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Spurs 3-1 Swansea: Tactical Successes All Round

Thank you, thank you – AANP is happy to take the credit for this long-awaited upturn in fortunes, having all week told anyone within earshot of a cunning Eight-Stage Plan to guarantee we finish fourth. As it happens, the first stage – Win The Next Game – is identical to the following seven stages, but it was nevertheless with some pride that yours truly watched our heroes effect the plan to perfection. Perfection, I tell ye.

Swansea – Eminently Likeable

However, before basking in the glory of my tactical masterplan, it seems only right to heap all manner of praise upon our vanquished foes. Employing their ‘keeper virtually as an eleventh outfield player, as a sweeper under strict instructions not to go long at any point, Swansea resolutely passed and passed and passed, even when under pressure in defence. The way the game is meant to be played dagnabbit (note ye well Tony Pulis and any Stoke fans in the wrong part of town). Admittedly Swansea’s almost religious dedication to the passing game landed them in a lot more trouble than it was worth, as they repeatedly lost possession in their own half, but nevertheless, today football was the winner. Actually, Spurs were the winners, but as long as l’Arse lose out I don’t think anyone is grumbling.

‘Arry’s Tactical Success

Having executed a roll of the eyes so grandiose the little orbs almost tumbled out into the hinterland, on hearing of the selection of both Sandro and Parker in midfield, AANP is content to admit an error, for ‘Arry’s selection worked a dream in the first half. With our front men treading dangerously close to arrest for harassment of the Swansea back-line, the midfield selection gave Parker the licence to push up and press whomever was next in possession for our guests. Many times and oft therefore, did we pickpocket the Swansea midfield and merrily lay siege to their goal, and by half-time the lark had joined Bale on the wing and all was right with the world.

Then in the second half, when the scores were levelled and a tad more urgency was needed, ‘Arry gambled successfully again, removing Sandro, bringing on Lennon and switching to 4-4-2. Ah, is there a sweeter sight in Christendom than Lennon scampering down the right wing, jazz-hands dementedly a-whirring, while just over the horizon our handsome young Welshman lingers on t’other flank, eyes up his full-back and lets out a meaty laugh of doom?

Lennon’s contribution may have been brief, but it was time enough for a couple of darts, a crucial assist and a glimpse of the future. A glorious future, in which our children run freely, the lion sleeps with the lamb and the remaining seven stages of our march to 3rd place are successfully completed by virtue of having Bale on one flank and Lennon on the other for the rest of the season. Onwards! Thirdwards!

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Massive Win.
Once again impressed with Livermore, his first contribution was a diabolical cross-field ‘pass’ straight to the oppo, but he won the ball back and then didn’t put a foot wrong. Ideal replacement for the magnificent Sandro once we’d gone 2-1 up.

Delighted for Ade, he was outrageously hard-working today at closing down Swansea’s split CB’s. His headed goals were imperious, his attitude impressive. In the 1st half Modric should have played him in on goal, but took the shot instead. Ade did not let this affect his desire, he kept working and was justly rewarded. Great spirit.


Lennon would have been more involved had more players passed to him, for some reason no one was passing to him for a while eventhough he was in good positions. Lennon looked good today, we will rip teams apart from now on starting with a 5-0 to Spurs against Sunderland.

No No we won and i love it love it if i thought that was our best team but i don’t and we won because Varrt had the skill to pass the rebound home. This put is in the a better position but like i knew they would Swansea scored just after the restart and thanks to a flash from the past ADY scored with his head twice a rare commodity we made the points safethis game was made harder because Harry set us up to stop Swansea not to attack them negative at home. No wonder Rogers was happy any defender will tell you Lennon and Defoe are a handful and there defense was there for the taking especially when Rogers left Dyer benched. When we defend we are living on the edge and twice we nearly conceded Our main attributes are our fast wingers who make defenders stay back in case we break quick take that away and we end up pegged in our half we weakened them by Caulker not playing/ We won Tactics never won our attack won because they scored 3-0 is a tatical win or four or five is Lennon Defoe or Saha dont be fooled i aint Coys one foot note this game would have been easier if big Hudds had Lennon Bale Defoe and Ady or Saha to create for.

DavSpurs, could you translate what you’re trying to say, mate? Anyway, you sure our Welsh Wizard ain’t on that hi tempo koolade you say everybody else (except us) are on? Harry’s the manager, he got the tactics right (3 in midfield for 3rd straight game — 2W + 1D) again and the players he chose did the job. Not the players we so-called experts out here in Blog-o-sphere say he should use. Now I got to go watch Marilyn in Some Like it Hot — just how we like our team, Hot-Spurs!!!

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