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Birmingham 1-1 Spurs: The Adel Taarabt View

Apologies for the radio silence, been sunning myself in the land of Adel Taarabt and Noureddine Naybet over the last few days. Therefore, if you want a blow-by-blow analysis of this game, look elsewhere – as indeed I’m sure you have done, at some point since Saturday afternoon.Premiership goings-on are not top of the agenda in Morocco, but I did eventually ascertain the outcome of this one. Away from home, against a Birmingham team in pretty solid form of recent months, it struck me as decent enough. There have been a few too many draws in recent months, and the value of this one was certainly sullied by wins for Villa, Liverpool and Man City; but a draw at Birmingham was not bad.

A day later however I found out the timing of the goals, and the AANP brow, so untroubled during every preceding moment of my time in Morocco, immediately furrowed. A last-minute equaliser? Karma of sorts, some would suggest, following the mighty late steal against Birmingham at White Hart Lane back in August. I have lost track of the points thrown away by missed chances and last-minute mishaps now, which is a damning indictment in itself. The saving grace this season is that all our rivals seem to be dropping points with just as much gusto as we.

While there is precious little I can add, one line in an English newspaper I saw on Tuesday caught my eye, as it named one David Bentley as Man of the Match. C’est vrai? Less surprising was the news that Jermaine Jenas was introduced onto the pitch in the 89th minute, and the team promptly imploded, seeming victory instantly melting down to a draw. Just this once I’ll cut the blighter some slack, and presume that his entrance had little to do with the circumstances surrounding our concession of the equaliser. (Nevertheless, seasoned AANP followers will not be surprised to know that I find it mighty tempting to pick up the rubber stamp that reads “Scapegoat” and emblazon the word across his forehead…)

Short-Term Disappointment; But Long-Term Progress Continuing? 


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8 replies on “Birmingham 1-1 Spurs: The Adel Taarabt View”

The team imploded after taking the lead and Keane came on for Defoe

It had little to do with Jenas

I predicted we would finish higher than fourth a proper Spurs overoptimistic rant i no but this and the FA cup was my romantic kinda double. And after last nights great win against a premiership crowd a team playing way higher than there position and sympathetic ref and his assistants bad weather another Goalkeeper inspired we came of age and won. And with all our team contributing in a very entertaining game played with some excellent skill on a very snowy wet pitch .Our squad is now looking good on the field and not like a few weeks ago just on paper .This is because of injury’s and its proved one thing if you are not in Europe you cant have a big sqaud or you end up like we have players confidants shredded if Keane was at Spurs instead of Celtic he would be back on the bench and one game is no good. Pavlyuchenko blames Harry for losing is Russian place and is Team losing out in the play offs.Two players have benefited from injury’s and or squad has got bigger even though we have lost Robbie Lets hope he is not missed even tho i will miss him and hope he comes back better.Huddlestone is marshelling is troops and looking like he could gatecrash the world cup .Bale is starting to fulfill is 10 millon price tag
we got bullied last night and kept our composure and looked a class apart now we have to move up a notch and believe it we are growing older and maturing with every game and our reputation is going before us and some teams are using Desperate methods to stifle our attacking powers on the field .The Liverpool game and a few others was where came up against teams with a very high Tempo that last night we matched and if we can play with this Tempo we will rise up to my prediction third and stay there and make all our fans proud Captain Dawson should now shout and Bully is team to a higher performance against our main Rivals .COYS

Same old same old, Jenas failed to block the cross that saw us concede, his half hearted girl dance attempt of a tackle would have been embarrassing for a 8 year old girl guide.The long and short of it is this guy’s rubbish

it had nothing to do with jenas because at the end of the day its down to the manager how we play when were winning with 5 mins left and were just way 2 direct. we lose the ball and invite pressure on ourselvs. i mean did u see the pass keane gave corluka before they scored… he forced the right back to run half way up the pitch by kicking the ball about 20 yards infront of him and this isnt keanes fault its redknapps because every1 in our team does it

Nothing to do with Jenas?
It has to be his fault when he is caught watching while their cross came in.
He just stood there. To say that it had nothing to do with Jenas, and that it is Redknapp’s fault is as stupid as saying that it is Redknapp’s fault when Defoe misses a penalty. I agree that it is stupid to put Jenas on the pitch at all, and that is on Redknapp.

Agree with you there Davspurs,hopefully the signing of Gudjohnsen and Kaboul will also spice up the squad for the run in.

This is how the goal was scored on the bench is Bassong Harry brings Keane on witch tell Birmingham Spurs are not confident to Defend the one goal lead .You cant hold the ball for 4 or 5 mins or when the ref decides to blow is whistle.So you can do two things take one of your attackers of and bring another defender or defend higher up the field and the goal started with Carr and Bale stood off him and allowed hi to cross Dawson could have cussioned a back header to Gomes but he headed a weak header to Mcfadden he crossed to Jerome King by now cant jump on that knee and is way below Jeromes leap and the Ball fell the ball was slammed passed Gomes who had follwed the all across goal thinkig Jerome would head it goalwards Corluka thought the same and got caught flat footed . So what we need to do is keep a hig line take of a forward and bring Bassong on and move King in to midfield to a five man Midfield to stop the defense retreating backwards.Adam we may need the Holy one but we could evn surpass 3rd if our new signings work out Lennon and Woodgate come back and Vodchenko stop sulking gets is gloves back and score the goals to get us to Wembley like he did before. Retire Ledley make him our Defensive Coach and Let him turn Kaboul in to King Kaboul.

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