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AC Milan – Spurs Preview: A Night of Defence, In Its Best Form

It’s the bare bones, if ‘Arry is to be believed, a dry carcass with not a scrap of meat adorning it.Such heady nights as these do juggle with the emotions somewhat, for what other explanation can there be for going into a game against AC ruddy Milan half wishing that Jenas were available? Not only that, but I also rather pine for the gangly one tonight, for the evidence of the eyes, as well as his quite remarkable international and European goalscoring records, suggests that these foreign sorts simply know not how to handle his uncontrollable, elongated limbs when they start a-flapping.

Crouch may yet feature, but Jenas is most certainly suspended, which means, alas, ‘tis likely to be Sergeant Wilson and Sandro across the centre today (unless our glorious leader gambles that Luka can survive without the fresh stitches across his appendix-less gut splitting open amidst the hubbub).

Given the absence of such creative genii as Modders and Hudd we ought all solemnly to prostrate ourselves and thank the gods of injuries and suspensions respectively that at least VDV is available to pull strings, dictate play and miss penalties. Kranjcar may well get the nod on the left, while the Lennon-Corluka axis could be reunited on the right, with Pienaar and Pav awaiting, primed for action – and by golly, it starts to look like we have a chance and a half tonight.

‘Arry has made it quite clear that he considers attack the best form of defence, and while there is an element of dread at the prospect of some of our lot taking this philosophy far too literally and engaging in that familiar Four-Goals-Down-At-Half-Time routine, it is to be hoped that, faced with Pato, Robinho and Ibrahimovic, our rearguard mob adopt some slender modicum of defensive organisation while everyone else bombs forward. Gallas’ rather evil eyes have seen and done it all before at this level, so he will need to decide well before kick-off which luridly coloured clogs he wants and then use them to defend our honour like a man possessed. This is also a night for Daws to puff out his chest, Gomes to eradicate the clangers and, up the other end, for Defoe to damn well bury the slightest, mildest whiff of a half-chance.


Attack, Attack, Attack 

Sendings-off, or missed penalties, or two/three/four-goal deficits – our European cousins have yet to stumble upon a fool-proof means of convincing us that we are beaten. This 2011 Tottenham vintage is capable of all manner of fizz and bang, and if that means going to the San Siro and slugging it out in another madcap, all action goal-fest, by heck our lot will be up to the challenge.

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9 Responses

  1. Sam-I-Am Says:

    Hummm… don’t like the sound of the Sarge and Sandro together in the middle of the park. They often end up on top of the back four when defending and are prone to get caught on the ball when moving forward, not to mention a great gapping outlet/creativity hole in the middle. Can we not stitch up Modders’ appendix with fine fishing line instead?

  2. Jay Says:

    I have heard these rumours on Bale if that true Redknapp is a genious, but I doubt it he isnt that smart, I wouldve told Milan Bale was playing if he wasnt so they could prepare for him and get in a hissy fit.
    Rumours are Modric and VDV will start if thats the case I expect them to destroy the midfield 3 of seedorf, gattuso and flamini who havent been regulars and have very little flair to outpass us.
    And if they cant find Milans attackers then Milan have no chance simples

  3. AKA69 Says:

    AC Milan will win!!!! forza ac milan

  4. ozyid Says:

    about to leave for the game, p1ssing down rain but a bit pumped up.

    don’t forget that these are teh serie A leaders, but I can’t help but think we have a chance

  5. TonyBee Says:

    From a Man Utd fan…..
    well done you Spuds…. beating the wops on their patch….

  6. Sam-I-Am Says:

    Well, that stitched up any doubts I had! Palacios and Sandro were immense. Hummm… these kind of displays show that a whole new thinking needs to be had by us Spurs fans. Measured action and sublime plot 🙂 What next? COYS!

  7. Alfie Briggs Says:

    Placios was outstanding. And maybe its just the absence of an immedate comparitor, but I’m almost certain Lennon plays better when Bale isn’t on the park?

  8. ray ban wayfarer Says:

    Should we need a flash of inspiration, in certain corners of the interweb there are rather mischievous whispers that a young Welshman of strange visage and bionic lungs has been

  9. Boston Web Design Says:

    European goalscoring records, suggests that these foreign sorts simply know not how to handle his uncontrollable, elongated limbs when they start a-flapping.

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