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Obama and Palacios – the Audacity of Hope

Remember the date. 21 January 2009 – it could be the first day of a very different future. On one man’s shoulders the hopes of an entire generation are pinned. Is change really coming? Or are we all just getting a little too carried away? Are we basing everything on optimism for the future, and forgetting how relatively unproven the chap is? Or does the fact that no-one has a bad word to say about him indicative of a man of history-changing talent?Well, like millions of others, I can’t even remember what it was like for Spurs to have a midfield ball-winner, but Wilson Palacios has now signed, subject to a work permit. If all goes to plan, he’ll provide the grit we’ve lacked for so long, freeing Modric, Lennon and, er, Downing to bomb on forward and cut opponents to ribbons. We’ll then haul ourselves out of the bottom half, somehow qualify for Europe, next season make the Champions League, attract Kaka and win every piece of silverware going. What’s that? Can’t we Spurs fans just for once observe a single day’s events with a tiny degree of perspective and restraint? Not on your life. Today is the day that history changes, for an entire generation. Change is coming, baby!

(Sometimes I like to watch some cricket, sip a good bourbon and pause to reflect upon activity in the all-action-no-plot universe. In such quieter moments I’ll probably observe that 14 or so mil is a heap of money, and that he’d better be good. I’ll remind myself that we’ve lacked a quality defensive midfielder for decades.  I’ll muse that my viewings of Palacios have, in the main, been limited to MOTD. I’ll also be aware that he is highly spoken of, and that Man Utd and Real Madrid, rather than, say, West Ham and Fulham, have been linked with him. And ultimately I’ll conclude that only time will tell. We can but hope.)

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Good signing at an over-inflated price. Got the Tottenham stamp of approval all over it.

He might not be worth £14M, but he can pass and tackle.

How the heck have we managed to survive so long with Zokora?

Oh yeah right. We joint bottom of the Prem.


To continue the Presidential theme in tenuous fashion, let us hope Palacios does not of descend into notoreity destroying the solid reputation he’d endeavoured to build; the so called Woodrow Wilson-syndrome many Spurs recruits fall victim to.

I am sure there is a better pun to be made, but for the life of me I could not find it. Apologies.

Palacios salary: £2,400,000 (£12,000,000 for 5.5 years)
Obama salary: £281,161 as of 30/01/09 (US$400,000)

If I were you, I’d worry a bit less about Obama earning his keep and a bit more about the Spurs. Palacios needs to deliver nearly 8 times more hope and change than Obama at current exchange rates to justify his salary. And as the pound keeps falling, the pressure keeps rising. Smart money is on POTUS.

Let me also gently suggest that AANP avoid matters of American politics, instead keeping to subjects about which it is more knowledgeable.

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