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Spurs – Man City Preview: To Be Decided Upon A Coin-Toss

It’s tempting to imagine that after the Wolves debacle, the visit of Manchester City will herald a vastly more palatable performance from our heroes. Unlike Wolves, City will not cram every man, woman and child behind the ball – they’ll come and have a stab at us, and we’ll have a bit of greenery to exploit. Marvellous.It’s a possible – some may say probable – scenario, but I’m starting to wonder whether the identity of the opposition makes the slightest ruddy effect upon which Spurs turns up. It could be 9-1 display; or a 0-1; or a 4-4 or whatever – same players each week, but sometimes it seems the Spurs performance from one game to the next might as well be decided by the toss of a coin. If it were not so frustrating, it would be rather impressive that within the Tottenham Hotspur household the twin abilities to enthral and despair can co-habit so comfortably. Fingers crossed it’s enthralling stuff today, because while not exactly bringing back all those lost points from recent weeks, a win tonight would return some spring to the step of the great and good of White Hart Lane.

Team Selection

The Kranjcar-Modders-Lennon-Other uber-midfield combo won’t be on show tonight, at least not from the off, as young Luka is apparently a bit sore after his first game back at the weekend – “His groins, hamstrings, everything,” according to ‘Arry. Neatly sidestepping the notion that the groins/hamstrings/everything of every single player should be feeling pretty damn sore after a game for Spurs, if he’s really given it his all, I presume this means that it will be the usual midfield four, and another one of those games in which much depends on Hudd.

Upfront, it’s the usual conundrum, while this will  also be the sternest test yet for the Daws-Bassong combo. Cracking game in prospect.


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3 replies on “Spurs – Man City Preview: To Be Decided Upon A Coin-Toss”

Get off the fence man, or do you get a better view from up there.
Spurs to win by how many?
That’s what we bloggers are paid for: knowledge, insight, inspiration, analysis and the ability to spin rubbish out of nothing.
Well I am. especially the last, and I havn’t got paid yet, but I always make a prediction and I’m not always wrong.
Spurs 2-1 or possibly 3-2 or maybe 2-2.
Goaless I don’t think so. This fence does your bum in mate.

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