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Spurs – Wolves Preview: Five Things I Would Like To See From Tottenham Today…

Admittedly a wish-lit of things I would like to see this afternoon ought to include an end to world poverty and the like, but with the disclaimer that I focus the following thoughts on goings-on at N17, pray go ahead and dig in to things I would like to see around 3pm British Summer Time…

1. The Match. The AANP Towers merry little jape with its American cousins comes to a conclusion around kick-off time, so while our heroes are busy complicating the straightforward task of despatching Wolves at home, I will be several thousand feet in the air. I look forward with glee to news of glorious victory on my return to terra firma.

2. Fluid One-Touch Football. À la most of the first half against Werder Bremen, and indeed most of last season. Play like that and Wolves won’t be able to live with us.

3. A Clean Sheet. Can’t quite remember what they are like, but I have it on good information that they are awesome.

4. Aaron Lennon Circa Autumn 2009. The shaven eyebrowed one has failed to set the world alight so far this season, to the extent that he has suffered the indignity of being usurped within the England team by Theo blinking Walcott. Last autumn Gareth Bale was still a jinx on Tottenham, and Lennon was beginning to hit the form of his life. A return to such halcyon days on the right wing would be peachy, and might also have the pleasant side-effect of bucking up Corluka.

5. Three Points. This business of adjusting to life in the Champions League is all well and good, but at some point or other our heroes will be forced to get their hands dirty and rack up a string of Premiership wins. Frankly I think I would trade in all of the above and more for a win, just to re-rail a League campaign that has hinted at full-blown derailment.

By no means a definitive list, but as we at AANP Towers are dusting down our cravats and cummerbands, in preparation for nocturnal acquaintanceship with the charming young ladies of America, I’m sure you’ll excuse the brevity. You get the gist – three points; glorious performance; no injuries; return to form from those off colour. Make me proud, chaps.

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6 replies on “Spurs – Wolves Preview: Five Things I Would Like To See From Tottenham Today…”

Don’t hold your breathe especially not at 40,00 ft.
The Wolves, six points in two games, achieved their success in the midst of our best season since, since a long time ago.
No way they can do it again but watch Doyle who I suggested to jeers that we might consider,

3-1 to Spurs. Please boys.

3 Points to the mighty Spurs this afternoon. Last season’s 6 points to Wolves cost us finishing above the scum. No way will the same mistakes be made, appreciate the lack of free-flowing 3 points this season however this is a must win in the minds of players, manager and fans alike.


I once got on a plane in LA with our lot up 3-0 and City down to 10 men. Got a bloody shock 11 hours later in Taipei I can tell you.

Hard to see how Corluka can get a game after we’ve seen both Kaboul and Hutton remind us of the joys of a surging right-back. Who was it who said “bring back Hutton” last week? I’m just saying!

‘3-1 to Spurs’ and I did say ‘please’.
Politeness costs nothing.
We run them ragged for 45 minutes and go in a goal down.
They share the second half and we end up winning 3-1.

Jenas good for the third game in a row.
What can it all mean?

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