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Wolves – Spurs Preview: More Frustration Beckons

On the back of yet another ten-man shut-out, the prospect of Wolves tonight hardly has the AANP heart leaping in unbounded joy. Wolves boss Mick McCarthy earlier this season threw in the towel in one fixture, by resting his entire team, in order to save their juices for a more winnable fixture a couple of days later. Hardly the attitude of a man about to send his troops out hell for leather in search of victory tonight. A 10-0-0 formation and further frustration therefore beckon, rather ominously, to the extent that I am considering sticking an unhealthy proportion of my weekly earnings on a goalless draw, just to numb the pain.Meanwhile, without playing particularly well at any point this season, our rivals have caught us, overtaken us and, with games in hand, threaten to disappear over the horizon and far away. Fail to win tonight and we really will be drifting from the land of milk and honey, with fewer points in the bag but more games played than our rivals. Fingers firmly crossed over here that this proves the most wildly inaccurate preview of modern times, and that we instead score a couple of early goals, exhale in relief and settle back for a good old-fashioned thumping, as in those halcyon days at the start of the season; but in the countdown to kick-off this one seems to have “Frustrating Goalless Draw” stamped all over it in the emphatic chunky font they use in the A-Team logo.

Team News

No Ledley, although I doubt our back-line will be over-worked tonight. Bassong and Kaboul will therefore be in line to partner Daws, but more interesting will be ‘Arry’s selection up the other end. Pav is apparently back in contention, while Gudjohnsen awaits a debut. After 90 minutes of goalless huff and puff on Saturday, ‘Arry will be sorely tempted to try something different in attack tonight, and possibly even tinker further by accommodating Gudjohnsen somewhere in midfield. He can stick him in goal as far as I’m concerned, as long as one way or another we trundle back to North London with three points in the bag this evening.


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I hated the bloke in work we all have on the profit of doom always Negative and looking on the bad side .Well since i discovered the widespread use of energy i was always the one at the match who would no who would score and would we win .But this discovery has shattered my confidence and if i watch a match all i see is players showing me that (Uk SPORT ) Cannot whare both hats Promoting Football and Testing for DRUGSand to tell me just a ordinary man that they know Ephedrine is being used but they the players are taking just enough to keep the testers at bay is a scandalous Admission.Do i blame the players no or the Managers again no this is because clubs have got themselves in dept and to be relegated or fail to get a champions league places is a massive loss of Wages bonuses revenue and no one will except relegation or top four omission. But for my sake all my Suffering fans i need to let this go and except Shock results and keep quite and thanks for giving me the opportunity to voice my controversial rant and in future i promise to talk about the games like every other fan.

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