’m getting on a bit. Once upon a time however, as a whippersnapper in a classroom literally across the road from White Hart Lane, I and various peers would spend hours designing Spurs kits, presumably to the bewilderment of our teachers. Even then it was pretty obvious that every flash and streak added would make the thing look proportionally worse.If I could pick a favourite Spurs kit it would probably be from those halcyon schoolboy days – the Umbro number in which we won the ’91 Cup Final. Relatively plain, smart collar, and an entertainingly old-school baggy feel – with the solid Holsten logo providing the p


ièce de résistance. (Rather embarrassed to admit that at that time I also quite liked the away kit that complemented it – a yellow number with what, at the time, seemed achingly cool jagged blue diamonds on one shoulder.) In the final analysis however, it’s only a matter of opinion – feel free to have a browse here.Robbie Keane and Ray Liotta

Good grief, did I really manage to write that many words about clothes? It’s indicative of another week in which precious little has happened at the Lane. The rumour of choice over the last seven days has been the one linking Robbie Keane to Sunderland. As happens in many a classic gangster film, what ought to have been the zenith of Keane’s career appears instead to have prompted his downfall. Recall Ray Liotta and chums in Goodfellas considering the Lufthansa heist to be the big one, that would have crowned their careers and made them millionaires. Indeed, they pulled it off, but the immediate aftermath unravelled everything they had built up, and saw them all end up dead or in jail.

While Keane’s from grace has not been quite so bullet-riddled, it was also sparked by the move that ought to have been the pinnacle of his career. Having been half of one of the most potent strike partnerships in the country, he moved to a Liverpool side that were regulars in the Champs League and itching for a title challenge – and his career has gone steadily downhill since. Now he’s allegedly on the brink of a move to a club that only just avoided relegation.

Elsewhere there has been talk of Bassong in, and Hudd out, but while the lack of concrete action makes for dull reading, it actually rather pleases me. Our team only needs tweaking in order to challenge for Europe and possibly even fourth, so wholesale changes would be unwelcome. We don’t need another season of transition, in which a host of new names take time to bed in. The squad as it stands is not bad. Therefore, every day that passes without anything happening suggests that our spine will be kept, and only minimal changes will be made.

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Why use the term Urine rather than lightning? seems people want to put this kit down in anyway possible rather than try to draw any potential positive… shame that we seem to spend more time moaning about our kit, team, manager etc than anyone else – seems a bit back to front really

don’t remember that 91-94 3rd kit at all – maybe i was too young but my god is that horrible. why write SPURS across the chest in such large letters?

Great stuff.

I haven’t bought a new kit in years. Puma shirts look like they’re made of thin white bin liners. The new piss stained arm pits have done little to convince me otherwise. Rubbish.

Wasn’t the 1991 kit made by hummel and not umbro?

spurs lauched the umbro kit for the 91 cup final; the shirts for the 90/91 season were made by hummel.

I adored that yellow shirt with the “achingly cool jagged blue diamonds on one shoulder”!

Wholesale changes are exactly what we are going to see yet again this summer and the reality is that they are badly needed.

I just hate the home shirt. The away and third look OK but the ‘flashes’ are terrible! Retro/classic is the way to go. My suggetion is:
Shirt – Blue panel across the shoulders with yellow piping and the rest white with the usual advertising.
Shorts – White with blue panels down the side with yellow piping!
Socks – White with Blue tops.

I preferred the leaked (Mirror) kit where the yellow was blue if I am honest but bottom line, looking back over the years – it isn’t as bad as we have had. Following the link by the OP, i would definitely say that 94-95(a), 95-97(a/3), 98-99(a), 03-04(3) are infinitely more embarrassing. Plus 05-06(a) has yellow under the arms. If the kit had stayed all white people would have moaned that it was boring and the same as lat year – lets face it whatever they do they cant win!!

i may have blogged too much on this subject so ill keep it to the point

we are a class club……..and would like to see class on the pitch first……
in a class stadium and also a class kit for the team

preferably lillywhite………..puma??

Its not Puma but the club who more than likely suggested the yellow streaks in the kit having decided to promote yellow into a significant colour, probably from citing several instances in which yellow has played a significant part in our history. Like the yellow in our former badge or yellow away from home. And it’s obvious to all that the home shirt has not been completely all white for many years, but having blue on white is not shady by far. Yellow on white however is just inane.

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