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Burnley – Spurs Preview: A Rare Treat

Our heroes apparently enjoyed a gentle tipple after Wednesday night’s heroics, which is fair enough I suppose, but I hope they haven’t switched off completely. The main objective may have been achieved, but it would still be nice to end the season with a flourish. I think goal difference means that if l’Arse draw today, a ten-goal victory for us would be enough to guarantee third, so that should be sufficient incentive.’Arry will presumably make a change or two today. I can’t imagine Ledley will play again, and apparently Gomes’ groin is still a cause for concern. For one or two of our number this might even be a final appearance in lilywhite – so it may be worth a nostalgic farewell glance at the likes of Bentley, Pav and Jenas as they go through the paces. However, we at AANP Towers will not be too disappointed to see the current kit donned for the last time. Never did like those yellow flashes.

More promisingly, young Bale has done the intelligent thing and committed his future to the Lane, and today is another chance to see him and Lennon wreaking havoc down the flanks, a sight all too rare this season but one which will hopefully be on weekly display next time out.

Rather a shame that the season ends here, but the opportunity to watch our lot in action without my very soul being racked with anxiety from first whistle to last is a rare treat, and one I intend to savour fully.

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4 replies on “Burnley – Spurs Preview: A Rare Treat”

Have to agree, it is so refreshing to simply be able to sit back and enjoy watching my Spurs and not get all sweaty palmed about the various connotations should we balls it up. I don’t think any of us are seriously expecting Arsenal to slip up against a weakened Fulham side, so if we do manage to scrape third, we can look at it as a lovely bonus. Otherwise, fourth place it is. Objective acheived with a game to spare. COYS.

Something felt wrong. We score in the first five minutes and I didn’t feel anything. Not excitement about winning, not worried about us ‘scoring too early’. It was very strange. Then we found out what Modric has been doing wrong all season… shooting with his right foot. And still nothing. Am I already just expecting us to win everything comfortably? I guess this is a brave new world, and it’s going to take some getting used to.

And then… ahh, they’ve got one. Good for them. Ooh look, we’re sitting back now, starting to feel more like a Tottenham game. Two, you say? Well, maybe we’ll start playing a bit now. Three? Hang on, this is a good old Spurs collapse! I feel alive again! Now _this_ is what it is to support the lilywhites!

Four!? Sack Harry now! Shoulda changed the team – given the youngsters a run out. Modric lost in midfield, Huddlestone off the pace, BAE all over the shop, Kaboul losing his man, Crouch/Pav not holding the ball up, Defoe like a straw man getting pushed off the ball, Bale and his wayward free kicks.


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