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Spurs 2-1 Liverpool: Three Things You’re Guaranteed From Tottenham

Ahoy-hoy. Better late than never, as Aaron Lennon may well have chuckled to himself on Monday morn, while gazing intently at the mirror and shaving those diagonals just so.Some tardy musings on the Liverpool game then. Following the final whistle one passing observer had the temerity to suggest that Spurs are becoming a tad predictable. He was promptly hurled to his doom from the top storey of AANP Towers, but on reflection I do appreciate his point. “Predictable” was a poor choice of words, but there are definitely certain recurring elements to our glorious, manic run of current form.

1. Fall Behind, Come Back And Win 

2. Huzzah – Penalty! 

Being awarded the thing always sparks an excited cheer, but thereafter, the outlook becomes rather gloomy, a phenomenon that has been baffling the amateur scientists of N17 all week. It would be nice to think that they could take a leaf out of Alan Shearer’s book, and spend all week practising the noble art of thumping the ruddy thing into the top corner, but one never knows. Off the top of my head the roll of dishonour currently includes VDV, Pav, Hudd, Keane and Defoe. Some have suggested that Modders should be next up, although I vaguely recall him missing one in Euro 2008.The fact that we miss these blinking things so frequently does detract from the fact that we seem to earn an extraordinary number of them. Nine penalties already this season (in 23 games I think). That really is an awful lot so early in the season. Some have been due to acts of complete and unprompted mentalism on the part of opponents, but a lot have been earned by drawing fouls in the area, for which I suppose our heroes ought to earn a gentle ripple of applause (or indeed yellow cards for simulation, depending on the mood of the hero in black).

3. Someone – Anyone – Gets Injured 


A typically open, madcap affair, one which either team could have won by three clear goals, but such is life around N17 these days.Other Points of Note

Not sure of the top comic trends in Honduras at the moment, but I rather hope that they are not imbued with a strong sense of irony, because the cheers greeting Sergeant Wilson were not to be taken too literally. The appreciation of Gallas was rather more heartfelt; while the man-love for Modders continues quite healthily at AANP Towers. No clean sheet, I think we should be grateful that we conceded only one. Another last-minute winner, another three points, and the talk of title dark-horses still cannot quite be laughed out of town just yet.

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