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Spurs 2-1 Bolton: What Happened to the Phantom Third Penalty?

Last-minute winners and multiple penalties are the least we have come to expect from a 90-minute adventure at the Lane, but as the cheery dissection of events was conducted at AANP Towers one question sprang to mind, yet to be satisfactorily answered: what the devil happened to that third penalty we were awarded? You know the one – VDV pinging off short passes, a vagrant arm giving the ball a little nudge and hearty roars of approval from the Park Lane, all fairly shortly before half-time. The ref awarded it, then wandered over to his assistant, had a brief chin-wag and then seemingly decided that as we would probably miss it anyway he would just skip the whole bally affair and give the Bolton ‘keeper the ball to do with as he pleased.Quite what happened is a mystery. I do not recall seeing a flag being earnestly waved out yonder, to signal a prior offside or any such thing. It could I suppose be that refereeing superstar Mark Clattenberg decided that as he had not been in the limelight for a full five minutes the world needed to focus upon him one final time before the break. Most perplexingly however, the entire episode was omitted from Match of the Day in a vaguely Orwellian style, the BBC’s Ministry of Truth presumably keen to convince licence-payers that in fact no third penalty incident ever existed.

The Re-Birth of Kranjcar?

Ultimately it mattered not, Niko Kranjcar saving the day with a shot that practically squealed at ‘Arry, “Look here you twitchy rotter, I’m a full-time footballer and darned well capable of cutting it within this lilywhite mob.” Amidst the euphoria of yet another injury-time winner it was easy to overlook quite how stylishly he took the opportunity, a timely reminder of what jolly good technique he possesses.

So what might the future hold for young Master Kranjcar? If the hallowed corridors of White Hart Lane could speak they would have plenty of tales to relate of outcasts taking advantage of injuries elsewhere to cement their first-team spots in the ‘Arry era, as Messrs Bale and Hutton can attest. With nobody daring to mention how long Bale will be out injured, and VDV picking up his usual weekly knock, ‘Arry might just be tempted to resort to Kranjcar on left midfield at some point in the near future.

Elsewhere On The Pitch

Minus Hudd, Bale, Modders and, latterly, VDV, this was a decent attacking performance, of the rip-roaring, slick, high-tempo mould. Benny brought his A-game (which presumably means we can all expect a shocker from him next week) while poor old Jermaine Jenas seems destined never to be the headline-grabbing superstar, coming within a whisker of glory but ultimately having to defer to Kranjcar in the hero stakes.

Goodness knows what year it will be before Jermain Defoe next scores, but I remain of the opinion that given a run of consecutive games he will get there eventually, and in a flurry. Temporary form, permanent class and all that nonsense. However, as long as he and Crouch are struggling with the concept of net-bulging fare we could probably do without Gomes’ curious aberrations.

Still, all well that ends well. Two consecutive wins, and six more eminently winnable games approacheth. Over the last week alone we have narrowed the gap on each of the four sides ahead of us. Rack up a string of wins through February and we will nibble away at the advantage held by the stuttering four atop us.


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10 replies on “Spurs 2-1 Bolton: What Happened to the Phantom Third Penalty?”

Didn’t know why the penalty was disallowed myself at first but it was because Crouchy was offside In the build up play. Oh well 2-1 win will do!

the third penalty was overturned because the lino had flagged for offside (Crouch). I watched the match on an internet feed. It was the correct decision.

Winning when you’re not playing well is something oft admired of the likes of Yanited and we’ve notched up 6 valuable points this week with a treatment room bulging to capacity with some of our finest. Good stuff, it’s what a squad is for… Stick the ego’s in the locker with the day-time togs and be glad for the team.

If we can keep up the run and somehow pull a flanker on Milan in the process, our run-in will look all the rosier with the likes of Modders, Bale and T’Hudd to return.

Saw the game delayed on SkyNZ, as Will Freeman said, flag went up for Crouch offside before he even nodded it down and it was the correct decision. Replay clearly confirms. Replay also shows the Bolton guy was possibly hard done by for his diving card as there was contact from (I think Peanut). Boy do we miss Bale Modric and Huddlestone.

Offside? But… but… there was no flag… his flag, it wasn’t… dagnabbit IT’S JUST NOT FAIR.

(Shamelessly glossing over the absolutely 100% guaranteed pen that was not awarded to Bolton)

(Which itself was balanced out by the curious decision to have VDV re-take the second pen just because Defoe sneezed marginally beyond the edge of the area)

A rummy business if you ask me (admittedly nobody has) but much obliged to Alex, Will and Marvin for scything through the clouds of doubt with razor-sharp clarity. Bon Monday one and all.

I take your point about Lennon’s in-field skippery, but if BAE doesn’t then overlap the box gets so crowded that Crouch’s limbs have nowhere to go. Deft little one-twos are not his forte. On the other side VDV abandons his post so regularly that a bit of pace and crossing ability out there would surely come in handy. Charlie? I don’t think so. Has Hutton pissed someone off?

Niko Kranjcar should be getting more games, what’s the point in letting him leave, then spending money on Adams or Neville????

Arry defiantly has his favourites, but he must be careful that his love for these favourites does not diminish what is a bally good squad.

Another is Bassong. Him and Daws kept a record number of clean sheets last season. This season we struggled to keep any prior to the new year. Yet master bassong was continually left out.

I am beginning to loose faith that Arry is able to deal with such a big and talented squad.

what say yee…

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