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Spurs 3-0 Inter: Oozing Marvellousness From Every Pore

He already has a few on the CV, but this ranks amongst AVB’s finest moments for sure, and was most certainly the finest performance. To date it has been effective and disciplined, but with off-the-ball movement, slick passing and Inter carved open at will, this was as marvellous as a fruity sorbet drizzled in champagne and served by that sultry young thing who appears at the very end of the Golddigger video.

You can jolly well stick into a hat, shake around, say a magic word and pick out at random the name of any one of a half-dozen lilywhites who purred their way through proceedings with the aplomb of a man twirling his cane with every step – Dembele, Parker, Sigurdsson, Walker, Lennon and Vertonghen all oozed lickety-split.

It started off perkily and progressed into a 90-minute highlights reel. The serenading of Lee Dixon; the manic second half 80-yard sprint between Bale, Lennon and Walker; Lennon’s cheeky nutmeg; the presence of a striker who dashed well wanted to score every time he even sniffed the ball within a 10-yard radius (for sure he might pick a pass from time to time, but he can reasonably be excused on the grounds that he is around a thousand times better than the Adebayor of recent weeks); and quite simply the fact that our heroes won every darned tackle going and passed so many triangles around Inter that they wanted to eat their own heads in frustration.

Of blots on the escutcheon there were but few. The caution for Bale – regrettably deserved (if rendered pleasantly redundant); the worrying disappearance of Lennon with sock rolled down; the egregious Vertonghen song. The resident pedant of AANP Towers is murmuring in the background that we might have had more than three, but this result, clean sheet and all, ought to be plenty, even without Bale. The tie should be safe, there is sufficient swagger to whisper about silverware in a couple of months – and a 3-0 floodlit win over Inter is the sort of result that could be polished, framed and hung rather splendidly amidst the family portraits.

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4 replies on “Spurs 3-0 Inter: Oozing Marvellousness From Every Pore”

Whisper it quietly, “I’m beginning to believe that this team may achieve something, and that’s without having a striker worthy of his pay! Defoe was as clumsy an impotent as Ade.

Aanp. Could this be a reference to your cats Alan and Paul? And yes, we were brilliant!

Adebayor has been stifling our team all season,been playing like he is trying to make us lose,really has looked like that to me since I started watching him closely in games.Without him we showed tonight what we are capable of.
A great performance all round,the best I’ve seen ever,playing true Tottenham football,proud of the team.
Gareth’s yellow more the result of that undeserved reputation for diving that has been thrown on him ,do you really believe he deserves this tag,you try running at his speed and keeping your feet in traffic,think you’ll be surprised how little it’ll take to knock you over and often just over extending yourself will do it but won’t look good.Sorry but from watching Suares Bale has a long way to go to earn a divers medal,just so many out there who want to brand him to take the heat of the real culprits.

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