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Newcastle – Spurs Preview: Carpe That Diem

I have looked it in the eye, monitored its pulse-rate and threatened all manner of violations that contraven the terms of the Geneva convention – yet I can confirm ‘tis true: the league table doesn’t lie. Newcastle are currently in the Champions League spots.Not that even the most fervent of their breed would harbour much hope of them still being them come May 2012, but fourth they are, and reading between the black and white strips this points to a team pootling along in marvellous early-season form. Quite the challenge then, but quite the carrot a-dangling in front of our heroes too, the nutritious and delicious prize of fourth place awaiting should we bag all three points.

VDV’s Wheezy Rant

A couple of weeks ago against l’Arse VDV was plopped on the right wing and ordered to track back whenever necessary. Judging by that particular square peg performance he is probably still catching his breath now, but in between the panting, wheezing and puffs on his inhaler he has taken the time to bang on his door and complain that he no longer wants… (wheeze…) to play on the right, because he is far more… (deep breath…) effective down the middle. A fair point, but rather marvellously ‘Arry rejoined by telling him to shut up and play where he was told.


The dilemma is crystallizing fairly clearly now – VDV or Defoe to partner Adebayor? Alas, ‘tis likely to be a moot point today, as Adebayor has apparently been struggling with some sort of hamstring ailment. A crying shame, for away days like these are precisely the occasions for which he was lassoed into the lilywhite fold. Still, the official records of Tottenham Hotspur FC no doubt record countless occasions of us winning away from home without Adebayor in the line-up, so this is by no means an insurmountable obstacle.

Beating both Liverpool and l’Arse at home marked two sizeable strides in the merry gambol towards a Champions League place, but the three points on offer today will count for just as much come May. Over to you now chaps, go carpe that diem and get us up to fourth.

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5 replies on “Newcastle – Spurs Preview: Carpe That Diem”

Sneeky feeling that Ade will start.
Harry playing mind games.
I will resist the obvious ‘what with’ joke.
If Newcastle are to be put back in their box as you predict Spurs would be the ideal team to start the process.
1-1 it is then.
By no means a disaster.Just a minor tremor

Newcastle were regulars in the Champions League only a few seasons ago, Spurs have been there once – yet you talk like it’s such a shock seeing them there? are you 12 by any chance?

You Spuds really do think your something else. Youv had your flirt with the big chaps in the Champions League the same as we have but don’t get too excited yet. I fear your starting to sound like those tossers from Manure with your arrogance, but believe me, you need a little more humility like the majority of us
Toon fans and accept your fate rather than brag about how good you are maybe going to be.
If we dont finish in the top ten, then thats fair doos but it will be such a kick in the arse when you dont reach the levels youv bullshitted yourselves up to. Just hope its a good clean game and if we can pinch it , that would be so gooooooooood. Howay the Lads !!!

what are you on you wont go fourth unless you beat newcastle 5-0
never heard of goal difference idiot? we are a bigger team than you,ll ever be

toonmad – you’re an idiot. Spurs only need to beat us by 2 clear goals to go above us. You see if they score, that means we concede, so each goal they score cuts our advantage by 2 goals. I think it then goes to goals scored if the difference is the same.
I’m not very confident to be honest, a draw would be a good result.

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