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Aston Villa – Spurs Preview: Dashed Complicated

Two games, one point, one goal, third place – it may sound like a convoluted ‘Arry’ catchphrase, but as we approach Important Finale Time that is the nutshell summary of our position, if you bend your neck and squint a bit. The usual hopes and concerns apply of course – a more clinical touch from Adebayor and VDV in front of goal; Bale and Lennon on their appropriate wings; Sandro to crunch anything that moves; and young Rose to retain possession at least once in every half-dozen touches.However, this being Important Finale Time the plot becomes more labyrinthine than that Inception gubbins from a year or two back. As well as simply needing to deliver an almighty thwack to Villa (and then Fulham at home next week), we also need Norwich to muster a draw or more against l’Arse; could jolly well do with Man City doing something nasty to Newcastle; and while we’re at it we might want to bolster our goal difference with wins greater than anything l’Arse manage. On top of which we might as well invade Roy Hodgson’s dreams and have a 360 degree rotating fight with Chris Foy.

Hardly straightforward, and it does rather make me reflect wistfully on the blasted defeats to QPR and Norwich, and the points thrown away at the death against Swansea and Man City earlier in the season – but such is the existence of the Tottenham fan. Let us at least despatch Villa, and then reconvene for a fresh session of nail-chewing and permutation-grasping next weekend.

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6 replies on “Aston Villa – Spurs Preview: Dashed Complicated”

Got a sneaking suspicion that Chelski will pull off some form of jammy win in Munchen so it’s up to Norwich I’m afraid.

Think West Brom could be the ones to do us a favour. Give Roy a great send off by beating Arsenal

The media really just cant stand the idea of us really competing can they? It has intesified once more now we are back within a shout of 3rd. Is this down to the gooners on the inside of the FA or within the Media? It seems anything to de-stabalise us.

The Harry for England bandwagon continues even after Roy has been appointed, which is very disrespectful towards us, Harry and Roy – the man who all along I didn’t understand why was being mentioned for the role as he is the most qualified.

Also now all the Bale / Modric is going to whoever talk has resurfaced with a vengance… If we finish 3rd and they are under contract why would they / we let them leave?

All this, along with the Muamba incident and yet we are still up there competing. Leave us spurs alone. We have class in the blood, due to the beauty of the football we have always strived to get back down at the lane. We are finally back where we belong and everyone needs to start accepting it, because if we can do this with a small (yet great) stadium, imagine what we can achieve with 60k+ stadium revenue allowing us to up our wages.


At least we’ve figured out a way to keep Bale on the left – have the left back sent off! Actually very proud of the remaining 10. They all looked interested and worked their whatsits off and we could/should have nicked it. All you can ask for. COBM – look at me a Robben fan!!

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