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Spurs 3-1 Reading: How All New Years Should Begin

All in all that amounts to a jolly productive spot of yuletide pilfering. One may certainly clear the throat and reel off the usual quibbles – 30-plus shots ought to translate into more than 3 goals; we could conceivably have been pegged back to 2-2, or worse – but all things considered we can safely say that our heroes crushed Reading, saw them driven before us, and heard the lamentation of their women. Precisely the manner in which all new years should begin.Good Times on the Right Flank 

Out on t’other flank Master Sigurdsson fought the good fight well enough, and poor old Naughton can hardly be chastised for being right-footed. With Walker still determined to play the whole season without once engaging his grey matter (a mite harsh, but one gets the gist), Naughton may be given an opportunity to show what he can do at right-back before too long, particularly once Benny returns to the fold.

Elsewhere things went swimmingly enough. The Sandro-Dembele axis continues to function as all respectable axes ought, albeit with scales still tipped more toward brute-force than mind-boggling guile. The curious fascination with long-range shooting provided entertainment throughout (oh how Hudd must have itched to partake), and so much fun was had by all and sundry that even Scott Parker took time out from the 1920s to go sniffing for his first lilywhite goal.

The aforementioned quibbles around shot-to-goal-conversion and final-third guile might provide food for transfer-window thought, but 10 points from 12 over crimbo merits a doffed cap and a cheeky splash of red with the evening meal.

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2 replies on “Spurs 3-1 Reading: How All New Years Should Begin”

Lovely style. “saw them driven before us, and heard the lamentation of their women” in particular gave me a good chuckle.

We seem to be perpetually on the cusp of great things, generally getting results while the engine misfires. If only we could get more than half the team playing to potential, for more than half a match, we would be scaring the top of the table right now. As it is, we are doing good, not great. And that will do for now. Lets see if we get a new striker or CM in this transfer window for that final push to greatness.

Uncanny how you seem to be able to take my thoughts such as Walkers grey matter,subconcious thoughts as well such as Parkers 1920’s ,and put them in words for me to realize I’m not one of a kind.Only thing I’d change is the word “might” in the last paragraph to “definitely” to hopefully find a way to help the old ticker being over-stressed much longer holding onto 1 goal leads.
Sandro(so underrated by too many) + Bale = Irreplacable

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