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Eidur Gudjohnsen’s Dad – White Hart Lane Legend

At the time of typing it seems that the i’s have not yet been dotted, t’s crossed and funky Icelandic symbols inserted, but nevertheless it seems that Eiður Smári Guðjohnsen is heading to the Lane imminently. The AANP verdict? Instinctive reaction is a thumbs-up. Admittedly I haven’t seen him play for a few years, other than the odd Champions League cameo, but he’s only 31 so I’d imagine he’s still got it. “It” in this instance is a Sheringham-esque ability to play thoughtfully with his back to goal. Back in the day I thought he was a cracking little player – smart, able to pick passes that few others spot and technically excellent. I fancy that he and Modders will find each other’s wavelengths without too much difficulty, which is a lip-smacking prospect.We’ve tried to use Keane in that withdrawn role, helping out the midfield, but few would suggest that it has been an overwhelming success this season. Crouch does a noble job of dropping deep and laying off the ball for team-mates, but he could not be described as a hub of creativity. Gudjohnsen, I hope, will be able to do that job with a lot more élan and inventiveness.

This does essentially leave us with five strikers, so the welcoming handshakes offered by Messrs Keane and Pav might be a little firmer than is could strictly be deemed friendly, but if it improves performances I won’t complain. A half-season loan is hardly high-risk either.

West Ham’s new owners seem rather miffed at our conduct here, spookily suggesting that karma will have its wicked way with us. Personally I have no bone to pick with that lot – as with every other team I just hope we beat them twice a season, so there is no underlying sense of vitriol when I suggest that we do not seem to have done anything wrong here. The guy was available for transfer; West Ham have tried to get him; before he signed for them we too have courted him; and it appears that, with impeccable judgement, he is opting for us. All seems above board, and if anything the man himself should be incurring their wrath.

Should we seal the deal AANP Towers will clink a glass to Gudjohnsen tonight. As has been suggested in other quarters, other areas of the team may be a higher priority, but as a cheap short-term deal this is fine. And the name Gudjohnsen already has its place in White Hart Lane history – if you just bear with me while I don my anorak I’ll tell you that Eidur’s Dad (and agent) Arnor was the chap whose crucial penalty was saved by Tony Parks, in the 1984 UEFA Cup Final shoot-out.


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21 Responses

  1. Foggy Says:

    So do you believe this is an improvement on those players we already have at the Lane,as there seems an awful lot of negativity toward this deal from Tottenham fans on the web,even on Talksport they are dismissing it saying Spurs should be looking at a better quality of payer to move on to that next level,

    I however am prepared to trust in Harrys knowledge and the fact that Eidur will also bring a vast amount of title winning experience to the playing staff,which will in turn hopefully help us deal with the likes of Stoke,Wolves,and suchlike teams which only play to frustrate,it may also help us in games against the so called top four.

  2. Stoney Says:

    He can’t do any worse than crouch and keane. I still say give super pav a go.

  3. Foggy Says:

    There did look a lot more fluidity to our play when Pav came on against Leeds.

  4. Terry David Burgin Says:

    whos on facebook, join the group an show why pav should start !! fuck keane off come on super pav !!

  5. Terry David Burgin Says:

  6. ndg71 Says:

    why oh why does everyone want Pav to play?????

    The guy hardly turns up for training, cant be bothered to learn english, always running to his agent and newspapers. My god fellow yids, there is a reason why we are 4th top and not 4th bottom like last year. Harry chooses a team of players who want to put on the shirt and play and win, even keono gives his all but his just having a bad run. Gio and bentley can F-off too, lazy the lot of em.
    Long live harrys team, a team that works

  7. Milky Bar Yid Says:

    Hopefully Eidur will be a success and we can fuck Robbie Keane off (and DON’T bring the useless prick back next time!) Agree that Pav deserves more of a chance, some good points but at the end of the day Pav wants to play and it must be so frustrating for him watching players like Keane, Crouch and Defoe not doing the business of late. And to the above post about Pav hardly ever turns up for training…..where the fuck have you got that from?? Total bullshit

  8. DAVSPURS Says:

    There is no reason why we should sell pav to anyone Harry is moving in on Pompey like he is the administrator and taking our player back they haven’t payed for Younes i want to play striker and fuck defending Kaboul. Lets hope he has learnt to defend better Berkavich right name whose going in goal Ohara or Prince should get him while we are there looks good now he left Harry’s bench and with our favourite player that never played much but every fan except Harry was wating to see come on is in sunny Turkey with sheeps blood running down is baby face so there is locker space for Guddytoboots to shoot us into 3rd place and Wembley a kinda double and if we win the World Cup a treble sort of with Defoe Hudds Lennon CROUCH! !what odds for hi scoring the winner on sat.coys

  9. RYAN Says:

    why get eidur .we were offered ADRIANO FOR FREE.this is a bloke that all the top european clubs were after.the only reason no1 got him was bcoz he wanted 2 go home 2 Brazil and felt he lost passion 2 play at the highest level but now it seems hes getting the passion back 2 play at the highest level again especially with the WORLD CUParound the corner.BUT no we go 4 eidur instead this is y we wont get the 4th spot.but i PRAY im RONG . COME ON U SPURS……

  10. Ted Says:

    Why should we play Pav ?

    We are 4th without him.

    For any fan of Spurs the success of the club should be more important than whether their favourite player plays.

    Welcome to Eidur Gudjohnsen. I think he will do great for us.

  11. yid Says:

    we havent signed him yet..wait til he’s wearing the shirt

  12. RYAN Says:

    gudjohnsen or ADRIARNO?who would u prefer fellow SPURS fans?

  13. Chris Says:

    We have signed him you

  14. Jon Says:

    Eiður is a great player. He can do wonders for us at top or in the midfield, where he has played quite a lot. I have seen him recently in games for Iceland and in those games he has been man of the match, considering both sides, not only the Icelandic side. He has vision and he works hard. He will be a great addition to the team!

  15. Spurs Si Says:

    Err Chris….

    Who’s the Prat?

    We have not signed if we have please send me the link from the spurs website…

    Do you not read the club website how many times does it say it’s not confirmed until published on spurs website…


  16. AllActionNoPlot Says:

    Do keep your language a little less fruity please gents.

    The Gudjohnsen signing hasn’t yet been confirmed on the THFC site, although ‘Arry got a little over-excited yesterday and proclaimed it a done deal in a radio interview.

    As for Pav – truth be told I still don’t really know just how good he is, these snatches of playing time once every month or two (and rumours from the training ground) are pretty inconclusive. He obviously seems pretty capable, and if he played on the continent I’m sure we’d be linked with him, but it’s difficult to tell whether he would have cut it in the Prem. Personally I reckon that if he were given 10 games in a row he’d show his class, but it’s a hypothetical. Apparently Birmingham are now favourites for his signature.

    No matter; we’ll re-sign him in a year.

    Btw, if you’re perusing fb you might as well join the AANP group – if nothing else it gives you a chance to win a free copy of Spurs’ Cult Heroes when it comes out in a few weeks…

  17. RYAN Says:

    pav is not good enough for the prem.remember the start of ramos era pav got loads of games and nearly got us relegated.hes 2 weak on the ball and really only scores against the little teams in the Carling cup hence the leeds game.if he got 10 games in a row he would score 2 at best

  18. yidarmy Says:

    Glad the spammers brought up this karma thing………..I seem to remember a certain spammer coming out and saying we will never sell a player to Tottenham when we were interested in Bellamy……well maybe they should have sold him to us and they would have had Gudjohnson now!!!!

    All we need now is for the spammers to take Keane off our hands, Im sure he would love the caravan they can offer him

  19. grittyspur Says:

    Adriano would make the Pav look motivated and fluent in English! Not too mention that the Brazilian is about 50lbs overweight- you should check him out these days- it’s obvious the bottle has been lettting him down.

  20. sam @ football opinion Says:

    Pav must have the best goals per minute played ratio of all the strikers. We can’t sell him

  21. RYAN Says:

    sorry sam but pav only ever plays against small teams in the carling or early rounds of the fa cup thats y he as a good goal ratio.but when he plays a good team he goes missing FACT.

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